According To Your Zodiac Signs, What Is Your Greatest Insecurity

What Is Your Greatest Insecurity

According To Your Zodiac Signs, What Is Your Greatest Insecurity

We all have insecurities and whoever tells you no, let us know, that they are blatantly lying to you. Everyone, we repeat, everyone has something that leads us to the swampy terrain of lack of confidence. And no one has gone through life without seeing each other, face to face, in situations in which they consider that nothing is going to work out, in which they assume that nobody supports them or that they are not good enough at something. Do you want to know what is the imperative insecurity of all those around you? Well, we are going to tell you everything in this article about the greatest insecurity of the signs of the Zodiac. 


Aries is a sign with great power and never-before-seen inner strength: it is not for nothing that it is considered the warrior of the Zodiac. However, under this superhero cape, Aries is an insecure person who does not like, at all, to be seen as boring, quiet, and unoriginal. In short, Aries is born to lead and it gets on his nerves when he perceives a loss of dominance on his part. 


Taurus is a person who likes convenience and comfort, so he is not one of those who usually gives life opportunities. He loves his comfort zone and it is that, for him/her, it is best to live little by little, enjoy the moment, and not risk too much. For this reason, we assure you that Taurus’ greatest fear is change and his greatest insecurity is not being able to maintain the situation that makes him so happy and brings him so few problems


The worst thing for Geminis would be to be left alone, without friends, without anyone to talk to or have a good time. And this is, after all, his greatest insecurity: will he be able to attract people’s attention all his life to avoid this loneliness that terrifies him so much? The truth is that he did. A Gemini does not take much to get along with people: he is creative, direct, intelligent, and very social. The only thing he has to do is believe in himself a little more and put aside all the fears that only generate internal conflicts. 


The vulnerability of Cancer is its greatest insecurity and it is that it knows that, as much as it would like to, it will not always be able to be by its side or protect them from all the blows of life. Therefore, he does whatever it takes, everything, to avoid feeling vulnerable. If there is something that characterizes those born under the influence of this sign, it is the love they offer to others: they love to feel loved and make others feel the same way. They love to feel protected and safe, and this is the same thing they want to offer to others. 


Leo loves to be the center of attention and to see that all his efforts have results. He gets very upset when he is not treated with the “honors” that, according to him, he is deserving. But, it is not only about ego, but it is an insecurity deeply rooted in his heart: if they do not recognize his merits, is it because, perhaps, he has not done so well? 


Virgo can’t stand imperfection: everything has to be well done, and impeccable, and they get very upset when they don’t get the results they’re looking for. In fact, he’s so analytical and critical that they even sink into his drama. For this reason, we are going to say that Virgo’s greatest insecurity is being imperfect. Yes, as you hear it: Virgo has a horrible fear of not becoming what others expect of him, of not being able to achieve the results that are asked of him.  


Libra’s greatest insecurity appears when they have to make decisions and have no one to support them or, why not say so? Someone to do it for him. Despite being a fair, focused, and, above all, moderate sign, when it comes to making decisions, Librans have a great fear of making mistakes, not making the right choice and finding themselves in difficult situations that could disrupt their routines. 


Betrayal and its lack of control is the greatest insecurity of a Scorpio. When they feel betrayed, Scorpios tend to react abruptly and in the least expected way. They are very intense, mysterious, and very intelligent people, so it is not known where they are going to come out. They are unpredictable and always make sure that those who play a trick on them will remember them for the rest of their lives. However, even they themselves are scared when they start to plot their revenge and see everything they are capable of. 


Sagittarius is the sign of life, of luck, of fun. There is nothing a Sagi likes less than feeling tied up, and losing his freedom; precisely, this is the origin of his greatest insecurity. They are people who are afraid of restrictions and do not know what to do to get rid of them. For this reason, they think about it a lot when committing to something. It’s not that they can’t be faithful or loyal, but they do need to make sure that they find the right person, the one that will allow them to live their life.  


Capricorn is a very responsible and somewhat stubborn person when it comes to getting what he sets out to do and this is where his greatest insecurity is born: the fear of failure. When we talk about a Capricorn, we are talking about someone who knows very well what he wants and who does not give up easily. But, sometimes, he himself can be his own enemy: when he imagines failing at something that is important to him, his whole world falls apart. Luckily he is a very intelligent and emotionally stable sign: he knows when his mind is playing tricks on him and he knows how to restart his thoughts


Aquarius is characterized by being an unusual person and he loves this “weird” personality that he has. In fact, it is one of his most fantastic attractions: everyone falls in love with him because of his eccentricity and, therefore, we can tell you that his greatest insecurity is ending up as someone else in the crowd. 


Pisces is a dreamer and his biggest fear is facing the harsh reality. However, as much as he hates it, this is something that he will not be able to avoid. As much as he plans, Pisces must understand that life does, most of the time, what it wants. And this is precisely what causes her panic: not being able to live out his fantasies, having to adapt to the routine, and face the reality of life. 

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