For Each Zodiac Sign The Perfect Hugs

The Perfect Hugs

For Each Zodiac Sign The Perfect Hugs

Do you think everyone likes hugs? Well, we are sorry to tell you that it is not. Although it may seem otherwise, there are people who are annoyed when their personal space is invaded and, when they tolerate it, it is because they really love this person. Even if you haven’t stopped to think about it, there are many different types of hugs: longer, more intense, more loving, friendly, etc. And each sign has a predilection for one of them. It sure surprises you to know this, right? Well, keep reading and you will know which are the perfect hugs for each of the signs of the Zodiac. 


When we talk about the perfect hugs, the Arians are clear: solid and intense hugs are what they like. Given their passion, Aries does not feel as such superficial hugs or those that seem to be forced. If you want Aries to really feel like you care, smother and hold him as hard as you can. 


Taurus is somewhat cold in this regard. It is difficult for them to show affection in public, which is also avoided by others. Now, in private, Taurus love being hugged: they feel they have great support, arms that won’t let go. For this reason, the best hugs for Taurus are the sincere ones, those that are given in drops, but that is true. For Taurus, quality is better than quantity.  


Gemini is cheerful, fun, and very social. He is satisfied with all kinds of hugs and it is that he knows how to appreciate them when they are given to him. They are not overly demanding, so they don’t usually stop to think about whether a hug is sincere or superficial. They enjoy them. Of course, of those who love. If someone they don’t quite know well hugs them, they will accept it, but also quickly withdraw. 


Cancer loves to receive hugs.  But, he gets annoyed when they are short, insincere, or in-depth. For a native of this sign, hugs are very important and very powerful. In fact, they feel protected when they can melt into a hug with those they love and who represent so much to their life. In addition, they are very affectionate and emotional, which makes it easy for them to hug others. 


Leo is a sign that makes you want to hug. When you are in his arms, you feel safe, comfortable, and loved. The same thing that they want to get from the hugs of others. However, when we talk about others, we refer to those with whom they share their lives since Leos is not going to let just anyone hug them. You have to be worthy of their trust and, therefore, be able to approach them. 


Virginians are a bit tricky about this: for one, they don’t like to be invaded. But, on the other, it is undone by the hugs of those they love. A Virgo loves hugs that make them feel loved and protected. He even, longs for them, though he will never claim them. He feels loved and this is very important to them. Now, it is true that Virgos want to keep their space at all costs, so hugs they don’t need or from those they don’t trust bother them. If a Virgo doesn’t want a hug, you’ll know soon enough just by looking into their eyes. 


A Libra needs hugs, like everyone else, but he’s not going to die for them either. As with everything in a Libra’s life, they seek balance. A hug at specific moments, when they are necessary to feel better, is tolerable and well received by Libras. In the same way, they do not hesitate to hug when they think it is necessary and, in a certain way, they feel like it. Now, it is true that Libras run away from those people who would be on top of them all day. 


Scorpio is one of the coldest signs of the Zodiac, although not to the same degree as all those who are part of his life. However, when it comes to displays of affection, Scorpios are clear: in private and in its proper measure. We cannot say that they are the people who like hugs the most, so fair and short. 


Sagi basically doesn’t care what kind of hug you give her. He is always open to these displays of affection and it is not difficult for him to provide them with either. What those born under this sign do value is that hugs, as well as love or caresses, are from the heart. They hate when someone does something out of obligation. In addition, they are intuitive and realize everything. Therefore, if your hug is not going to be sincere, you can keep it, because Sagi will reject it. 


Capricorn, when he hugs, hugs tight. You feel safe in his arms and tranquility invades you. He is always willing to hug to show his affection, although not always to receive them. Those who were born under this sign highly value displays of affection, but this does not mean that they like sticky people who go too far with sweets. 


When you hug an Aquarius, the alarm light automatically lights up. For the natives of this sign, a simple hug can mean many things, and one of them is “I’m entering your personal space” and they don’t like this at all. For this reason, the only hugs Aquarians like are those that come from people they can trust and have let into their lives. Also, they are not big lovers of long hugs. For Aquarians, there are other, less “intrusive” ways to show love. 


Pisces love hugs. It could not be otherwise. It is one of the most affectionate signs of the Zodiac and she has no qualms about showing how much he loves others. However, the rest may feel a little uncomfortable with this ease of showing affection. But still, Pisces loves long, romantic, and sweet hugs. Those hugs say it all and he can enjoy it at any time. 

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