According To Your Sign Why There Was Never Anything With That Person

Never Anything With That Person

According To Your Sign Why There Was Never Anything With That Person

There are loves that are stuck in the depths of your thoughts, they stay in your heart and many times you don’t even tell anyone. I’m talking about the ones who never needed a label, they forgot about it, but they looked like a couple. They supported each other in the saddest moments, told each other their fears, and applauded each other at each achievement. It hurts so much, what they were and what they couldn’t be. Why was there never anything with that person according to your sign? And that something is no longer erased, neither with other love nor with other arms. They are memories that the soul keeps and that appear from time to time accompanied by a deep sigh. 


You don’t even remember the moment when that person became very important in your life. What seemed like a simple friendship turned into one of the most beautiful secrets, because their love showed, but neither of them had the courage to go further. They broke your heart when you realized they would never be anything more. That’s when you had to say goodbye to your partner in adventures, jokes, and crazy things. It was a turning point that you will carry forever. You understood that you lost something you never had and that’s what hurts the most. They didn’t treat you as you deserved, you settled for being one more on their list, and little by little you became smaller. Aries, you know that love is not a fairy tale, but you did well to get out of that nightmare. 


Maybe you are too confident, there is something in you that makes you bet on optimism, with time you hope to have the relationship you have always wanted. However, it hurts when you are disappointed and the other person is not on the same channel. If you pay a little attention you’ll realize, from the beginning he showed you the signs, but you took it upon yourself to invent the beautiful love you’ve always dreamed of. It is a wound that you try not to remove because it reminds you that everything was in your imagination, that the many times a happy ending crossed your mind, it was just that, a dream. Maybe in your next life, you can get to this on time. The worst thing is that it was not for lack of love or desire, it is that they did not have the courage to defend what they felt above the opinion of the rest. 


You’ve tried everything, but that person still holds an important place in your heart. I doubt that you can erase her, the best thing is that you assimilate that she was part of your story and that you stop fighting against the memory of her. You gave your best and that’s what matters because you never held back and although you hoped that he was something more serious, you lived memorable moments. Your heart went out, you discovered that if you stayed by his side it would be like signing your own Calvary. I know that made you lose your balance and added another line to your distrust, but Gemini was the best. You deserve healthy, emotional, committed love. It’s not nice that they had you as a second option. 


They say that no one chooses their love, neither the place nor the moment, they simply appear in your life and leave their mark. How beautiful it is when you find a person who corresponds to you, who motivates you and admires you. How nice when you don’t have to fight with your pillow every time anxiety takes over your nights and insomnia accompanies you. That zodiac sign wasn’t your friend, but neither was anything else. So you got fed up, and you decided you weren’t going to be anybody’s trash can anymore. It’s not fair, because you were there in his moments of sadness and you didn’t care to wipe his tears. You loved deeply and you won’t regret it, because in the end you didn’t keep anything and it would have been worse to hide your emotions. However, leaving was the greatest act of self-love and you should be thankful for that all your life. 


It is very frustrating when the hours go by thinking about the same thought. A part of you wants to say enough is enough, but the memories betray you and make you wonder why you let yourself be treated like a small thing. Your heart is impulsive, it is guided by emotions, and that causes you to crash much earlier than planned. Perhaps that zodiac sign never dared to say what he felt, but you noticed that he was also happy to see you and that his skin responded to you every time you caressed it. Maybe he was scared or just not ready for a relationship. However, leaving before you end up crying was a great decision. Do not regret it because it is the only way you can open the doors to a new love. 


You knew that person would break your heart, but you decided to stay. You risked him tearing your emotions apart and then he just walked off like nothing. You are a brave sign, you rarely let your sensitivity take control, but when you do, your love is very transparent and you teach the other what it is to be unconditional. You are worthy of affection Virgo, you do not have to beg anyone, much less if he makes you feel unstable. That sign of the zodiac wanted you by his side 24 hours a day, but when you needed him most he was not there and that was enough to realize that he was never mutual. It was you trying to save him from his emptiness, but who helped you? Now, you can see everything clearer and you understand that clinging to such a mediocre love is synonymous with not loving yourself. 


Your butterflies are very foolish, they make your stomach flutter unexpectedly, and from one day to the next you lose your balance. Deep down you knew that this zodiac sign didn’t love you, but it was inevitable that you fell for his charm. Every time you spent time with him, your world was filled with life and that caused everything to get out of hand. You are so loving that it is not hard for you to love in silence. You keep quiet about many things because you feel that the other person is not prepared to discover everything that your soul hides. Your heart broke because she fell in love with someone who wasn’t ready, all she could offer you was crumbs. It occurred to you to love someone you could never have and that has been the worst of your karma. However, letting go is brave, especially when you love with that intensity. You did well Libra. 


I once read that true love is unrequited love. You have lived that Scorpio, you did not stop loving the person, you simply stopped insisting, because you understood that it is the best. However, in the secrets of your memory, you visit that love from time to time, to tell him that you miss him and that in your crazy dreams, you imagine that his story ends well. You and that zodiac sign were never anything, but there was always something, something that soaked you to the bone because you couldn’t stop the crush from speaking for you and you felt sad, desperate, and even hopeful. That helped you to rip the page even though you didn’t want to. They were nights of sleeplessness, of wanting to return to his arms, where the affection was half, but you had already gotten used to it. No, you know you don’t deserve a story like that. 


Hopefully, it’s true that life goes around a thousand times. Maybe that way you would have the hope of meeting again with that love that could not be. Perhaps they weren’t mature enough or prepared for something so formal. In the end, you don’t know, you have to wait to see where fate places them. However, you do not intend to stop your world, the Sagittarius that waited and waited, no longer exists. Now your adventurous spirit knows that very nice things are coming for you and that you cannot pause just for someone who does not know what they want. It is not fair that you are the one who always gives in, nor is it worth closing the doors to new loves. The change was hard, but you learned that the person who really loves you makes you love yourself, they don’t damage your self-esteem. You definitely needed me to teach you the kind of person to stay away from. 


Fortunately, your intelligence did not let you lose yourself after a failed relationship. It is clear that not all people are ready for commitment, there are those who run away from it and only stay for a while in your life, the bad thing is when you cannot avoid giving your heart, although you know that the end will not be good. You are not afraid of seriousness, nor of marriage, you dream of the day you find that person with whom you can talk about family without fear. You and that sign of the zodiac were never anything, but what you lived through can no longer be erased. Don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t minimize your pain, and give yourself the opportunity to embrace your negative emotions and come back to you. Love is an up-and-down, but it is not worth it that you are the one who always wants to be on top. It’s about two, if it’s not reciprocated, walk away. 


It is clear that you have plenty of suitors, but what you want is genuine love, someone you don’t have to beg for attention from. It is difficult to accept that the person with whom you shared so many things was just another chapter in your story. He did not want to stay or commit, it was an instant that makes you wonder if there is something wrong with you. Aquarius, you have to know that you deserve someone who loves you even in your most disastrous moments. You are a deep, intellectual being with feelings that calm, do not blame yourself for the lack of effective responsibility of the other. Now, it’s time for you to forgive yourself, hug yourself, and give yourself the opportunity to start over. You have everything to be happy, don’t go back to the side of the one who takes away your shine. 


I know it was not easy to say goodbye to such an important love. The worst thing is that you never felt that he gave you the place you deserved. You got used to being her refuge, the person she always looked for when her world was falling apart, but she ignored you when you most needed her company or good advice. He not only broke your heart, but he also drowned your soul and played with your emotions in such a stealthy way that you thought he was going to stay by your side for a long time. She hurt you, but I congratulate you, congratulations for moving forward, for choosing yourself above all else, and for giving yourself a priority. It was very good that you turned the page because staying next to someone who doesn’t value you doesn’t help at all. Remember that you have to give space to each emotion, they are not your enemies, they come to free you, even if it hurts at first. 

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