How The February New Moon Can Affect You According To Your Sign

How The February New Moon Can Affect You According To Your Sign

February begins with a New Moon in Aquarius, this moon is presented with a great mission: to bring the necessary tools to have a much better vision of the future. It is a good time to plan, order, and organize all those things that we have neglected due to lack of time. During these days it is very likely that we spend more time looking back so as not to repeat the mistakes that left their mark on us. This reflective phase can be very good and can serve as the start of a new beginning, project, or path. Next, we leave you how the New Moon of February can affect you according to your zodiac sign:


One way or another you are going to have the clearest ideas, this New Moon is going to give you the opportunity to know what the new chapter in your life will be. You have many goals in mind, but the lack of time and inconveniences that appear out of nowhere make things difficult. You have to stimulate your mind to the maximum, Aries, you have very good ideas, but the lack of concentration does not let you advance as you really want. If you have a new challenge in mind, do not give up and insist as much as you can. Resist, persist, and don’t throw in the towel. If you set your sights on that peak, in the end, you will make your dreams come true.


You have to ask yourself many questions Taurus, you have to find out if you are investing your time in the right things and people or not. This Moon is going to show you that now IS YOUR TIME. Now yes, Taurus, accept your reality and free yourself from all that emotional weight that has been doing you so much damage. Get excited, laugh, have fun as you know. Call your trusted people and propose a last-minute trip or a plan that you really want. You have spent so much time organizing your life and that of others, that you forgot to enjoy the little things of everyday life and you know it. Taurus, everything will be fine, really, trust in the bright side of things.


This Moon is magical, like your look when you fall in love. Gemini, you don’t know it, but you are experiencing a very important change for yourself. In a certain way, you have advanced in something very important, as if you had freed yourself from something strong for you. Trust the steps you are taking and that inner voice that tells you to be happier than ever. Seriously, from now on everything can change, but it will if you make an effort and this time YES YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT. Be careful with social networks and the messages that appear on them. Don’t get involved in wars that don’t belong to you. Although everything seems unfair to you, it doesn’t matter Gemini, this Moon will teach you to focus on what is really important.


You are going to reflect a lot on some steps you have taken in these last few days. Cancer, nothing happens to feel fear. Fear is real, sure, but your inner power and wisdom are stronger. Your kindness and your bravery are much greater than your fears, so please, if you have any new wishes, fight like never before. Go for it, Cancer, you have the necessary tools to make all your wishes come true. The energy of this Moon will show you that you are prepared for something very big that is on the way. Trust little crab, trust more than ever in yourself and your abilities. Oh, and another thing, get ready to have a full-fledged love crush.


The energy of this New Moon will show you how important concentration is. When you focus all your attention and your wisdom on a single goal, the results are very different from when you do things to do. Try to discover what can benefit you right now. The world of work is quite difficult, we know, but if you dedicate all your energy to the same goal (and not to twenty goals at the same time) you can achieve what you want. Do not let the dramas of love interfere in your work world, you have to learn to separate love from a business. Try to reconcile your love life with all the projects you have in mind and things will get better.


It is a good time to reflect. With this New Moon, you will feel a tremendous desire to start seeing positive results in your life. You want to start something you can excel at. It’s normal, you’re fed up with feeling like you’re not making progress, that’s why you have to invest a lot of time in yourself and your inner potential. Remember to be for yourself longer than you are for others. It is very important that you develop your potential individually, Virgo, you have to know how to protect yourself from now on. It is also highly recommended that you return to an exercise routine that you had a long time ago. And no, it’s not for the physical, it’s for mental health and for you to have a good routine.


This New Moon is going to revolutionize your heart a bit. That’s right, Libra, you don’t know if what you want is what you really need and you don’t often know how to manage all those internal wars that are born in your heart. You are letting yourself go, but deep down you stop and set limits because you are not 100% sure of what you are doing. You know what, Libra? That you have to be happy. And who cares what they say, if you like someone or something, in particular, go for it. Do not think about the bad things that can come, think about the pleasure that you are wasting because of your prejudices. You have to let go when you feel that it is the right thing, really, your heart wants more emotion and you can give it.


This Moon will remind you of how important family unity is. The love that is born within a united family can with EVERYTHING and you know it. Reflect a lot on the quality of your relationships, Scorpio, if there are things that need to change, go ahead. Trust your judgment and your intuition, do not get carried away by the comments that you will hear throughout the month. This Moon will make you reflect a lot on the habits you have with certain people in your life. Sometimes you will have to spend more time, but you have to differentiate and prioritize. Stay close to relationships that contribute to your well-being in a positive way. Nothing better than having the feeling of full security at all times…


The cocktail of feelings you have inside is enormous. The New Moon in Aquarius is going to awaken a new desire in you: you are going to want more. You feel that you have wasted a little time during these months, and you don’t like that at all. You have many ideas in mind, but communication has not been easy at all and you feel that you have not done and said everything you have to do. Do not stay at that point, Sagittarius, act on your own and rebel as your know-how. Do not wait for others to take the step, be you who sets the pace. You are a Sagittarius, the freest and most independent being of all, so what are you waiting for? Let life smile at you, surprise you and give you back all the good things you deserve.


There are foods that taste much better over low heat, right? Well, the same goes for relationships, Capricorn. There are relationships that are much more pleasant when they are cooked over low heat. With calm, with relaxation, with great pleasure, and above all, with communication. This New Moon is going to show you how important communication is in relationships. From now on you will want to express yourself in a different way. But why? Because you feel that the people you really care about don’t know who you really are. Let yourself go, with your head and responsibly, but let yourself be surprised. Your inner fire wants slow, intense passion and you are free to do what you want.


This New Moon is going to show you the strongest part of yourself. Repeat this out loud: “I am enough, I can handle it and I thank myself for everything I have done”. You often think about how unfair the world is and how stupid some people can be. Social inequality, lies, hypocrisy, and endless things you don’t even want to mention make you very unbalanced. With this New Moon, you will remember how important balance is in your life. You have to take into account what your needs are right now. Stop thinking about the past, Aquarius, things change and your priorities will too. Good luck with all the projects that are just around the corner.


The energy of this New Moon will remind you how important healthy relationships are. As a friend, you are priceless, but as a partner, you really are. Your value is incalculable, Pisces, really, you are the clear example of kindness in that sense. Lately, you have been more unstable because you have felt that you have lost control in some situations, but everything is going to change. With this New Moon, your spiritual side will want to have more time to reflect. It is the best, quiet moments are ideal to find a good balance. If you have to make some changes so that there is a better reconciliation of work and sentimental life, go ahead.


How The February New Moon Can Affect You According To Your Sign

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