According To Your Sign, What Scares Your Heart

Scares Your Heart

According To Your Sign, What Scares Your Heart

You know that life is up and down, it is practically impossible to live in a cloud where nothing happens. Sometimes it’s time to embrace sadness and other times let laughter brighten your day. The heart is like that, fragile, unpredictable, and with that touch of madness that keeps you waiting. However, changes are not always for the worse, on the contrary, they help you put your feet on the ground and decide what you want to do in the future. Although, that does not prevent fear from accompanying you. What scares your heart according to your sign, never let someone minimize your emotions. Each zodiac sign deals with it in its own way and that’s fine. 


How brave you look when you tremble with fear, but keep moving forward. You are very intelligent and stubborn at sign same time, and that always keeps you wanting to be better at everything. You know very well that you are not here to compete with anyone, you have your goals and you work hard to see them fulfilled. On the outside, it seems that you are always relaxed because you like others to notice that you have everything under control. However, there is something that scares your heart, that makes you tell your pillow every night that you feel worried and you don’t know how to fix it. It is your hard head that puts you between a rock and a hard place because when you put your mind to it, you put yourself in your role and there is no one who can make you change your mind at all, which makes people feel bad. Deep down you don’t want to hurt anyone and it hurts when your bad temper drives away those you love. 


The bad thing about your character is that it can start as something simple until it snowballs that no one can stop. You know that you pretend that everything is perfect because you do not want the other to discover that things are not going the way you want. You are very rational, you rarely allow your emotions to decide for you. However, there is something that scares your heart, you shut it up, but inside you are desperate. I’m talking about change, instability frustrates you and makes you believe that all the effort you’ve put into achieving what you want isn’t worth it. At the same time, this awakens your insecurities, and little by little your mood is affected. Your soul is so genuine, that it shows in your eyes when something anguishes you. Suddenly, insomnia becomes your best companion and the nights are hell. That’s what scares you. 


It’s weird because you’re usually not a shy person, you always find a way to break the ice and you love meeting new people, even the ones that seem like they have nothing to do with you. That’s what you like, discover totally opposite worlds, that teach you and take you to your true essence. Definitely, your abilities are not in doubt, you are very intelligent and you have an incredible memory, capable of storing information from yesteryear. However, there is something that scares your heart, which is why anxiety comes to your day without warning. I mean your internal limits, the ones that don’t let you show yourself as you are for fear of what they will say. You cannot be yourself, because your self-esteem lies to you and tells you that you are not as impressive as the rest. That cuts your wings and keeps you away from Gemini success. Please trust yourself. 


They say that it is better to have scarred skin because you are brave than intact because you are weak. You are a person thrown forward, it is very rare when a door closes and you remain with your arms crossed. You are always looking for ways to make things better because your hopeful spirit is your main motivation. However, you know that happy endings are not like in fairy tales, that you have to learn to love the thorns as much as the flowers. That is precisely what scares your heart, everything that has to do with the emotional, because you are too devoted and it hurts when you realize that you may end up with someone who doesn’t care about your thoughts. That scares you because you take risks, you don’t measure yourself when it comes to giving love and that makes you feel at a disadvantage. That is why, when you do not feel reciprocity, you end up running away. 


You know that it is important to feel proud of your struggles because they are the ones that have taught you that this path of life is about ups and downs, there are many times when you have had to be at the bottom, but you discovered that at In the end, you only have yourself. You are used to people watching your steps because you inadvertently become their source of inspiration. However, what scares your heart is feeling ignored. Let’s see, this does not mean that your goal is to attract attention all the time. You find it shocking to make an effort to give your best and that they go unnoticed. It’s hard because no one knows the tears you wipe before leaving home and they judge you without even knowing half of your story. Maybe that’s what hurts you the most. 


Life is like that, it changes in the blink of an eye and shakes you tremendously until it puts each piece back in its place. You are always in combat with the mass of thoughts that surround your mind. You like to feel that everything is fine and for this reason, you avoid falling into instability. However, there are times when what you plan has nothing to do with reality and that’s when you have to breathe patiently and learn to let go. What scares your heart the most is not being in control, you want to beat your mind and you hate not predicting. Virgo, I know that you love structure and that losing everything is overwhelming for you, but please give yourself permission to relax and trust that even if you are left with nothing, you can get it back. Your abilities give you the opportunity to do that and much more. However, you have to start believing it. 


You are Libra light, you have charm in your eyes, in your smile, and in that brightness that keeps you at the foot of the canyon no matter how hard life gets. Without a doubt, you are not one of those who throw away what you have experienced, you value your friends and family very much and you even say goodbye to past loves in the best way. It is clear that you are not a saint, but at least you try to share your best version with others. However, what scares your heart is when someone attacks you from behind. It is very complicated because you think that they are going to treat you in the same way that you treat them, but sadly there are those who only want to be close to you because it is convenient for them and they are not even interested in your well-being. It’s practically like flipping a coin, no matter how much you trust the other, you really don’t have the certainty that it won’t hurt you. 


It is an achievement for you the moment in which you find yourself because the Scorpio that was satisfied with the leftovers is already in the past. You are a sign that honors tranquility and that although many say that evil moves you, in reality, your character is very noble. It is one thing to be cruel and quite another to set limits. It has taken you a lot of work to keep your head up when it comes to saying what you want and what you don’t want, but you are doing very well, and that makes you proud. However, like everyone, you have something that scares your heart. On the outside, you pretend that nothing defeats you, but on the inside, it overwhelms you to know that there are times when you have no choice and you have to show your vulnerable side... That’s what gives you the creeps when someone starts getting too close and discovers that you are not the ogre that the rest imagine. He worries you because it is synonymous with the fact that he has you in his hands. 


In case someone hadn’t told you, today I remind you, you deserve to be with people who add to you in every way. You are here for your dreams to come true, you deserve emotional stability, love, and success, please don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. I know there are times when you have to give in, but don’t let anyone dirty your essence, because that’s what will take you to the top. Listen to your sixth sense, there are things you can’t see with the naked eye, but the body and that feeling of worry don’t lie. For you, what scares your heart the most is ending up with the wrong people, with those who don’t want to see you happy, they just want you to be one of them. Feeling restricted for you is the same as jail. Your freedom is the most sacred thing you have, you were born to explore and set the rules of the game. Don’t ever forget it. 


Observe, flow, and accept. Yes, it is easy to write, but the reality is different, every day you have to face your worst versions, even if that means that courage or crying are present. You are a sign that does not sit still, your ambition helps you not to throw in the towel halfway. You don’t want to be better than the one next to you, you want to focus on yours and meet each of your demands. However, there is something that scares your heart, it is a failure, you do not even waste time imagining that success is not part of your days, because you do not conceive it. That worries you and at the same time makes you put one obstacle after another because nothing you do fills you up completely. I mean, you’re sabotaging your Capricorn steps. And the worst thing is that most of the time you don’t even realize it. I know it is hard to invest your energy, resources, and time in something that is not victorious, but realize, you do not give up and that is what is important. That is the greatest achievement of all. 


What urges you most is to be patient with yourself, pain and frustration will not be forever. You are a fun, intelligent being with astonishing creativity, but that does not mean that things will always be perfect, on the contrary, downturns help you learn from your mistakes and not make them again. Despite the fact that you have always been very smart when it comes to setting limits, there are certain things that can hurt you on an emotional level. What scares your heart is that your loved ones try to manipulate your life as if you were a five-year-old. It hurts because it is as if they told you that they do not trust you and that breaks because they are the people you also admire, but who do not consider your life normal and want you to change to such a degree that you become another person. It’s not worth it. 


Respect begins with yourself, in the way you put your projects ahead. How much you admire each of your processes and also letting go of bad streaks. I know it’s impossible for you not to mix emotions in everything you do, but that can make you feel more vulnerable than you think. You are definitely not a weak sign, it’s just that you have the courage to say things the way you feel. Your soul is sensitive, governed by intuition, and at the same time you exude kindness. It is not difficult for you to give a hand to those who need it and that has its pros and cons, it is not always good to be the shoulder they use to cry on. Your heart is too scared to face hurtful people, who don’t miss an opportunity to criticize everything you do and minimize your victories… Of course, you are afraid of dealing with people like this, because you give yourself honesty and you are concerned about the well-being of the other. It hurts when you realize that others don’t pay you with the same coin. 

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