At this age, you are really ready for a relationship according to your zodiac sign

At this age, you are really ready for a relationship according to your zodiac sign

It can be really awful when you meet someone and gradually fall in love with them. And then all of a sudden that person realizes that they are not really ready for a relationship yet. On the other hand, it can be quite confusing if you don’t really know whether you really want to get involved in a long-term partnership.

When have you reached an age when you are sure that you are ready for something special? 

Well, there is no straight answer to that. Because that actually differs from person to person. Astrology can give us information about the age from which the individual zodiac signs can lead a serious and real partnership. Some people get to grips with the seriousness of a relationship really quickly and others have yet to understand it. There are certain traits that can predict the ability to bond. 

And so that you do not throw yourself into your misery or simply to get more clarity about your own ability to bond, you should definitely read on at this point. 

At this age you are really ready for a relationship, according to your zodiac sign:

Capricorn: Very dependent on his partner

Capricorn is one of the most down-to-earth signs of the zodiac and sometimes seems a bit selfish when it comes to love. Because he usually thinks of his own good first. Because of this, it is not uncommon for the Capricorn to break a few hearts here and there. But over time he develops a tradition-conscious attitude and becomes more responsible so that he longs for a long-term and serious partnership. In contrast to the other zodiac signs, his ability to bond does not depend on his age, but rather on his partner. When the partner is mature enough, the Capricorn will go along with them and also strive for a stable relationship.

Aquarius: From 40 years and up

Aquarius is particularly known as freedom-loving and eccentric among the signs of the zodiac. So it’s not surprising that he isn’t ready for a serious relationship until he is 40, or even later in life. Before this time, he will rather be content with open partnerships and affairs. Everything else robs him of the freedom he needs so much in this phase of life.

Pisces: In the early 20s

Of course, emotional Pisces would like to bond with someone early in life. He will quickly open up to someone and try to get straight to the point. It is not surprising that the Pisces wants to bond so early in their life because they know exactly what they want and what is important for them in a relationship. 

Aries: Around 30

Aries also knows exactly what they want, but mostly they only transfer this attitude to the goals in their life that concern their job. In love, he adheres to a traditional sequence of marriage, house building, and children. He also wants to reject his horns when he is young because otherwise, he would be afraid that he might have missed something in the end.

Taurus: Very early in life

Above all, the Taurus strives for constancy all of his life. That is why he places great value on trust, honesty, and loyalty from a young age. He would like to get to know one or the other direction and grow old with that someone until the end of his day. 

Gemini: Maybe never

Gemini wants one thing today and something completely different tomorrow. That’s just how he is! You can never really be sure with such a partner. That is why many people have painful experiences with a twin by their side. Indeed, Gemini could never really be ready for a steady partnership.

Cancer: From about 27 years

Above all, Cancer longs for affection and wants to give and receive love. Usually, this characteristic is developed very early on. Unfortunately, his distrust prevents him from entering into a committed relationship at an early age. But he will get a confidence boost in his life in his mid-twenties and as soon as he has found the right partner for himself, he will try to stay by his side.

Leo: From approx. 32 years

A Leo definitely doesn’t want to miss anything in their life. That is why he absolutely has to let off steam in his younger years. Only then can he set course for a safe haven. He’s going to have lots of dates and possibly a series of affairs before he wants to calm down. Usually, his ability to bond develops from his early 30s. 

Virgo: Around 40

The perfectionist Virgo always has precise ideas about how things should be – and that also applies to her partner. That is why it will not take the first or the first to come. She will take a long time to make her choices and she will not tolerate even the smallest mistakes. That is why the search for the right partner for a Virgo can sometimes take a long time. By around 40, however, she should discover that no one is really perfect and that she does not need a perfect partner for perfect happiness.

Libra: From approx. 29 years 

This zodiac sign is usually a bit childlike at the beginning. So it just takes a little longer than others. In the twenties, Libra will quickly mature and start looking for a balanced and charming partner. Since she is very warm-hearted herself, she will especially strive for a loving relationship. 

Scorpio: From approx. 38 years 

The headstrong Scorpio will want to commit a little later. He still has to regulate a few things in his life and, above all, inside himself. On the way there, his passion repeatedly thwarted his plans. He’ll be looking for wild adventures, especially in his twenties and thirties. And only when he’s near 40 will he be ready for something serious. 

Sagittarius: In my early 50s

Nobody can satisfy the Sagittarius thirst for adventure. This is why it will take most Sagittarians a long time to be truly ready for a quiet life with a steady partner. This zodiac sign is one of those people who are really struggling to bond. That’s why it could only become something in your early 50s.



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