What Makes You Feel Little According To Your Sign

What Makes You Feel Little According To Your Sign

Sometimes, you have to confess it, there are times when insecurity governs your steps and you don’t trust anything you do. That feeling that you are moving forward, but not in the way you wanted, becomes a terrible ordeal. Suddenly, everything you had worked on in terms of self-esteem and self-esteem goes down the drain. You look in the mirror and focus on your flaws. In addition, you just have to take a look on social networks to compare yourself with the first one that comes before you. Your mind tells you that you are not enough and it is so insistent that you end up believing it. This is what makes you feel little according to your zodiac sign: 


One of the worst feelings you can experience is feeling that you are not valued enough. People get used to everything always being perfect for you, but they don’t take the time to ask you if you’re okay. It affects you a lot because they are usually people to whom you have given the best of yourself and they do not understand what a reciprocal relationship is. You feel little when they ignore you and discover that no matter how much love or attention you give, it is never enough to give you the place you deserve. You hate it that way because a part of you hopes that they will change, but deep down you know that the one who has to move is you. That’s not it, where your emotions break you should not stay even one more second Aries.


It is clear that every day you strive to give your best. You definitely do not like to do things lightly, you take great care because you know that each of your actions speaks of you. That is why you demand everything of yourself, but… Taurus, you are reaching an extreme because of your fears, those that tell you that you are not at the level of others. In fact, that is what makes you feel little because you believe that you do not fit in and that you are not capable of meeting the expectations of those around you. Suddenly, you became your worst critic, nothing seems to you and you minimize your achievements. Do not let that negative circle catch you, you are being very hard on yourself and you are not giving yourself the opportunity to appreciate all that you have advanced. You’re doing great, you can beat those crazy voices in your head.


And you, who gave you this idea that everything has to be perfect? You are going the wrong way Gemini and the worst thing is that it is not something that comes from you. The comments and criticisms that you do not ask for are affecting you more than you imagine and you do not realize it. What makes you feel little is making a mistake, as if you were some kind of machine, what have you become? It is your insecurities that do not let you appreciate each lesson in each of your actions. Life is like that, it has its ups and downs, you can’t pretend that everything will be fine and that doesn’t make you less intelligent. Your intellect is intact, but you have to work on dealing with your emotions because you are sinking because of the lies in your head.


Giving and giving… that’s not what your Cancer existence is about. I know that it costs you twice as much to set limits because when you give your heart, you do it in such a genuine way that you are born to do things for the people you love. However, don’t let your empathic and emotional side speak for you. There are those who do not deserve so much from you, because they are people who only come to drain your energy, and take advantage of your kindness and it is not worth it. The worst thing is that when they start manipulating you, you are the one who ends up feeling little. You worry about not giving enough, not wanting, not being detailed, when in reality you break for others. Do not let your traumas deceive you in that way Cancer. People who really appreciate what you do are not going to claim you for any reason because they know that it is not your obligation.


On the outside, everything seems controlled, you are the type of person who does whatever it takes to make the rest see that your goals are on the right track. However, inside you feel more terrified than when they turned off the light in your childhood. I know that it is not easy to face your insecurities and that there are days when you feel like the most empowered person in the world and others when you want to run away from everyone. Lows are completely normal, don’t hate yourself for it, but don’t let them become a habit. You are a very demanding being and that can make you feel out of place sometimes as if you are falling behind. No, Leo, do not let the drama in you dominate you, because you are shining, so much so that many people feel overshadowed by your progress. Start believing it, it’s real.


Of course, your perfectionist side is not always a good partner. It has served you to do many incredible things, especially when it comes to standing out and working on a project. However, it is very complex to deal with your own demands, you hurt yourself too much every time you judge your effort and compare yourself with others. I know that you would like to wake up and that all things were already as you imagined them. But, sometimes, you have to bathe in a little bit of reality, not everything that goes through your head is real. It is practically impossible for you not to have Virgo’s ups and downs. It’s okay to make an effort, but feeling small just for not complying with absurd rules is leading you to depression and high levels of stress.


Oh Libra, imagine that you gave yourself the place you deserve, that every time you looked in the mirror you thanked yourself for each step and filled your reflection with smiles. Without a doubt, your world would be different, you would not live with that negative charge all the time. You feel little because you do not value your reconstruction process. Stop going back to the past to criticize what you did not do and pay attention to how well you are managing your emotions today. You are no longer the same as before and that has helped you put an end to relationships that only remain for you. Now, you have the ability to detect who is going to interfere with your success, the kind of people who hinder you. You’re doing great Libra, if no one has told you, let me remind you, you’re doing VERY WELL.


You are that whirlwind of emotions that doesn’t warn you, the one that can get up with unstoppable energy as well as wanting to do nothing. Not even you have found the formula for calm in your life. However, that is precisely what makes you unique, your sensitivity is the key to appreciating the world in another way, the one that knows how to deal with thorns and also flowers. The bad thing is that you feel little when you get away from everyone, you lock yourself in because you don’t want to be described as crazy and that’s when you start to swallow all your emotions until you can’t take it anymore. You are not worthless Scorpio, you just have to learn to express what you feel, remember that as much as the other wants to help you, he is not a fortune teller.


You are a person who never stops dreaming, you trust that going against everything traditional helps you break the chains of your past and that is very healing for your lineage. You don’t care if they call you the black sheep of the family, because thinking about it is something that makes you feel very proud. Every day you strive to give your best, put your positive attitude, and allow your extroverted side to speak for you, but you feel little when things do not go as expected. It is your impulsive part that wants to put a blindfold on you, which forgets that things that are worthwhile are not achieved overnight. You are a warrior sign, do not forget it, trust that you will achieve it, but be more patient. Everything will come in its time.


If there is someone on this list that lives up to the demands, without a doubt, it is you. Nothing fills you, you have the gift of finding bad details in everything you do, even when the rest applauds you. You don’t feel comfortable when there is no line to follow, you like structure and work very hard to get what you want to achieve. However, that leads you to feel little, because it fills you with crazy and obsessive thoughts. You are breaking Capricorn, allowing the worries in your head to decide for you. Those are the ones that have been responsible for clouding your success, they do not allow you to see it and mistrust is making you more and more insecure. It’s time for you to return to you, to that sign that knows that if you want, you can, it’s that simple.


What you hate most is the feeling that someone governs your walk. You do not want to have anything to do with those who enjoy chaining the rest and that is the main reason why you have such a hard time following the rules. You like the most spontaneous things, everything that fills you with uncertainty and at the same time adds adrenaline to your life. You are a very brave, funny, and daring being, therefore, you can trust that everything will work out for you. However, you feel little when they don’t let you be when they want you to meet the requirements of a society that all it does is hurt. You have to start working on it Aquarius because not everyone wants to clip your wings. There are those who are willing to see you grow in every way, but you have to be less closed.


You’re usually a sign that looks great when you’re not in control. You do not like people to feel sorry for you and therefore you strive to show that you can keep a smile above all else. Of course, your reserved site helps you a lot, there are times when you don’t say a single word and that prevents people from questioning you about everything. However, what makes you feel small is when you are outside your circle, you feel watched and overwhelmed when there are too many people. Your mind tells you that surely they have already noticed the pile of defects that surround you and the only thing you want is to get out of there as soon as possible. In such situations, it is practically impossible to relax. Pisces, you need to return to your resilient side, you can do that and more, remember that most people are worried about their own things, don’t get stuck with that, and focus on your qualities.


What Makes You Feel Little According To Your Sign

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