How The Signs Face The Challenges Of Love

Challenges Of Love

How The Signs Face The Challenges Of Love

Everyone experiences challenges in love and that does not mean that relationships are doomed to utter failure. Challenges are more common than we think, thanks to them we can make important decisions. Love is supposed to be something beautiful, but you have to remember that it is not a story in which everything goes well. Read on if you want to know how the signs face the challenges of love:


Aries have a hard time trusting others, which is why it’s hard for them to put themselves in the place of their partner or their friend with a right to something more. He tries, he really tries, but he has a hard time. When his partner reproaches him for not putting himself in her place or for only caring what he or she thinks, it hurts. He would like them to understand him more and to know that he does not do it on purpose. If he is carried away only by his opinion, it is because he has gone through many things that have made him more jealous…


The truth is that Taurus does not enjoy anything when there are problems in the paradise of love. He doesn’t like it, because he knows that he can lose what he has. His character is very tenacious and a bit stubborn, he does not like to give up when he knows that he is right. Therefore, he does not enjoy the deep conversations that are necessary. He is afraid of losing all the good that he has built because of a simple argument. He is very anxious knowing that he has to face something that does not give him any peace of mind. 


Geminis would like a little more witchcraft in love. Especially so that her partner guesses what she wants at all times. Gemini cannot maintain an extremely balanced, calm, and linear relationship. He can’t and he doesn’t want to have something like that either, because deep down he’s a restless, adventurous, and curious part that he loves to experiment with. The small mistake that he has is that he does not directly say what he wants at all times. He is very anxious to feel that he is misunderstood, it is a great challenge to his heart. 


Cancer is a very emotional person and many times he does not know how to manage everything he has inside. When he’s going through a bad time, he can act without thinking, and in the end, he can take out his frustration on his partner. He doesn’t do it on purpose, because he doesn’t have the slightest intention of harming anyone, but he acts letting himself go and in those moments he can’t do anything else. Many times, he suffers for things that can be solved or that are not as serious as they seemed at first. 


For the lion, the greatest challenge in love is not to be disappointed. Leo is one of those who risks for love to succeed. He makes his intentions very clear from the beginning, or else he tries to send very strong signals. He gives it ALL, but as long as he sees that he gets something in return. Promises are not worth Leo, the facts are the ones that have the greatest weight. So when his romance doesn’t match what he thought was going to happen, he becomes less flexible and doesn’t open up as much as he did at first. 


For Virgo, love is a very complicated subject, and living together is a huge challenge. That’s where it has to be 100% natural and that’s where it’s really scary. And just thinking about having to open up emotionally and think about the pros and cons of the relationship makes him horribly lazy. Virgo is afraid of creating some kind of dependency or something similar, it is something that she thinks at first, but the positive thing is that these thoughts are temporary. It is the fear of starting something completely new…


For Libra, taking the lead in the relationship is a huge challenge that would put an end to their patience. She knows that she needs to put on a little more of the part of herself sometimes. She could more often say what she wants from the relationship, instead of asking her partner for her opinion. And she also knows perfectly well that there are times when she expects her partner to read her mind to guess what she wants. Seriously, Libra is a person who must be loved patiently, because her inner world is very peculiar. 


Scorpios love to show what they feel but in their own way. He really needs to show everything that he has inside because, in a certain way, he feels that it is liberation in its purest form. Love brings out the best version of him, but it can also awaken the darker side of him. His biggest challenge is to find lasting stability in any relationship he begins. Above all, if his partner doesn’t “give it all,” a lack of enthusiasm or commitment can end the scorpion’s illusion in no time. 


The challenge of Sagittarius in love? Chill out. Enjoy love calmly and without thinking about the next step you are going to take. For Sagittarius, it is very complicated because he does not want his relationship to become a boring routine. Unexciting relationships and monotony can spoil his illusion of him. For this reason, he lives love so intensely and gives everything he has without thinking. Sagittarius will always be there, fighting to get ahead without losing a bit of his freedom


The interior of Capricorn is full of very intense desires. He fears that he does not know how to control everything he feels and because of this, sometimes he gives the sensation of being a block of ice. For Capricorn, it is very difficult to talk about feelings like nothing happened. Talking about these issues is a great challenge for his heart, because he feels that he is showing himself vulnerable and because he does not feel 100% protected when he opens his doors. When he gains more confidence, he will have a much more spontaneous, close, and loving attitude. 


Aquarius has serious problems when it comes to being 100% involved in a relationship. And it’s not for a matter of fidelity, never that, Aquarius is a very faithful person. It has more to do with his fear of losing that personal space that he cares for so much. Therefore, the great challenge for him is to start a relationship 100% and go much deeper. Although he knows that he is still free to make his own decisions, he feels a lot of pressure because he knows how important it is to have a good connection in a romantic relationship. He would not like to waste time so later it is not what he expected. 


Pisces do not know how to deal with their inner world when things are not going well in paradise. The great challenge for him is to deal with his own heart on many occasions. Pisces is a very sentimental person and when something goes wrong, he cannot let it go or downplay the matter. He could pay attention to many other things, but in those moments he only has contained anger and very little patience. He gets lost asking a lot of questions and stops paying attention to the little details that he always takes into account. 

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