How To Know If You Are Lying According To Your Sign

Everybody lies, whatever goes ahead. But some lie more than others, some do it better than others, some lie for anything and others for nonsense, some are always caught and others believe that they are not lying, and they justify and justify it to see if it works. And the only ones who cheat is themselves. And the question is: how do you know if you are lying according to your sign? Good question because the Zodiac influences which lie detector. Let’s see how.


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To Aries it is easy to catch him lying, just as it is easy to catch him in many other facets of his life. It’s so transparent that you know when he’s happy, angry, anxious, impatient, worried, enraged, or tired. In addition to the fact that he does not like to pretend (he would not know even if he wanted to), he likes to go through life with the cards first. Bare chest. If you want to know if he is lying, watch him for a while, and he falls. It can make you laugh or get very nervous, it gives away fast. But, make no mistake, if Aries really wants to lie and not get caught, you don’t get it. Of those times he plays it lying because what is played is important … you don’t get him there. Because of his agile mind, Aries is very intelligent and if he is in a strategic plan, he knows how to outwit any spy eye. Those who know him will be more difficult to deceive with a lie,.


Taurus is good at lying, because those who speak little make less mistakes. Those who speak little are more difficult to catch lying because they leave you very little room for it. Taurus lies are based on few words, few details, he says them very slowly, as if to retain what he says well and not forget it. If you ask him again, he has to know exactly what he said so as not to lose up. You can catch him if you analyze his lies precisely because of the way you tell them: he always uses the same words, and that’s when you can alert yourself that there is little naturalness, something sounds forced. When we speak naturally, when we do not lie, we speak without controlling what we say, we do it spontaneously, we do not repeat ourselves with the exact words and details. And that’s where you can catch Taurus. Of course, as he stands in front of you and says that it is so, it is so, it is so … you will have him lose up to admit that he was lying to you. You will have to go another way because that way.


Gemini he lies as much as he talks. So since he talks a lot, he lies a lot. But don’t take it the wrong way, it is part of a double personality, of a very fast and intelligent mind, of a way of life. Gemini comes and goes, interacts with many people every day, talks on the phone a lot… amid so much interaction, how can he not lie? Of course, the sign of the twins will not recognize that they are lies, but if he said “that, it would be for something”, he will tell you that “of what he said, because then the matter has changed”, or will tell you “Someone told him to do this or that and he had to tell it like that.” Anyway, he will convince you and you will end up believing him in everything he tells you again. At the end of the day, the magic of Gemini are his words, he was born to do with them what he wanted, as a gift that you can use, to do good or evil. Well there you have it, Geminis plays with words, it is their power and they almost never have bad intentions. Believe him!


Knowing that Cancer is one of the most honest signs of the Zodiac, it is normal to think that he lies little and that when he does, he has some powerful reason to do so. Cancer calls them white lies, and they are all those words spoken with a good purpose, which seems to be perfectly justified. Pious or not, if you want to know if Cancer is lying, watch him. As he does not like to do it, if you look closely you will see him more nervous than normal. You will see him move, or that he becomes too affectionate and caring. And above all something that is clearly telltale: that he does not look you directly in the eye. The result is that between the time you see him suffering for lying, that he does not do it very often and that when he does it he thinks it is for something justified, because you end up forgiving him. Yes, the truth is that Cancer is easy to forgive with her sweet little face and wet eyes. And you may even hug him.


Leo lies and knows how to do it very well. We already know of his talents for the theater, for staging … that vein of hers to play a role is good, very good. And if on screen an actor or actress convinces you that they are in love, isn’t Leo going to get a lie from you? Sure. Also, since he is someone you normally trust, you don’t imagine that he might be able to lie to you, cheat on you, or worse. But yes, it is capable of and does. Leo has a lot of power of conviction. And he sneaks it on you twice: once when he lies to you and another when you catch him. The same power of conviction to sneak a deception is the one that he will use to make you doubt what you are thinking about his lie or deception. And knowing him, you will end up agreeing with him. It’s Leo, you know, it’s the king and the king is not disputed.


Virgo is easy to get caught. How do you know if he is lying to you? Because he gives too much detail in what he is telling you. And yes, we already know that he likes details and data more than candy, but we also know that he is someone who gets to the point, who likes the simple and overwhelming, the forceful, the objective. So it is shocking to see him extend himself with so many words while telling something. So much adornment in words and details attracts attention. When you see that Virgo gives too many explanations is when you see that there is a hidden cat. As well as being absurd and simple details, knowing that Virgo has a privileged intelligence, a light goes on because it is not normal for Virgo to say something like that. So obvious, so unintelligent… And there you will have caught him with the ice cream cart.


A Libra has a hard time lying, because he knows that behind every lie is a delusion. And behind every deception there may be someone who catches you. And if you get caught there will be tension, confrontation, fighting of interests, and Libra hates precisely all that. So normally he chooses the truth instead of the lie. But of course, that it costs him to lie does not mean that he does not do it. How do you know? Well, because his attitude changes a lot, you notice him distant, and he doesn’t show much face either because he believes that he is going to be noticed and he is terribly afraid of having to explain and that someone will confront him. And that is his ruse, he puts distance, and crosses his fingers so that everything is being forgotten. And he will propose not to lie again because he has a really bad time.


Scorpio does not lie, rather, Scorpio does not like to lie. He is honest, he likes others to trust him and everything that has to do with falsehood and deception horrifies him. The scorpion of the blackness of the underworld knows enough, and always fights against it in search of the light. But life is hard, life puts you in many situations that “either kill or die” and Scorpio lies, like everyone else (and almost always out of necessity according to him). The funny thing is that lack of practice doesn’t make you lie very well and you end up getting caught many times. But of course, as he has such a strong character, anyone tells him nothing. And if someone dares, they will get defensive as if their life depended on it. But he will not recognize it easily, you need a lot of courage to be able to fight with Scorpio and for him to recognize that he was cheating on you.


Sagittarius He lies with great grace, and with that attitude that those who lie have but don’t care if you catch them. Dropping a lie is part of survival and the archer is a wizard surviving among thousands of adventures. Life is an adventure every day and Sagittarius is the adventurer of the Zodiac. He is caught fast when he lies, because he goes quickly, he does not wait to see if you believe it. It’s like the naughty kids who do the trick and run off laughing. At the bottom of every Sagittarius lie is, as so often, his brave way of being: he does what he believes, when he believes, how he believes and with whom he believes. Whatever. And if someone has a problem, they will be waiting to answer you. It sounds like a bad-guy but Sagittarius is has that point of naughty that can destroy you up, but deep down everyone loves it.


Capricorn lies but you are not going to catch him easily because his face can be so tight that it does not reveal anything. The famous poker face, that’s the ideal, and Capricorn masters it perfectly. He also knows that the best lies are the simplest, those that include few words, few details and a reserved attitude. With Capricorn, aside, as he has a powerful mind and a lot of memory, in a matter of seconds he elaborates his lie, lets it go, and you believe him. It helps him a lot to be a serious person on a daily basis, so if you saw him smile when he lies, you would catch him more easily. And if you ever have doubts, because you think that he is lying to you, but you also think that you are still wrong … there you will choose to shut up, because if he makes you look like few friends, it is better that you let him be.


Aquarius, when he lies, puts all his mental machinery to work. First to decide to lie and then to elaborate the lie. Since he does not like to lie, he does not do it often, and also, it is what they believe that lying is useless. That you may cheat on someone, but you will be failing yourself. But once he “falls into temptation” and lies, you are almost certainly going to catch him. Firstly, because his face shows many things no matter how much he wants to hide them. Second, because as you lie, you will already be repenting and thinking about what you are going to say if you get caught. You will notice him nervous and very evasive. And if they catch him, he will try to justify himself, he will make a mess with what he says, and they will almost make you want to hug him and tell him that it does not happen, but that he does not repeat it again. And it will cost you to do it again, because as we have said,


Pisces knows how to lie very well or very badly, depending on the day he has, the circumstances and how he is imaginative that day. As long as it is uploaded, it will strain what it wants. He knows how to choose words, or not words, because many times he lies without saying anything, with silences, evasions, and four pieces of information. The right ones to sneak the biggest. The most amazing thing is that when you catch him, that’s when the jet of real lies comes. How can you have that imagination? Do you think we are fools? Well, no, it is that he knows how to turn around what interests him and he has enough intelligence to manipulate the truth, the lie and whatever it takes. And as the victim becomes, you will almost have to end up asking for your forgiveness.


How To Know If You Are Lying According To Your Sign

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