How To Know If This Sign Is Attracted Even If They Say No

How To Know If This Sign Is Attracted Even If They Say No

There is a moment in life when you turn back into that crazy teenager whose legs were shaking with fear in matters of love. It is not easy to accept when you like someone, because it is not something you plan and there is always the possibility that the other person does not feel the same. Happen to you? There are days when something tells you that he likes you and others when his indifference shakes your heart. Let’s see, there are very shy personalities, perhaps the other person feels the same as you and that’s why they don’t dare to say it. How to know if that zodiac sign is attracted to you even if they say no? 


When Aries has feelings for you but isn’t ready to take the step of saying it, he begins to have impulsive attitudes. For example, if he constantly annoys you, it is a sign of success. It’s a way for his inner child to scream that he loves you and do everything in his power to be funny. Also, when he looks at you he always fixes himself well, let’s say he takes much more care of his appearance. His tactic is definitely to act nonchalant, but very close to you. He keeps an eye on your social networks, although he doesn’t always react. That Aries is attracted to you, even if he says no, but he wants to be sure that he is reciprocated.


The first thing to make clear is that Taurus hardly takes his finger off the line, when someone enters his heart, there is no one else who can get him out. The way he approaches is very subtle, he likes to analyze the terrain very well before taking a firmer step. Perhaps, he is not one of those who tell you that he is attracted to you, but his look always gives them away. That Taurus can’t help it, when he looks at you he experiences calm, he can’t stop smiling and he likes to start conversations with you because they fill him with happiness. Most likely, it will stare at you when you don’t notice it and if you do notice it, it will turn its head elsewhere. He doesn’t like to feel exposed and so he thinks twice before getting carried away by his emotions. With Taurus, you will have to be patient.


With Gemini, you have to pay attention to the smallest detail, because remember that he is the king of the word, it is not that he is a liar, but it is not difficult for him to evade the subject by focusing on other things. However, when he is attracted to someone, he can’t help being close, it is a stronger magnet that guides his feelings. Although he will do it in a very cautious way because he doesn’t want you to realize that at any moment he can give you his whole world. Gemini is terrified of losing his freedom and more when it comes to a love that he is not willing to give the same. Of course, when he becomes more confident, you realize that he is attracted to you because he becomes the most playful, he wants to make you laugh and invite you to do a lot of crazy adventures.


A Cancer cannot hide much, because his passionate, sweet, and unpredictable personality ends up giving him away. In general, he likes to be there for the people he loves, it’s a sign that he listens, supports, and inspires. Hence, when it comes to a person you are attracted to, the caring side of him speaks for him. You will realize that he is flirting because he puts a lot of effort into his kindness, he wants you to be well and is able to put aside some of his things to please you. Cancer is the type of person who is not afraid to suddenly hug you, wish you a nice day, or applaud some of your triumphs. When he really likes someone, he makes an effort to build something sincere and in the long term, he is not one of those who settle for absent love. If you want him in your life, it will be for something serious.


Definitely, Leo can’t help it, when someone starts to visit his mind he gets lost in the thread of falling in love. Of course, before all, he analyzes you thoroughly, he is not one of those who lowers his expectations for anyone, if he pays attention to you it is because you really fulfill everything he daydreamed of. If he doesn’t tell you, but he cares about you much more than the rest, it’s the first sign that you have a special place in his heart. He likes to look perfect in your eyes and therefore takes care of every detail of his appearance. There is no doubt that he is a rather vain sign and he is not afraid that the person he likes will find out. His goal is for both of them to be able to support each other enough to be able to achieve everything they have dreamed of.


If there is a difficult sign to read in this list, without a doubt, it is Virgo. You never know for sure what stage he is going through because he doesn’t like anyone to interfere in his life and prefers to keep things quiet. When he is attracted to someone, he is very discreet, he likes to dig into that person’s life, but it is not obvious. Don’t be surprised if it unexpectedly comes to you with one of your favorite details, because he has an amazing memory and when he wants to be cute, his attitudes are exceptional. Virgo is the one who comes into your life to add that touch of sanity, teaches you that you can love from tranquility and that it is much more rewarding when they value your essence, without seeking to change anything. Although he says no, he is one of those who believe in love forever.


When it comes to expressing love as a couple, Libra has a hard time, because there is a voice inside him that fills him with insecurities and tells him that he has to stay alert so that they don’t break his heart. However, he gives small, but very clear signs. The first thing you have to know is that he is not one of those who like to spend a lot of time together. I mean, he has his very social moments and he loves to have fun, but… in relationship matters, he puts up a huge barrier until he doesn’t feel safe. Maybe he shuts it up, but the way he gets flustered says it all, pay attention to his body language. It is obvious that when someone likes him he becomes much more clumsy, his brain wants to do things right, but his heart is through the roof.


It is clear that Scorpio is a very independent sign, it is not the type of couple that likes to be stuck 24 hours a day. He has a lot to do and he knows the other person does too. So he prefers to mark those limits from the beginning. A clear sign that he is attracted to you is when he puts aside certain activities in order to spend a little more time with you. He is one of those who surprise you with some crazy plan, perhaps going out to a concert, a city break, or simply something extreme that raises their adrenaline. If they are experiencing something like this, let it flow, Scorpio doesn’t take long to explode, they don’t keep their emotions to themselves and there will come a point where they tell you that you are the person they want to accompany them in their madness.


To a certain extent, Sagittarius has the ability to hide when someone likes him, but he doesn’t do it for long, because there comes a time when his emotional side betrays him. He is very passionate, and impulsive and feels that he is fighting against the clock, deep down he does not want any good opportunity to slip out of his hands. Let’s just say that he will start hinting that he melts to be with you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s more than just an encounter under the covers. What he wants is to get lost in your secrets, to make you feel like the safest person on the planet. He wants to hold you in his arms to wish that time would stop at that moment. If he likes you, do not eat craving, he will tell you, the romantic side of him does not keep things to himself.


The truth is that Capricorn always walks in his own world. It is a sign that bets on work, dedication, and genuine love. The last thing he wants is to end up involved with an ungrateful love, and the only thing he wants is to cause a bad stir in his soul. He loves getting into the crush game, but he doesn’t stay there long. Somehow, he needs to know what is going to happen, what the intentions of the other person are, and find the affinities between them. When Capri feels safe, you will not doubt it, he will tell you upfront and bluntly, it is a sign that likes to honor his promises in love. If he tells you something it is because he is going to fulfill it. It is one of the signs that do believe in happily ever after.


Usually, Aquarius is not one of those who go around hooking on any love that smiles pretty at them. He is a free soul, the last thing he wants is to get lost in the emotional hurricane of someone who is not clear about his feelings. You may have a hard time accepting when you like someone because you don’t want to feel forced for any reason. One way to know that he’s attracted to you, even if he says he’s not, is when he gets really unsettled by your presence. It is as if something stronger than him told him that he has to be seen. However, at the same time, he is embarrassed to look you in the eye or to establish a conversation. Aquarius loses his balance when the person who drives him crazy arrives, he can’t help it. His words do not flow the same and he is capable of tripping over his own feet.


Nobody is going to lie here, Pisces, you are a sensitive soul by nature, but that does not mean that anyone who knocks on your door will have the privilege of taking over your heart. It is a very sweet sign, the details are born from the soul and he likes that the people he loves to feel valued in every way. You realize when he is attracted to you if he pays you too much attention, he does not want to see you badly in any way and if it is necessary to do something silly to see you smile in bad times, he will do it. Pisces always falls in love beyond what the rest do not see. He wants to see you meet your goals, he inspires and admires you. He has the gift of bringing out your potential and that leaves traces on you for life.


How To Know If This Sign Is Attracted Even If They Say No

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