Dating Zodiac Signs: Expectation Vs Reality

Expectation Vs Reality

Dating Zodiac Signs: Expectation Vs Reality

If you like astrology and you are looking for a relationship, you will surely have thought about which signs you would do better with. As you read about them or meet some of them, you begin to create expectations of how they will behave in a relationship. But the reality can be very different. Sometimes the signs surprise you when they are in a relationship, they bring out a side that you did not imagine. Dating the signs of the zodiac: expectation vs reality. Read on to find out.


Expectation: You start dating Aries expecting a person who is easily upset and his anger instantly turns into a love passion. You expect a somewhat abrupt and stubborn person.

Reality: He has a strong personality but he would do anything for you, he has a very tender side and if necessary he will grow up to have a healthy relationship with you. There will never be a lack of fun.


Expectation: You expect Taurus to be a stubborn person and to think about eating all the time. That he always has to be right and things are done his way. Plus you think they only pay attention to tangible details.

Reality: Taurus will care about you, they will give you all the security that is in their hands and they will value you. He may seem stubborn but he will shower you with affection, with true love. He will appreciate many more things about you than you think.


Expectation: You think that with Gemini you will always be doing different things and surrounded by people. He will talk too much about superficial things. The feeling that this sign can cause is insecurity, you think that it can cheat on you or leave you at any time.

Reality: You will never get bored with this sign. He’s going to take the necessary time to listen and understand you, what’s more, he’ll always want to know new things about you.


Expectation: You expect Cancer to launch into a very strong commitment on the second date, he gives himself up too soon and that can scare you. He changes his mood very easily and can be a bit unstable. He loves being with family.

Reality: They are people who fight for their dreams, their mood changes but they keep going. They can be very affectionate and keep an eye on you, but that does not mean that they are going to jump into the relationship, they know how to take care of emotional damage.


Expectation: You think that being with Leo is going into the background, a person who only expects compliments from others and who loves drama. You think that he will only care about him and shine above you.

Reality: On the contrary, Leo will be a very devoted couple. He will support you and make you see the best in you. He will dedicate time to you, he will be loyal, and will try to make you feel safe. He will transmit his courage and desire to live to you.


Expectation: It will be really difficult for Virgo to open his heart. Also, you think that you will not feel comfortable with a perfectionist person who can be a bit critical.

Reality: With Virgo, things will go slowly but deeply. Once I bet on you, her love will be infinite. He is a perfectionist but he doesn’t expect his partner to always be perfect, he just points out how things could be done better. 


Expectation: You think that Libra will have too much of a social life, that their love will not last, and that they will be very hesitant to commit.

Reality: If Libra wants to be with you, they will dedicate more time to you than to their social life. It is true that she can doubt a lot and leave the relationship for no reason, but she will try to fight against that tendency of hers. The time you are together will not lack romance.


Expectation: It will be impossible to really know Scorpio. They are manipulative, possessive, and overly dramatic partners. Romance will be great but it can be a little scary.

Reality: They are people who give themselves a lot in their relationships. You will be able to get to know them when you understand their complex emotional world. They will enjoy spending quality time with you.


Expectation: You think that you will never know where it will turn out, that it will be a person with crazy ideas all the time, who only wants adventures and is not ready for a relationship.

Reality: They will give you the greatest dose of optimism and joy of the zodiac, they will support you in all your follies and they will know how to give you the space you need. They will share their adventures with you.


Expectation: You think that Capricorn will be focused on his work and his goals all day, that he will be a cold and distant person, who will never open his heart to you.

Reality: it will take time to reach her heart but once you arrive you will discover infinite love and tenderness. They will know how to organize themselves to be able to dedicate quality time and enjoy themselves. They are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac.


Expectation: You think that being with someone as detached as Aquarius and sending such mixed signals can be exhausting. You will have a hard time trusting someone who sometimes doesn’t even make an effort to answer messages, but other times seems like something out of a romantic movie.

Reality: They will know how to give you all the space you need, they will appreciate qualities in you that you don’t even understand, and they will bring out your most creative side. You will have conversations full of great ideas.


Expectation: It will be a very dedicated couple but perhaps too clingy and they will expect many romantic gestures. You think he will fall in love right away and you will feel too much pressure. So much sensitivity can overwhelm you because you fear hurting him with a simple conversation.

Reality: Pisces will know how to understand you and embrace you emotionally in your worst moments. They will express their love in an adorable, non-invasive way. They will talk freely about their feelings and encourage you to show yours by feeling safe.

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