These Zodiac Signs Keep Having Bad Nightmares

Having Bad Nightmares

These Zodiac Signs Keep Having Bad Nightmares

Some people have trouble falling asleep. That can quickly become a burden. But while some struggle with insomnia, others are plagued by nightmares. Especially these zodiac signs have nightmares again and again.

These zodiac signs dream of scary things all the time.


Aquarius has a thriving imagination. On the one hand, this may be very helpful, but in his sleep, it always becomes his undoing. Because his creativity keeps playing tricks on him in his subconscious. Aquarius often process the memories of one day in their dreams in a very extreme way. So an everyday situation suddenly turns into a terrifying situation with creepy creatures.


Scorpios, too, are repeatedly plagued by creepy messages from their subconscious at night. Dark nightmares have become normal for him. That’s why Scorpio has gotten so used to it that they even kind of enjoy the thrill of dreaming. With the subconscious stories that he dreams night after night, the zodiac sign could already write its own fantasy saga.


Capricorn always wants to do everything right. For this reason, he is always the hardest on himself. He has internalized this so much that it even becomes the main theme of his dreams again and again. Because his bad conscience always causes the worst nightmares. Thus, in a dream, a small mistake in real life becomes an unforgivable crime that will never let him go.

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