How You Relate To Your Emotions According To Your Sign

How You Relate To Your Emotions According To Your Sign

The way in which we relate to our emotions is very important because it marks our personality in a special way, how we approach others, achieve our goals, face problems … Knowing ourselves can help us not always fall into same problems for not having managed our feelings better. It is something that usually attracts the attention of other people, since expressing, or not, an emotion can make relationships change in a matter of seconds, and knowing what type of person we are facing will help us understand them better. Next we will tell you how you relate to your emotions, according to your sign, and how you should give them their space so that they flow more harmoniously.


Aries is one of those who responds quickly to stimuli, their emotions are usually strong, but it is true that they do not always release the deepest ones. He keeps them in the depths of his heart, and that, in the long run, hurts him. Aries is one of those who should connect a little more with what they really feel, it is one of the signs that must learn to look at their emotions, transit them, not hide them and pretend nothing is happening while their interior is suffering, because at the long these emotions want to come out and they do it in an explosive way. There are always things that you try to pass by because attending to them would mean showing yourself vulnerable. But Aries, taking charge of your feelings is the bravest thing you can do.


Taurus, we all know the type of emotions that overwhelm you. Because even if you are an earth sign that puts your head in all situations, there are certain issues that make your emotions get out of control to the point of hurting yourself. Taurus is one of the signs that you have to learn to release your emotions little by little, not wait until you explode, which is the problem. You keep quiet about the things that bother you and eventually you become irritable, until you end up with a scary tantrum. Just as in love you go little by little, showing what you need and what you can give, you should breathe and put more head in your anger. Because in the end the one who is harmed is you.


Gemini, within the air signs, you are one of those who most travel their emotions, but you do it with such speed that many times you stay on the surface and you cannot see that there are some that come from a much deeper trauma, from something that has been hurting you for a long time. Also, if you notice that you have been in an emotion for too long, you can drastically change and stop paying attention to it, even if you really need to cry a little more, or you still love someone. Take your time Gemini, do what you need at all times, give yourself your space to look at each of your emotions and accept them, whether you like them more or less. They are all part of you and there is nothing wrong with them, ignoring them or going over them will only bring you problems in the long run.


It is very difficult for Cancer to hide its emotions, being a water sign it is connected in a special way to its inner world and the Moon helps it to be sensitive and deep. How do you relate to your emotions according to your sign?What usually happens is that Cancer “overflows” with his emotions, he has too much to process and in the end he ends up leaving without any type of control, being painful for those who are next to him and for himself. But at the same time this connection with his emotionality is what makes you fall in love with him, with the sensitive and loving person that he can become. If you are a Cancer in Sun, Moon or Ascendant, it is good for you to see what you feel moment by moment, cry, if necessary alone, in situations that stress you, because that will help you release tension and face them in a different way It is wonderful to have your sensitivity!


Leo is one of the signs that could use being honest with themselves and looking at their emotions little by little, because many times their pride does not allow them to be vulnerable even to themselves. It’s hard to stop and look at when you’ve been hurt, or what you really feel for a person who doesn’t really care about you that much, but it’s important to get over it and come out stronger and brighter than ever, Leo. You are a brave sign, and taking charge of what you feel is not going to make people look at you differently, your light cannot be turned off. On the contrary, it is a sign of your inner growth.


For Virgo the advice would be not to stay stuck in what you once felt, if you notice that certain feelings from the past imprison you it is because you have not given yourself time to be wrong, Virgo. How do you relate to your emotions according to your sign? You know what you feel, you are quite conscious, but you bury it because it is not good for you to spend a week crying, it would be counterproductive and you always have many things to do. Well, not Virgo, now it’s time to dedicate a little time to yourself, to heal what has remained in the bottom of your heart. If you need to cry, do it. If you need to tell someone how you feel, have courage, or if it is not possible, write it down and then burn it. But do not stay stagnant because then it smells bad …


A Libra is good at intellectualizing their feelings, that’s a sign fairly balanced, but those who must learn to really look at what they are feeling because they are often left with what he says their heads, or what they want to count themselves. They can love someone and convince themselves that it is a simple feeling of friendship. That is why it is convenient for Libra to learn to enter more deeply into his feelings, so that they flow and he can release them, because if not, they will get stuck in his heart and some time he will explode, splashing on his face with a deep sadness and very difficult to heal.


Scorpio is the Titanic of emotions, if anyone is capable of drowning, that is him. But it is also such a strong sign that once at the bottom it can transform into a mermaid that returns to the surface with more magic than ever. Scorpio is a water sign very connected to your inner world, to your emotionality and feelings. In addition, it is a very empathetic sign and many times it suffers for the people next to it. That is why the advice for Scorpios is to start thinking a little about your emotions, to have a time dedicated to paying attention to them, to cry if necessary, or to express them through art. Scorpio, you are very deep but the darkness cannot catch you, love your emotions even if they scare you, go through them and then be able to surface.


Sagi, you don’t allow yourself to see how you feel because you think that will make you a sadder person, but your emotions are there whether you want to or not. This time of Cancer can help you to be more sentient and realize everything that you have been burying inside you for years, you need to look at your feelings little by little, in the face and without ridiculing them, without running away from them. Because once you process a few that have been stuck, you will see that your life begins to flow in a different way. Sometimes it is difficult to let go and get fully into what one feels, it is very painful, but it is necessary to close cycles and open new ones.


Much is said about the ice heart of Capri, but what is not said is that there are each and every one of the emotions that it has never expressed. How do you relate to your emotions according to your sign? Capri is not one of those who have their feelings on the surface and this is very painful in the long run, because it can cause anxiety, resentment and sadness. Capri be brave and face everything you feel, be it hate or love. If you don’t feel comfortable shouting it from the rooftops, at least write it down, talk to someone you trust. Because if you don’t face some emotions, they will never go away, and they will weigh you down more and more.


Aquarius is one of those who fly by what they feel, they know that the emotions are there, but they are not going to go deeper into them. They always find something better to do. And then come the depressing moments, in which all you want to do is be in fantasy worlds, where emotions continue to be ignored. Aquarius, you must drop them now. Really see what is happening, and without fear do what you need to stop weighing you down. If you need to cry, do it, if you need to tell someone how much you miss them, it’s time. Because what you accumulate inside you, then smells rotten and it hurts, Aquarius hurts a lot.


Pisces you know that if someone feels everything that can be felt in any situation that is you. There are so many emotions that you hardly even know what you are feeling, you just know that there is a lot of movement inside you. That sometimes causes you anxiety and not knowing how to act. Breathe Pisces, because this contact with your inner world is your “super power”. It makes you very special and empathic with others. Sometimes it suffocates you but you are more than ready to take charge, to look at each of the emotions and not get caught up in any, let them run and give them the necessary time of attention, but do not let them paralyze you.


How You Relate To Your Emotions According To Your Sign

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