How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Faces Failure

How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Faces Failure

I once read that failure is the best lesson in life, because if you don’t fail you don’t learn and if you do n’t learn you don’t change. Sometimes you stay in your comfort zone out of fear. You stay with someone you don’t love anymore, in a job you don’t like, alongside people you can’t stand anymore. You get used to the bad, to living with resentment, with pain, wanting to run away and not say anything. It’s not easy, this is how each zodiac sign deals with failure:


A deep breath, the kind that hurts deep inside, the kind that makes you wonder over  and over again, if you are on the right track. Sometimes you feel like you can’t take it anymore, you just  want to run away and start over. That is your greatest virtue, because you can be in pieces  but you don’t give up, you have the motivation to try again, to show yourself and those  around you that you are made for more. That it is only a stumble and it will be your motivation.


It is not easy for Taurus to accept that he is wrong, his pride prevents him from bowing before the storm, he  works very hard so that everything goes perfectly, but it is not always possible. The truth is that it is difficult for you to deal with failure , you sink into depression, your desire disappears and you become the worst of the critics, you are very hard on yourself. Many times you think there is no point in trying again, but there is a part of you that yells at you not to stop, that this is just the beginning and  you can.


Gemini can become the strongest person when it comes to carrying out a plan. It costs you a lot to deal with failure, because there is a part of you that is dreaming, that bets on everything. You are one of those who puts all your energy and hope, when you believe in something. However,when you fail you get defensive, annoyingly wondering why you. It doesn’t seem fair to you that aftertrying so many times life pays you that way. You can get stuck for a while, but you will succeed again.


If there is anyone who deals with failure in the worst way, it is Cancer. Because there is something  inside him that makes him the most pessimistic being on the planet. You really have a hard time trusting your  own convictions, because your insecurities cloud you. How does each zodiac sign deal with failure? Cancer, failure does not surprise you, because you are always ready for the worst. However, it shakes you, it makes your mood change from one moment to the next. You feel disappointed, you think you are not giving enough, and you can blame yourself.


How do you tell Leo’s ego that things didn’t go his way? Certainly a sign that  is used to enjoying success and not dealing well with failure. There’s a part inside him  that makes him feel sad, like it’s not enough. Leo can be the most cruel person to  himself. That’s when he minimizes his emotions, when he insists on pretending nothing is wrong, even though inside he can’t take it anymore. He wants to show that what always shines happens  .


Virgo certainly has mixed feelings when it comes to dealing with failure. And it is  that he invests so much time in making everything go perfectly, that when it does not, he feels that  his life is going like water in his hands. You may go into a crisis at first, but then you  will calmly analyze what went wrong? You don’t want to make the same mistake again,  so you see it as an experience, which will make everything work out perfectly next time.


Libra is the one who can feel their world falling apart in the blink of an eye. There is a part of her personality that invites her to dream, she does not take into account that failure can be present and that is whenshe feels guilty and disappointed. However, once you analyze the situation, it becomes softer and more understanding. That’s when he understands that he did the best he could and understands that he will have even more opportunities. Libra does not let go even if the storm does not stop.


Scorpio is no good to himself when things go wrong. It is very difficult for him to accept reality and the bad thing is that he returns to the past. How does each zodiac sign deal with failure? Scorpio begins to remember the mistakes of before and says the worst. That’s when you feel overwhelmed, regretful, and wanting for nothing. Scorpio can  sink into so many emotions and all he wants is to disappear. He does not want to know anything about  anyone. He is away from projects for a while, but when you least think he is reborn.


Sagittarius has the emotional intelligence that many would like to deal with failure. And  it is a sign that has learned to let go, does not get hooked and prefers to live intensely  no matter what will happen tomorrow. It is not that it does not affect him, if he cries enough and then pats himself, it is a very mature way to end that bad streak of his life. Well, he knows that he can no  longer change what happened and decides to overcome it. Clean slate, this is how it progresses.


Capricorn is the one who does not allow himself to be defeated in the face of failure, let’s say that he becomes an impulse to try again. When Capricorn can’t the first time, he tries a thousand more times. The least they want is to cry, they want to take advantage of the timeand that is why they quickly return to work. He does not regret it, it is possible that the first days he will analyze in detail what happened, but then he will concentrate on improvements. Capricorn always has a plan B, don’t worry, it will shine again.


Aquarius is the type of sign that decides to hide its emotions under lock and key when failure  is present. He is the one who bets on his dreams, follows his convictions, even if they are  synonymous with breaking with the conventional. So when success seems far away, you want to figure out that it doesn’t affect you. It is said over and over again, that everything is fine. Aquarius will not tell you that he can’t take it anymore, because he hates being a burden. He prefers to wait for everything to return to normal.


Pisces is so dreamy, so imaginative and creative, that there comes a point where the sand castle collapses and you lose control. That’s when her sweet, empathetic character changes  to the extreme. He becomes cold, distant, does not want to know anything about anyone and can even be  hurtful, the best thing is to give him a space to analyze everything that is happening. Still  Pisces has an incredibly resilient part, not even he himself knows how strong he can be.


How Each Sign Of The Zodiac Faces Failure

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