Congratulations, you’ve lost a woman who really wanted to be with you

How in the world did you manage to lose a woman who really wanted to be with you?

How could you push someone away who would do anything to be with you? All she needed was a reason to stay. She only needed a little proof that there is a happy future for her and that you will make her a place in your life, but that was obviously too much to ask.

All she ever wanted was you.

She wasn’t interested in your mistakes or your past. She didn’t care what others told her. She wanted you to be good, so she believed you had good sides just waiting to surface. She was interested in nothing else in this world than you.

She wanted to love you. She wanted to be next to you. She wanted to see your message when she woke up and wanted to go to bed with you. She wanted you to be happy. She wanted to have a future with you, hold your hand in front of everyone, and proudly say, “This is the guy I love and the guy who loves me.” She didn’t want much. She just wanted to love you freely and be loved by you.

All you have to do is treat them properly.

There was no need to bring her the stars out of the sky, although she deserved them. There was no need to buy expensive gifts. She didn’t need anything that was too much. You just had to treat her well. All you had to do was show her that you care about her, show her that you care about her, tell her how much she means to you and how you want the same things she does for both of you.

All you needed was a little effort to keep it in your life.

But that was too much to ask, wasn’t it?

Even the “simple” things, even the slightest effort, even the things she deserved, were too much for you to give her? You weren’t ready to do anything for her no matter what she did for you. You just weren’t on the same boat as her. It wasn’t as important to you as you were. But it would have been better if you had taken care of them.

You refused to take it.

When she couldn’t be with anyone else, you decided to keep your options open – too afraid to lose them, but also too afraid to commit. You were occasionally in her life and she only had you occasionally in her life.

You weren’t ready to let go of all the other “opportunities”. You wanted your options to be open. You thought you might make a lot more than she had to offer, and you were too selfish and too greedy. On the other hand, she was so selfless when it came to giving you her love.

You have not made them your priority, nor have you appreciated their efforts.

Everything she did, she did for both of you. She tried and tried. She kept finding hope in places where no one thought of looking for her. She stayed by your side, even if every other normal person would have left a long time ago.

But you never saw any of it. Or at least you didn’t bother to see it. You never recognized any of her efforts, nor did you bother to thank her for fighting so hard for you. Instead, you took everything for granted. You thought she would stay by your side even if you didn’t give her anything. That she’s fighting for you, just like that. Well, you were wrong.

She was tired of fighting for someone who didn’t care whether they lost her or not.

Admit it, you were disinterested. Or at least you thought you were. You told yourself that you have no feelings for this woman and that there are better ones than her. It was there to strengthen your ego and be your replacement plan. You thought that’s all it will ever be for anyone. But you thought wrong again.

You lost her when you made her beg for your time. You lost her when you showed her that you are no less interested in her feelings. You lost her when you refused to fight for her. It took a while before she realized that she was fighting for someone who agreed to lose her.

She actually wanted to stay, but you pushed her away.

You pushed her away with your crappy behaviour, you didn’t appreciate her, you took her for granted, you made her feel like you were alone, even when she was with you.

Congratulations, you’ve lost a woman who only appears once in a lifetime.

You lost a woman who wanted to be yours. You lost a good woman – one who only needed your love and appreciation and nothing else. You lost a woman who could have made you happy if you had just left her. You lost a woman that any other man would die for. You have lost a woman that you will look for in every other woman.

None of the other women will be as good to you as she was. None of the other women will love you as they do. They won’t treat you with respect, won’t look at you with admiration at how she did it. They won’t make sacrifices as big as she did, and they won’t stay if you show them your bad sides. Nobody will be as stupid as she was.

But, you know what? You also did this one good thing for her. You let her go and created a place for someone who appreciates her and loves her the way she deserves to be loved. Who would have thought that you would end up doing something right?


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