This is your happiest day of the week in the coming month, according to your zodiac sign

This is your happiest day of the week in the coming month, according to your zodiac sign

Happiness is a somewhat controversial issue – some people leave it to fate and others believe that they can create their own happiness. But did you know that during the week there are days when you are luckier than others?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know on which day of the week the job interview should be planned or on which days you can bring in new ideas for an upcoming project? On your happiest day of the week, they’re just more likely to run.

Astrology affects almost every aspect of our lives, and happiness is no exception. Each zodiac sign is dominated by one or more planets, which means that this planet strongly influences this sign. For example, Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars deals with willpower, momentum, and passion. No wonder, then, that those born under the zodiac sign Aries are susceptible to these properties. Every day of the week is also ruled by a planet. The energies of each day are influenced by the planet that rules over them, which brings certain characters more happiness than others. 

So what’s your happiest day of the week in the coming month? Find out!


Capricorns are responsible and hard-working and are ruled by the strict, fatherly planet Saturn. No wonder Capricorns are so grounded. Saturn rules over Saturday, a day that could otherwise be relaxing and even lazy. For ibex, this is the day to get things done and be successful. This is an excellent day for ibex to complete a project, do physical work, or restore balance in life.


Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn like Capricorn, but its airy properties are manifested in a more intellectual way. Aquarians are natural inventors, and Saturn reinforces this quality. The Saturday therefore also promotes the happiness and success of Aquarius, though more for questions of thought and innovation. On this day, try to come up with new ideas, invent new inventions, or keep a previous commitment, dear Aquarius.


Fish are ruled by Jupiter like shooters, which makes Thursday their lucky day. Fish are dreamy and imaginative, and the energy that Jupiter emanates will be felt especially on Thursday. This day promotes self-confidence and the connection to inner wisdom. This is a fabulous day for fish to turn dreams into reality, take care of an herb garden, or write a song


The ram is ruled by Mars, a planet that promotes passion, determination, and drive. Tuesday is also ruled by Mars, which gives a strong quality of the ram that day. This day gives him a sense of determination and the ability to complete a task until it is successfully completed. This is a good day to embark on new adventures, complete a project, or have a difficult conversation where you can tell the truth, dear Aries.


The bull is ruled by the sensual and persuasive Venus that rules over Friday. Friday is a solemn day when most people are happy about the presence of the bull. Venus is a planet that promotes feelings of love and coziness, which greatly influences the joyful feelings on Friday. This is an excellent day for bulls to host a fabulous party, plan an extravagant meal, or find the perfect new outfit they were looking for.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of connection. This planet rules over Wednesday, which makes the twin’s communication skills particularly pronounced towards mid-week. This is a great day to catch up on all week long, so to speak. Twins become thoughtful and intellectual that day. You will particularly benefit from written or verbal communication, travel or public speaking.


The cancer is emotionally intuitive and caring. He is ruled by the moon, a planet that is dreamy and mysterious. Cancer prevails on Monday, a day when there is a little celebration. But not for you, cancer! Monday is your happiest day of the week and strengthens your senses. This is an excellent day to work on your upcoming schedule, do something creative, or invest your time and patience in something new.


Lions are lively and bubbly ruled by the sun. The energies of the sun are bright and warm and also rule over Sunday. This is a day that seems to burst with energy and gratitude for life. The influence of the energy of Sunday stimulates and encourages the lion to present itself. This is a fabulous day to do something pampering, adventurous, or an activity that puts your exuberant personality at the center of the spotlight.


Like the twins, the virgins are ruled by Mercury, but their influence is somewhat more grounded and work-oriented than that of the twins. Mercury’s energy is stable, responsible and social. Mercury rules over Wednesday and makes this day the most fertile day of the week for virgins. Concentrate on communication, physical work or movement or go through the legal documents to benefit from the success-promoting properties of this energy.


Libra is ruled like bulls by the loving planet Venus. They are an air sign, so this energy manifests itself in an intellectual and mental way. Venus rules over Friday, the social day of love and celebration. Scales will experience an intense balance and clarity on this day and it will be the perfect day for them to design or decorate.


Scorpions are ruled by Mars-like rams. However, being a watermark means that the energy of Mars affects the scorpions more emotionally than that of the rams. Mars rules over Tuesdays. Scorpions who are not lacking in determination will find that this is an excellent day to do any task. In particular, tasks that have something to do with communication and innovation will benefit from this energy.


Sagittarius is an optimistic sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of mercy. Jupiter is a generous planet that promotes Thursday. Shooters will find Thursday a particularly happy day that promotes personal growth. This is a great day for shooters to do business, travel, or work with money in any way.


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