Men born under these 6 Zodiac Signs ALWAYS choose celibacy

Men born under these 6 Zodiac Signs ALWAYS choose celibacy

Men with attachment issues can be an eyesore when it comes to convincing them not to leave, but they’re still in high demand. Ironically, because we all want and value the things we can’t have that are hard to find. So it’s really no longer a secret that men who act like complete idiots always seem more attractive than those who give a woman their whole heart. Unfortunately, this is because showing his feelings is seen as a weakness and the “strong” man who lies and doesn’t care about you is seen as more dominant. Really, any woman will admit that an overly nice, easy-going man won’t rock her world as much as a crap. That’s why we’ve put together a list of those lovely, mean men who may seem like you are hooked on you, but haven’t thought of you in a long time yet.

1. The Aries man

The Aries man is the opposite of the prince in shining armor that you have waited all your life for. Because this man has just the right amount of reason, open-mindedness, immense passion and domination to make you a damsel in need. It is impossible not to want him, because he stands out from all other men by his macho attitude, but also by his less desirable qualities. As the selfish man that he is, no one in the world will stop him from getting what he wants, which makes him very prone to infidelity. Mainly because he is passionate about hunting and conquering new territories, so he usually breaks with those he betrayed because he is ashamed. Nonetheless, he still admits his mistakes, but that doesn’t mean he will ever fix or make up for them.

2. The Libra man

The Libra man could be an impossible mission when it comes to dating. Mainly because this man is so good looking, charming and extremely funny that almost everyone wants to be in a relationship with him. Unfortunately for all of these people, he has deep attachment issues. The moment he feels he might develop feelings, he cuts the whole relationship off. Not to mention the fact that he likes to flirt, even when he’s in a relationship.

3. The Scorpio man

Oh, the Scorpio man, the deep dark desire of every woman. Everyone seems to hate it, but all women want it and there’s no doubt why. This man is the most passionate man in the entire zodiac with just enough appeal to justify his insane behavior. Otherwise, no one would bother to lose their mind on him, but he’s still worth it. In fact, this man has either one life partner or several until death. He never wants to get attached to any of them because his life is too fun and always exciting while being guided by his madness.

4. The Capricorn man

The Capricorn man is possibly the most desirable man in the entire zodiac for the size of his pocket. Because according to the myth, the woman who seduces a Capricorn man lives the rest of her life in happiness and prosperity. Do you know those housewives who drive their husbands’ car and abuse their credit card? Yes, they are dating a Capricorn man. Which is not completely true, because not all of us dream of a rich man who will give us all his heart and money. Finally… Life would then be so much more fun and we wouldn’t have to work a day in our life. But the Capricorn man sees beyond our superficial wishes, which is why he counts every penny on dates and rarely trusts a woman.

5. The Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man is the biggest infidel in the zodiac and even worse, women don’t care to know that. Because he’s so wonderful, handsome, passionate that everyone would start a war because of him. You know the Greek myth that the Trojan War broke out because of Helena, I think she was a Sagittarius. Because who else is worth sinking so deep as this magical and bewitching man? He’s not just something a woman wants, it’s the reason she lives because there is, in fact, no one like him. He is aware of its effect on women and uses it to the fullest.

6. The Aquarius man

The Aquarius man is the one who attracts you with a great amount of intellect, but keeps you with his wild side. Truth be told, it’s the biggest monster in the zodiac that always makes you feel like you’re validated, which is a dangerous combination. Imagine that he appreciates each of your naughty ideas and sees nothing wrong with you – it’s confusing, but that’s why you seem to like him. No one will make you feel as accepted as he does, but he does with all the other women as well. Do you really think he only speaks to you? Women covet him too much for that, so wake up! He’s probably telling 100 other women who want him as much as you to do the same thing as you: stand in line and wait your turn, okay?

Men born under these 6 Zodiac Signs ALWAYS choose celibacy

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