According To Your Sign What Kind Of Ex-girlfriend You Are

Ex-girlfriend You Are

According To Your Sign What Kind Of Ex-girlfriend You Are

Honestly, it depends a lot on how much you have loved in the relationship to define the type of ex-girlfriend you will become. That is, there are loves on your list that do not cause you a sigh if someone mentions them, but others shake your emotions as if it had been yesterday. Of course, it is not always a positive thing, sometimes remembering that they were unfaithful or betrayed you in some way or another is very painful. So, what type of ex-girlfriend are you according to your sign?


The past stepped on, you’re the kind of ex-girlfriend who has the pants to rip off even the deepest love. It hurts a lot, but your pride prevents you from crying in front of the rest. You prefer to have a couple of drinks with your friends sing those songs that touch your soul and move on. The drama lasts a short time and you know that no one loses their life due to a breakup, you have gotten worse. 


It is true, you are not the type of ex-girlfriend who runs to take refuge in other arms after a bad love. It is very difficult for you to accept the breakup, sometimes it can take years. However, that does not mean that you are going to mourn, you can have fun without giving your heart away, but always being honest. You are loyal to your peace of mind and that person did you a favor by leaving your life. 


If someone breaks your heart, you are going to have to prepare to deal with your hurt part, because you are not going to stay silent, you don’t care if they call you ridiculous or intense, you need to get everything out to start over. Gemini, the recovery process is not easy, you usually send messages where anger speaks for you, but when you think again, you understand that it is best to continue. Once you close the cycle you don’t open it anymore. 


You are like that, Cancer, one day nostalgia becomes your best company and you miss every moment by your side, but the next you dry your tears and move on as if it had not happened. Your emotions are very carried away and the truth is that you are not interested in pretending something different. It breaks your soul, but that does not mean that you are going to throw yourself on the couch to live months of depression, your strength is enough for much more. 


It is clear, the relationship is over, but life does not stop and that is why you dig into the depths of your heart to return to what you were before. The world awaits you, with many parties, acquaintances, and friends. Breakups for you are a whole process of introspection, the moment in which you must be honest with yourself and ask yourself if the path you are on has you happy. 


The diplomacy and strength that is inside you will never allow you to throw yourself to the ground, no matter how much pain is eating away at you. Despite the bad days, you keep a smile on your face, because you are aware that no one heals overnight, but it is better to let go little by little. Things are already done, stop worrying, whether it was your fault or the other people’s is irrelevant. 


It is better not to be underestimated, at the moment you let your emotions explode and you don’t keep quiet at all, but… once you meditate and understand that the relationship was already broken, then you embrace resignation. Despite feeling pain or anger, you are able to wish the other person well, it is not about falling into a vicious circle. In the end, you’re thankful that it’s over because you don’t deserve so little love. 


Of course, you don’t deny it, when they look for you, they find you and it’s better that they don’t put your spiteful side to the test because they will end up crying. Scorpio, you may love the person, but with all the courage in the world, you give them your indifference. A part of you may check their networks from time to time, but just out of curiosity, you will eventually say goodbye with no way back. 


You leave regret to others, for you to live the breakup in the most real way is the best, you do not plan to adorn your mind with fantasies and with the idea that if you had done this or that, things would be different. What you need is to unplug, go on that trip, hang out with your friends, listen to that podcast, and eat healthier. That is your greatest revenge, loving you again and now more than before. 


The faster for you the better, that is, of course, it hurts, but you are not going to beg anyone. Fortunately, your ego is much bigger to kneel before a love that is already in the trash. You repeat it to yourself as many times as necessary, you don’t call him, you don’t look for him, you don’t write to him. It’s over and although you prefer to grieve in solitude, you turn to your support network when you feel like you can’t take it anymore. 


It is very likely that at first, you will experience an inexplicable emptiness, you are not the type of sign that surrenders to a deep level with anyone, but when you do, it is difficult for you to find a balance in your emotions. Aquarius, anxiety and depression become latent in your day to day, but you know that little by little calm will come. Sometimes, there is nothing left but to trust, because everything happens for a reason. 


You are the type of ex-girlfriend who exudes sensitivity after a breakup, but it does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, you have learned to find the positive side because that is when your creativity comes to light the most and you appreciate it. Anguish can come without warning, however, it is not something that will last forever. It’s okay to feel sad and cry until the tears run out, get it out however you can, but get it out. 

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