Signs That Will Not Ask You To Stay If You Want To Leave

Signs That Will Not Ask You To Stay If You Want To Leave

There are those who prefer to breathe deeply even though they are breaking inside. Those who let the tears fall, those who don’t say that they can’t take it anymore and that it hurts to say goodbye. Those who cling to their dignity and do not allow themselves to be mocked. Call them proud, but they won’t allow you to trample them at will. They are the signs that will not ask you to stay if you want to leave, the door is too big . You can be the person they love the most and still they will ask you not to continue interfering because there are other souls who are willing to give everything for you. They are clear about it, go away, but please do not try to return:

1.- Aries  

Aries is the soul that wastes energy, the independent and very brave, it is not really here to hook up with anyone. Aries decides to stay with the beauty of the relationship and let go, as long as things have ended well, if not, do not expect them to bother to speak to you. When things start to get complicated, he tries to save the relationship, he is not the type to throw everything away overnight. But don’t think that he will be begging you all the time.Aries gets tired, so he starts to replace the time he spent with you, prepares to leave, and you can be sure that he will not change his mind. Aries fights for what they want, a partner who is willing to keep up with them, does not want to become someone’s babysitter, much less force someone to stay.

2.- Sagittarius 

A breakout for Sagittarius? It is synonymous with freedom, does not waste time getting hooked on the bad. Sagittarius is the sign that always has a million ideas in mind, wants to work hard to achieve its goals and when the sentimental is not working it focuses on something else. If you don’t want to be, he will ask you for honesty, maybe he wants to know everything, but once he finds out he will let you go. Sagittarius does not get along with drama, they do not want fights to become part of their day to day.You may try to find a solution, but if your feelings are clear it will not change your mind. Sagittarius may cry for a couple of days, but it’s going to let go of you and move on, vibrating higher than ever. Sagittarius does not beg you, it asks you to please stand aside because there is a line waiting.

3.- Aquarius 

Aquarius and conflicts do not get along at all. If the relationship turns into a torment, you can’t wait to end it all. The truth is that Aquarius is not about having relationships all the time, in reality he honors his freedom too much andif something is not giving him peace he prefers to say goodbye. Aquarius loses motivation when the drama is present and can make the decision at the least expected moment. It is Uranus who governs him, so when his temper is present he does not care at all. Aquarius prefers his mental, physical and emotional stability. It is also influenced by Saturn, it is its cold part, which decides to go for the logical part. If you analyze the situation and do not see a future, you do not waste time, it does not matter if you have been together for months or years. Don’t be surprised if it disappears from your life.

4.- Pisces 

Yes, Pisces can be the love that gives everything for you, the one that exudes romance every time its partner is close. But when the relationship starts to get chaotic, he loses interest, becomes disillusioned, and stops being detail-oriented. Pisces goes from having deep conversations, to talking only superficialities. He is too sensitive, dreamy and relaxed, when something is not right in his life he becomes frustrated and a bad temper is present. Pisces moves away little by little, until it reaches a point where it can’t take it anymore.No matter how much it hurts, no matter how much he cries, he will not beg you. It will let you go, but you have to be very sure of your decision because Pisces does not give second chances. He hates being in relationships where they end and come back. It’s simple, he wants everything or nothing, no one taught him to love with grays.


Signs That Will Not Ask You To Stay If You Want To Leave

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