According To Your Sign, What Is Your City?

What Is Your City?

According To Your Sign, What Is Your City?

Astrology is a set of traditions and beliefs that understand that it is possible to recognize or construct meaning of the events that happen in the sky and of the constellations and that it is based on the interpretation of its correlation with the events that happen here, in the earth. The point is that the world of Astrology is deeper the more you know it and maybe you didn’t know it, but cities also have their Zodiac sign. Astrology can explain why you like some cities or others more, why you feel more comfortable visiting certain countries, or even what future can await you in them. Let’s see what your city is according to your sign.

Remember that not only do people have birth charts, but also places, institutions, companies, and even some religions as well. Using the Zodiac to understand that concept is the oldest astrological way that exists. And it is known as mundane astrology.

If you wanted to find the zodiac sign of your city, you would have to discover the date that best represents its “birthday”. It is usually the time of the foundation.

The Astral Chart of a city must be studied in depth, and like any astral chart, each and every one of the planets found in it must be taken into account. In this article, we will not be guided only by the Sun, but rather we will look for the similarities between a city and a sign of the Zodiac as a whole.


Without a doubt, Aries, your city would be New York. It’s a fast, cosmopolitan, diverse, creative city that never sleeps, and that’s exactly how you are, Aries. Your professional career will also thrive much more in the Big Apple. You will feel how motivation runs through your veins when you see life so fast that happens in this city. In addition, it is a city that has a thousand things to do and in which there is never time to get bored. And that is the life that you like the most, Aries.

You know perfectly well that living in a city like this also has its drawbacks, pollution, stress… but your health will be much better by doing what you really like. Even in that place, you will look for the ideal moment to fall in love, to find that person who is as in love with the city as you are. That person who shows you that part of the city that you have never known before. That vibe that the city transmits is what will make you fall completely in love with New York.


Your city is Sydney, without a doubt. You are a person who likes to be in contact with nature to be able to relax whenever the routine overwhelms you. You are a person who works a lot, who needs to have a routine in his life, and who loves stability, and in that aspect, Sydney is the best city. It has its share of work, finances, and city life, but it also has the beach where you can relax whenever the world comes crashing down on you, it has its places of entertainment and disconnection.

In Sydney, you will be able to find yourself, and find what it is that you have been looking for for so long, but did not know what it is. You will realize that you cannot have everything under control and that from time to time it is important that you have your moments of disconnection and reflect on yourself.


Your city, without a doubt, would be San Francisco. As a good Gemini, you are a very communicative and very intelligent person, therefore, it is not surprising that you feel attracted to the world of Silicon Valley, technology, and companies. There you will be able to be yourself, without anyone looking down on you, without anyone criticizing you because you enjoy doing what you like and what you love the most.

Also, San Francisco is a city in the United States that has a lot of history, a lot of cultures, and a lot of art and you will enjoy discovering new places, new hobbies, and meeting new people. Even if you don’t expect it, you will meet so many people that you could meet the love of your life without even trying. Definitely, Gemini, in San Francisco you will shine more than ever and you will be the person you have always wanted to be.


In Paris, Cancer, you will feel a deep affinity, as if you have finally come home. The people you meet in this romantic city will catch you without you even realizing it. That special brightness, its views of the Eiffel Tower, its walks along the banks of the Seine, and its charming streets will provoke in you a feeling that you will literally want to die of love.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or with a partner, you need to live that experience and get to know Paris no matter what. You need to breathe that air that is breathed in the streets of Paris, live the Parisian love and enjoy its culture, history, art, etc… You could even fall in love again after so long, believe in love more than ever, and live. Perhaps moving there is not an option, simply a disconnection trip to this city will come in handy to recharge your energies.


For you, Leo, the ideal city would be Rome. A city of love, history, culture, and art. You, who are a free person, who loves to travel, to be from here to there, without a doubt, Rome will offer you everything you want. It is quite a big city, with a thousand things to visit, a thousand plans to make, and many things to learn. Maybe it’s not like Paris, the typical city of love, but that’s why you identify so much with Rome. You are an independent person, but at the same time, you really like to enjoy love.

Well, the same thing happens to Rome, it is not the city of love as such, but it has a lot of romantic charm. Without a doubt, Rome gives you experiences that no other city will be able to give you. You will learn a lot, you will be amazed by its art, you will enjoy its food and without a doubt, you will fall in love with Rome.


Your city, Virgo, is Dubai, a city that is based on its economic life, on companies, and on its wealth. You, Virgo, are a person who really likes to work to get what you want, who fights hard to get where you want, and, to be honest, who likes to live without worries when it comes to talking about money. In Dubai, you can find all the wealth you want and more.

It is also a city that, although its culture is Arab, is very cosmopolitan and you will be able to learn from a thousand other cultures since it has many tourists. It may even seem like the perfect city because it mixes customs and culture with the world of business and the economy. Your intelligence will be appreciated as it deserves in this city. You will be able to stand out in everything you do and shine more than ever. You know, Virgo, if you have the opportunity to travel to this wonderful city, don’t miss it.


If you had to choose a city, Libra, it is clear that you would choose London. A very different city, which offers a thousand plans, with people from different cultures. If you have been struggling to find out what your dream was, if you have been a bit lost during this time, you will find yourself and your dream in that beautiful city. London would put you in your place, make you take risks, and get out of your comfort zone.

Although it is true that this gives you a bit of fear and respect, in the end, it is the only thing that makes you stronger. Maybe even love will blossom in this bustling city and you will have plenty of opportunities to find THAT person. In this city you will be yourself, no one will look down on you for being yourself because there are people so diverse that they will even understand you. And there are so many people that you can enjoy your most social and fun side.


If you were a city, Scorpio, you would be Berlin. A dark city, with a somewhat difficult past, which is somewhat closed but has its big heart and charm when you really discover it. It is a city that at first seems a bit sober and cold but once you visit it you are enchanted by everything it has and that few people know until they go. And so it is with you, Scorpio, that at first, you seem a distant person, even a little cold, but then when they meet you, you are all charm and all passion.

It is a different city, which has art and culture very different from other cities in Europe. This is how you are, a different person, who often fails to fully fit into society and who prefers to go unnoticed rather than attract attention. If you find yourself lost or can’t find yourself, the best thing would be to travel to that city with so much charm.


Sagittarius, Honolulu and you have a very special relationship. Honolulu is a city with volcanoes that are often active and is closely related to fire. Well, the same thing happens to you, Sagittarius, a fire sign that is very explosive. But also, Honolulu, and Hawaii in general, are known for being paradise islands, where you can enjoy their beaches, their coasts, and the sea in general and just that, Sagittarius, is what you like the most.

You love to travel, and take risks, but also enjoy paradise whenever you feel like it. And in that city, you will find everything you need. It is a very exotic city and that is what you really like, what is different, what is strange, what makes you constantly take risks and leave your comfort zone. In Honolulu, you will feel that your spirit is more alive than ever and this city will give you a good vibe and good vibes, which is what will make you feel that you are enjoying life as you deserve.


You, Capricorn, have the reputation of being a sign that likes money quite a bit. Not in the sense of being a capricious and wasteful person, but quite the opposite, quite thrifty in that sense. Therefore, your ideal city is Monaco. You have the ability to accumulate money and fortune, which few people have. And Monaco is a city that would further activate the billionaire spirit in you.

Your hard work will pay off and Monaco is the city you should go to invest all your money. Perhaps a short trip to this city is all you need to get motivation and an inspiring plan to keep you going. Monaco is not a very well-known or very big city, but it has a lot of wealth and it looks a lot like you because of it, Capricorn. You are not the person who attracts the most attention, but you have a huge interior.


If you had to be a city, Aquarius, you would be Amsterdam. A city that strongly defends freedom and is very different from other European cities. It is a city that stands out for being different, offering a freedom that is very different from other cities. There, no one will look down on you for being “weird”, but they will support you so that you continue to be different from others and so that you do not lose your essence. And, furthermore, it is a very rich city with a lot of money, but at first glance, it doesn’t seem like it has much wealth. Well, the same thing happens with you, Aquarius, who at first glance seems like a shy person, somewhat reserved, but who inside keeps many secrets and many treasures.

You are a person who seems to “hate” love, who has a hard time falling in love and finding THAT person, but once you find it, you could become the cheesiest person on the planet. And the same thing happens to Amsterdam, which seems a bit cold city, but then it has canals that could be reminiscent of the famous city of love Venice.


Pisces, you would be Venice, without a doubt. It is no coincidence that Pisces is a water sign and Venice is also known as the city of water. You will feel a very special connection in this city, as if you felt at home, even if your home is not in this city. Even with the people who inhabit this city, you will feel as if they are part of your family or as if they are your lifelong friends. Also, Venice is known as the city of love, and you, Pisces, are also famous in the Zodiac for the way you live love.

Venice is a romantic city and Pisces is a romantic sign. You are such for what. You need to go to Venice, Pisces. You need to enjoy its canals, meet its people, learn about its culture… Venice is you but in the city.

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