Pisces And Leo Compatibility

The lion and the minnow. Curious combination. This couple is much more common than people think. There are many unions between these two signs of the Zodiac and it is because Pisces feels protected against the inner strength of Leo and the latter is attracted to the sensitivity and mind of Pisces. Pisces is capable of admiring the lion as no one else has, and that makes it rise to the sky. Leo will love to dominate the situation of everything and, as long as everything is going well, Pisces will totally leave him. This is the Pisces and Leo compatibility :

Leo will always have a special attraction towards people who “seem” more fragile and more sensitive in terms of feelings. He has that need to take care of the other, not to fight. He needs someone to complement him, despite the fact that, at the same time, he also loves to fight and argue when he thinks someone is up to him. But with the fish, this does not happen, unless Pisces feels that it has already pushed it to the limit.

In turn, Pisces gets carried away, does not mind being “dominated” a little. In fact, as long as it is with affection and affection, it does not feel bad when the other can take the reins in matters in which he does not feel completely safe. The lion will undoubtedly be the one who, in the end, dominates the fish. And perhaps the fish, only at certain times, will try to dominate the lion, but it will be practically impossible.

Pisces has no problem admiring Leo when they know they must. It is not a sign that has strong pride. Pisces just flows and if he has to value the lion, he will do so without asking for anything in return. Nothing will be premeditated and everything will be sincere. Pisces in turn will need tender care, and things as they are, nobody is more protective and affectionate than Leo with the people he loves.

The minnow brings tenderness to Leo. And this in turn can give a great emotional security to the life of Pisces. Although astrologically it is not a good combination by nature, they can contribute a lot if both flow harmoniously …

Leo has a hard time serving others, a lot, a lot, and more when forced to do so. But Pisces awakens a special interest. The lion has no problem giving him everything, because he feels that he is not his opponent, he does not feel that his ego falls, with Pisces not.

Most Pisces find it difficult to decide what exactly they want to be or do. They will listen to almost all the advice but they may only follow it for a short time, or they may not follow it at all, this is where some of the problems can begin. If Leo is not obeyed, he feels heartbroken. As Pisces cannot bear to see anyone in that state and as Leo cannot bear to see anyone wandering aimlessly, the lion gets angry and the fish sad. All this with a great previous fight.

Pisces should not forget that what will appease the Leo beast will be that they value it, sincerely, without makeup. That they let him express himself as he is and that they listen to him when he is right. And Leo, you should not forget that with the fish, kindness is the most reliable tactic to attract it. That when it is demanded with screams it only chokes and shuts down. It will be difficult for them to adapt to each other, but it is not impossible.

Both are so, but so different and, at the same time, they can complement each other so well when they bring out their most positive side, which is curious even for them.

They are capable of teaching themselves things that they would never expect to learn. Pisces is idealistic, difficult to get along on many occasions, and Leo must learn to take care of him and protect him. And above all to get into their world and see things as the fish really sees them (something difficult but not impossible). In turn, Pisces must learn never to be dishonest and not to hide so much mystery, since the first thing Leo will do is distrust. If this begins, the relationship will have many ups and downs, confrontations, relationship breakdown, reunions, passion, provocations, relationship breakdown again … It will be complicated.


Pisces And Leo Compatibility

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