It’s Not That The Signs Are Unfriendly, It’s That They’re Not Interested In Liking You

They're Not Interested In Liking You

It’s Not That The Signs Are Unfriendly, It’s That They’re Not Interested In Liking You

As much as you try to hide it, there are times when your education is not enough, because it is impossible for you to pretend that you like someone when you don’t. It’s okay, you are not obliged to show your pretty version to everyone, especially if the only thing they bring to your life is negativity. There is no justification for envy, its energy says it all. It’s not that the zodiac signs are unsympathetic, it’s that they’re not interested in liking you. 


Fortunately, your intuition is well developed, you know how to detect double-faced people the first time. You are rarely wrong and for the same reason, you are very discreet when it comes to sharing your life. It makes you sick to deal with people who have no idea what respect is, you’re not going to waste your time on nonsense. You want healthy relationships, period. 


In short, you do not like to live with people who are not very empathetic, and incapable of bending their hearts in the face of the misfortune of others. Let’s see, you know it’s not your responsibility to solve anyone’s life, but if it’s in your hands to help, you do it. Your experiences have taught you that people are not always trustworthy and that is why you have to be careful. 


As much as you try to understand the coldness of some, it is impossible for you to put yourself in their shoes because your heart is too good and understanding. It is difficult for you to understand that there are people who only approach you to obtain a benefit and that is sad because you bet on deep relationships. It hurts when they show their true colors. 


Of course, Cancer, your emotions are challenging, they don’t like to stay locked up and you yell at the world when something makes you feel bad. You are unconditional, attentive, and funny, but that does not mean that you are going to put yourself at the feet of people so that they treat you badly. You are not going to tolerate rudeness or reproaches, you do not need their approval. 


A part of you has become very distrustful and I honestly don’t blame you, it’s hard for you to give up your vulnerable part and that’s why when they show a red flag you walk away. You no longer have the patience to wait for people to respect you. You are too loyal and you commit yourself to your relationships, to settle for half-hearted love. 


It’s true, Virgo, you make mistakes like anyone else and that frustrates you because your perfectionist part demands you to tears. However, that can lead you to associate with people who are not interested in genuinely loving you. You are not going to stay with those who do not know what compassion is, you deserve much more. 


If there’s one thing you focus a lot on in your relationships, it’s getting peace. It is very important for you to feel that you are calm, you do not like chaos and pointless discussions to stress you out. There are people who increase your stress level just by seeing them and those are the ones you should get out of your life. It doesn’t matter the bond that unites them, first it’s you. 


You love the intensity, and you like deep relationships, but you also have an impulsive side that will stop at nothing. It is not a bad thing that you are so dedicated, the bad thing is that there are times when you give your time and energy to the wrong person. That Scorpio who hoped to fulfill other people’s wishes is over, now you only listen to your inner voice. 


It is clear that when you form bonds with people, you want them to be honest because it seems childish to you to have to demand something so basic in a relationship. You don’t care if they call you exaggerated, if someone doesn’t meet the requirements that calm you down, they better get out of your life. You will not stay with who drains your energy. 


Inside you are an expert in hiding that everything is fine because you don’t like people to pity you. In fact, Capri, a part of you feels very upset when things don’t go as planned and that’s when you grieve in silence. It is not your fault that people do not have effective responsibility, get them out of your circle. 


A part of you continues to struggle with the pile of ideas that shake you, you are too selective, not only with what happens in your mind but also in your heart and that’s why you don’t get too involved with people who don’t even respect themselves. Negative people who use their bad temper to justify their mistreatment are not welcome to you. 


Something that can be considered negative in your personality is that you tend to be too empathetic, so much so that many times you end up justifying the bad attitudes of the people around you. Pisces, I know that your intention is not to judge and that you are not rude either, but there are those who take advantage of your kindness and that is when you should set limits, even if they are offended. 

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