Capricorns are too focused on the things they want to accomplish to cause quarrels. They do not want to face quarrels or to be part of those of others. They are mature enough to keep their noses on other people’s business and not make matters worse. Capricorns do not seek any type of conflict, so they tend to keep their opinion of others to themselves.


The Balances hate the conflict even more than the Capricorns and also try to avoid confrontation. They stay away from other people’s discussions, unless this is a problem for them. They try to see things from different perspectives but don’t want to understand someone else’s motivation. If Libra’s help is requested, she will do her best to resolve the problem or at least find a compromise.


A value of Sagittarians is the ability to put pride aside and apologize if they are wrong. They will take responsibility for their actions and prevent the situation from worsening. They tend to be positive and optimistic. Sagittarians know their limits and do not give unsolicited advice. If they are in a situation of tension (not created by them), they are much more likely to get out of it.


Aquarians hate quarrels, especially those who are too emotional, they are too busy being creative to find themselves in situations to which they do not belong. Sometimes they may seem reserved or detached, but in reality, they are very careful. The truth is that Aquarius does his own business, mostly because his life is full enough without interfering with that of someone else. When there is a problem, Aquarius speaks honestly about it, rather than ignoring its existence.


Here’s one thing about Taurus: they know how to say no. I disagree with the things they don’t want to do and I get more and more angry if they get involved. They tell the truth, they are nice and do things just to make people happy, like giving flowers for no reason or going out for dinner when they have had a bad day. If Taurus causes a problem, they take responsibility and resolve it.




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