According To Your Sign The Insecurity That Ruins Everything On The First Date

Ruins Everything On The First Date

According To Your Sign The Insecurity That Ruins Everything On The First Date

Insecurity is one of the worst enemies we can find in life. While there are people who suffer from it relatively little, there are other people who cannot avoid it at any time. Lack of self-confidence affects all areas of our lives, and love is no different. For this reason, there are people who ruin their first dates without even realizing it and we always fall into the same patterns, so we never have a relationship that lasts more than a few months. However, our zodiac sign can help us a lot in this, because thanks to it we can identify what our insecurity is and how it can end our dates. In this way, we only have to be careful to control it so that this does not happen. This is the insecurity that ruins everything on the first date according to your sign:


Your biggest insecurity is giving a vulnerable image of yourself. You have great inner strength and you are the most fun, but you don’t show yourself as you really are to prevent the other person from detecting this insecurity. Don’t kid yourself, friend. Others will find out sooner or later. Take things easy and show your best version of yourself. You will see how everything will turn out.  


Taurus, shyness is your Achilles heel. You have the feeling that you don’t know how to make conversation or that you can’t meet the expectations of a fun date. But forget all about it. It is true that you can be somewhat withdrawn at times; however, there is so much potential in you that this little weakness is unimportant. Do not rush to speak first. Let the other person lead the conversation and you will soon end up participating in it without realizing it. 


Although you don’t dream of marriage right off the bat, you do know that you have an inclination for stability, for commitment. However, you also know that this is what ruins all your first dates. Other people can feel a lot of pressure right off the bat and this causes them to walk away from you. You must bring out this glibness that characterizes you so much to have a good conversation, show your intelligence and display your flirting skills. 


You eat your head non-stop, both before and after the first one. You are so insecure that you spend hours wondering if the other person will like you or have liked you. With all this, the only thing you get is that the other person realizes it and, therefore, discovers this vulnerability. But, it is not a vulnerability without more and is, and to avoid rejection, you can become super controlling and flood it with messages throughout the day. Slow down a bit. It is not necessary that you write to each other every moment. If he answers your messages or accepts another date, it is because he likes you. Spot. Just enjoy dating without further ado. 


When you can’t be the center of attention, you block yourself. you freeze You don’t like it at all when things start to turn around for the other person and you know that this is not good for you. When this happens, you feel like you’re in second place and not important or interesting enough. Luckily for you, you know this part of yourself well and try to minimize it on your first few dates. It’s great. Just keep practicing and don’t take it badly if the other person talks about themselves too much. Of course, if she wants to take away your value, stay away from her. There are first dates that you must finish because they are toxic from the first moment. 


You give everything to everyone and, although you don’t like to admit it, you know very well that you criticize others all the time. Virgo, when you arrive on your first date, you start to analyze everything in detail and look for any flaws. You do the same with the other person. If right off the bat, you focus on finding everything wrong with her, how are you going to feel comfortable with this person for a second date or a relationship? Virgo, if you don’t want to spend your life alone or constantly going from first date to first date, you have to relax and understand that the other person, just like you, has weaknesses. 


Your insecurity comes from your most flirtatious and playful facet. You don’t know how far you can flirt and play so as not to scare the other person. You are invaded by questions like will he see me too seriously? Should I use all my persuasion tools and make him drool over me or, on the contrary, is it better to be charming but not flirt? Dear Libra, if this person asked you on a first date, it’s because they like you. The best thing to do, then, is to enjoy the date by being yourself. Flirt all you want, but make it clear that you are not one to go from flower to flower. 


There is no way you can enjoy a first date as you spend all your time thinking and thinking. Why are you thinking so much? The first date is not to analyze everything, draw up a plan of action and know when you are going to get married. You also don’t need to be super affectionate or anything like that. Also, not only do you ruin the first date with it, but you also ruin the hours and days after it, because you are an assumption machine, who wants to have everything calculated. We know you can be cold at times and not everyone will like you, but you can’t stop being yourself to go on a second date.


You are afraid that the other person will take you as a clown, as a person who does not take anything seriously or who laughs at everything. But what’s wrong with you? OK. There are people who are bitter and cannot stand those who take everything with humor or who simply know how to live and enjoy the moment. The question here, Sagittarius friend, is if you are interested in being with a person who does not know how to appreciate these two strengths (which are) of yours. Think about it…


Capri, sweetheart, you always look good. Precisely, you are one of the most stylish and tasteful people we know. You like to be well groomed and take care of your image. However, this is your biggest insecurity. Will you make a good impression? What will the other person think of you? And if you don’t wear your hair well-groomed? Forget about all this. You are a sweetheart as a person and make no mistake, you have a natural tendency to go through life with an impeccable attitude. What can go wrong? Well, a lot. Clear! As in all appointments! But, we already assure you that it will not be, precisely, because of your image. 


You hate losing your independence and you know that this is your greatest insecurity. If this person realizes it, how is he going to want to continue with you when you are practically unable to give up your space? Well, stop thinking so much about it. For two reasons: first, a first date does not force you to commit, so rest and enjoy. Second, you are who you are, period. Maybe the other person is like you and also likes to keep their space. Do not eat the pot excessively and simply show your most humanitarian, most sincere side, and over time you will see where the relationship is going and if you need to rethink the priorities of your life.


You have been disappointed so many times that you are terrified that the other person will discover, too quickly, your more sensitive, more emotional side. However, you cannot go on first dates thinking, as the other person will end up hurting you. Thus, you only climb walls that, later, will be difficult to tear down. You shouldn’t show all your sensitivity, but you shouldn’t want to give an image that doesn’t match you either. Find the balance and everything will be fine.

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