9 signs he’s crazy about you even though he never told you.

9 signs he’s crazy about you even though he never told you.

Something is preventing men from talking about their feelings. Sometimes it seems like they’re scared of showing up weak and just can’t tell. Sometimes, of course, the past also plays a role. 

Men usually want to be one hundred percent sure before telling a woman that they have fallen in love with her. Most of the time, it doesn’t take words to realize that a man is in love with you. If you pay attention to how he behaves, you can very quickly guess what it looks like in his emotional world. 

Does he really have feelings for you? These 9 signals show that he has real feelings for you even though he never told you:

1. He listens to you and shows you that you are important to him

If he has feelings for you, he will listen carefully to your words. He will remember things about you that others don’t know. Everything you say is important to him. When he has feelings for you, you will notice how attentive he is to your feelings. When you are upset or sad, he will comfort you. He takes your feelings into account in every situation. He really cares about your happiness and well-being. He doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, sick, or sad.

2. He asks you deep questions

He wants to know what your biggest dreams are and whether you might also hope, like him, that you will one day change the world. These are deep and intimate questions that he will usually only ask the people who really matter to him. It shows that he really wants to get to know you and wants to uncover the real you.

3. He always wants to help you with everything

Whenever he sees you are struggling in some way, he can’t just watch. He wants to help you and alleviate your difficulties. Most of the time, he’s doing just the right thing or being in the right place at just the right time to help you.

4. He is considerate of you in his decisions

If he wants to do something with you over the weekend, he’ll first ask if you’re interested instead of just doing it. The same goes for things that are part of his life or that could change something between you, such as going on vacation or going abroad for a while. You are an important part of his life so he will ask you first.

5. He gives you his time

If he has feelings for you, he will make time for you. He’ll want to spend as much time with you as possible and make you feel like you are pretty high on his list of priorities. Even though it looks like his schedule is full, he’ll still allow some time for you.

6. He remembers the little things

When a man remembers all the small and mundane details, you know he means business about you. He knows how you like to drink your coffee or what your favorite flowers are. This is also a sign that he is in love with you but doesn’t want to tell you. He may not shower you with expensive and massive gifts, but when he gives you something, it’s usually well thought out. Be it something you once said was beautiful or you would need it. He makes sure it’s something you care about and it will surprise you that he kept this little thing.

7. He shares his passions with you

Does he like to go fishing or do martial arts? Then he will surely invite you and pray you to come with him sometime. He also tells you about his life dreams and wants you to be by his side.   When someone shares with you what makes them feel alive, they are opening up their most vulnerable and precious parts. It’s an act of trust and you can really appreciate that.

8. He’s not hiding you

Even before you met his friends or family, they knew about you and how excited he was to have you in his life. The introduction seemed very natural since they’d heard so much about you that they almost felt like they already knew you. This is a clear sign that he is not hiding you and playing with open cards. He’s really serious.

9. He looks at you very often

He can of course deny it again and again when asked if he’s in love with you, but actions speak louder than words. No matter how hard he tries to hide his feelings for you, he can’t take his eyes off you. At least not for long. But he’s more likely to look away when you stare at him. This is because he feels nervous and insecure. 


9 signs he's crazy about you even though he never told you.



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