The moon sign is what is responsible for your emotional realm and the sun is more related to how you behave and appear to others. I have encountered many Scorpions in my life, especially within my family system. The scorpion is a sign of water. Water signs are more prone to depression as they are very sensitive to emotions. Water is an element of looking at the deepest emotional and subconscious streams of life that control our actions and behaviours. Scorpions are like this: “calm waters flow deep”. They may seem cheerful, happy, perhaps calm and often very practical. They are generally very efficient workers who are very good at getting things done.

In life, they can find it very difficult to come into contact with their emotions because it is often their karma that places them in situations where this behaviour is not rewarded and can even be perceived as “bad”. When they learn to understand their emotions, it can be very frightening for them because they have such depth that often it is not considered “normal” in our society. What is considered normal is not necessarily what is really “normal”, because “normal” does not exist, but on the contrary, what is dominant is what prevails. Oftentimes, Scorpions have faced trauma in their lives because they are considered abnormal and this can have an impact on their sense of stability in the world.

Scorpions are very loving and gentle but can injure themselves very easily. The fate of a Scorpion is not easy, but it is what can be best managed when you understand your nature and try to adapt to life rather than letting others do what you want. Scorpions can have a rigid and controlled nature towards them, which can confuse others.

When they try to reject this part of themselves to adapt to society, they may suffer from mood disorders. They are very intuitive and attracted to artistic activities. You have to trust people to fight these common mood swings. When you betray their trust, it’s hard to get it back. They need stability. They also need time to relax, to be alone, to reflect and to be carried away by the currents of life. It is of the utmost importance that Scorpions express themselves artistically and creatively to be happy.


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