How do you know if he is cheating on you, according to his zodiac sign?

How do you know if he is cheating on you, according to his zodiac sign?

This is the eternal question: how do you know if your partner is loyal to you? Even if you are madly in love with each other, there is always a lingering doubt that spoils your happiness. Does your partner get involved and be serious about your romantic relationship? As in many areas of life, you can rely on the stars and planets to find out. Indeed, if I cannot tell you with certainty, at this precise moment, whether your man is faithful or not, I can reveal to you what behavior he adopts when he goes to look elsewhere. Zodiac signs are a great guide to understanding other people’s personalities (and yours). This lets you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It also helps you better understand passions and romantic behaviors. Thus, according to his zodiac sign, your partner will adopt a certain attitude if he is unfaithful. This is how you will be able to discover the pot aux roses.

The native of Aries initiates an argument

A native of Aries is unfaithful when he suspects that you are no longer paying attention to him. And when he cheats he gets very upset so he tries to cover it up with an argument. So, he attacks you verbally, for no apparent reason, and suddenly. If your partner is an Aries woman, then know that when she cheats, she complains about your appearance, argues often, and says that you are not the way you were before. Either way, if you stumble upon his / her lover / mistress, your partner will mumble a rushed and completely stupid explanation.

The native of Taurus changes radically

A Taurus native cheats when the relationship becomes monotonous, but also when they fall in love with another person. Although he skillfully hides his feelings, the Taurus is revealed by a sudden and excessive concern for appearance (buying new clothes or going to the hairdresser or the gym often). A sudden change in habits, more frequent outings, and hiding a cell phone are reasons enough to doubt his loyalty.

The native of Gemini is the most difficult to read

A Gemini native is unfaithful whenever they are absolutely sure they don’t get caught or if they don’t care about the relationship they are in. When he cheats, he is very wise, he thinks quickly and watches every move. Moreover, he often uses his friends as an alibi. This native is convinced that you can’t catch him in the act of adultery, so he relaxes over time. The only way to break him is to confuse him and give him a quick and unexpected cross-examination.

The native of Cancer will do everything to run away from you

A native of Cancer doesn’t really have a universal reason to be unfaithful. But one thing is certain with him: he always wants to sit on two chairs. His infidelity is revealed by frequent excuses that he is tired and burdened with obligations. He often rejects the romantic relationship and thus moves away emotionally from his partner. If he starts overspending money, be careful, because something is probably going on behind your back.

The native of Leo is getting sweeter than ever

A native of Leo cheats most often because of love. When he does this, he pretends in front of his partner that everything is fine. He therefore becomes a perfect partner. Thus, the Leo will please his deceived half in every possible way. He won’t admit infidelity even if you catch him in the act, but he will attack you for even daring to think he was unfaithful!

The native of Virgo goes on the attack

A Virgo native usually gets involved in cheating because they are disappointed in their partner and because they don’t really want to be in that relationship anymore. But since he hasn’t figured out how to get out of it yet, he forces the other side to do this. When he is unfaithful he always has an alibi for everything, but he becomes very critical and ironic. And he constantly points out your flaws. If a Virgo woman starts avoiding love, that’s enough reason to doubt her fidelity.

Libra native begins to act like a teenager

A native of Libra is not at all immune to infidelity and only indulges in it if he falls in love. When he cheats, he literally behaves like a teenage boy in love. Thus, he begins to tidy up, shower and dress in a youthful way. Besides, his mood is at a high level. He will do anything to hide the deception, and if, God forbid, his partner finds out, he will tell him that it is just a flirtation.

The native of Scorpio has precise tactics

A native of Scorpio deceives for many reasons and when he dares to embark on such an adventure it only means one thing – that he is sure it will never be revealed, because he is convinced of his ability. to cover the evidence. Scorpio cheats very wisely and calmly. Men regularly sleep with their partner and do not lose interest in her, and female members of this sign give a loving look.

The native of Sagittarius becomes a brawler

A native of this sign cheats when he is no longer happy with his partner and when there is a lack of physical attraction. You can find out from his philosophical words. A Sagittarius man repeats that the relationship has become monotonous, and a member of this sign does not stand up for anything with his partner. But before the partner confirms the suspicions, Sagittarius admits his infidelity.

Capricorn cheats, but not for long

A native of this sign is deceiving if his partner constantly takes him for granted and feels miserable in a relationship. Then, he embarks on an adventure that will bring him safety and comfort. If he falls into infidelity, it may be the end of the previous relationship as he is terribly upset to be crucified on both sides. If this is a fleeting affair, her partner will probably never know.

The Aquarius native betrays himself

Aquarius men and women don’t cheat often, but if they do, they’ll almost draw it for their partner. They will not be interested, they will speak ambiguously, they will suggest having an open relationship or taking a short break. The Aquarius woman will say that she needs more company and the relationship has started to choke her and she will react defensively to every question about infidelity.

The native of Pisces can’t hide anything

Pisces can love multiple mates at the same time and treat everyone the same. They can easily get lost in their own lies and the best way to expose them is to offer them a few drinks. Indeed, when they drink, they tell everything! Thus, they will reveal everything to you and the next day, of course, they will deny everything altogether! If their partner gives them proof of it, they will be hysterical and depressed, but they will not leave her.

How do you know if he is cheating on you, according to his zodiac sign?

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