According To Your Sign, How Good Are You At Lying?

Good Are You At Lying

According To Your Sign, How Good Are You At Lying?

The lie… all of us at some point in our lives have had to resort to it and it is not always with bad intentions. Let’s say that there are lies that hurt so much, that we prefer to spare our loved ones the grief. The worrying thing is when it becomes a vice and you unconsciously say one after another. Each zodiac sign faces him in his own way. You, how good are you at lying according to your sign? Whether to protect others or for pleasure, being untrue is one of our most fearsome shadows. 


You’re the type of person who quickly picks up when there’s dishonesty in a conversation, but you don’t always say so. Sometimes you’re just waiting to see how far someone’s evil will go. You are a very frank sign, of lies and you do not have a good relationship. However, you have omitted information to protect your own. In those cases you don’t ask anyone’s opinion, you just don’t want someone you love to get hurt. 


Let’s see, no one has said that you are a sweet little white dove. Of course, you have your dark side and when you put your mind to it, you can become the most manipulative being in this world. However, you are not one of those who lie all the time, much less take advantage of innocent people. Yours are white lies because deep down you want to avoid disagreements and it is difficult for you to say no, so it is easier for you to invent something than to confront it. You are lazy to deal with people who do not usually understand your rhythm of life. 


Of course, your fickle personality has a lot to do with your attachment to lies. And it is that you change your mind so easily that it is difficult for you to find valid arguments to justify your disappearances. That’s not to say you’re treacherous, but when you don’t feel comfortable doing something or being with someone, you choose yourself above all else. It is your peace of mind that is worth it and you do not care if they tell you that you have no word. You do keep what you promise, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your way of seeing life. 


The sweetness, sensitivity, and love that a Cancer gives are as powerful as the way in which they can have everything in their hands. It is a very intelligent sign and is used to deal with those people who just want to see it fall. Hence, he has become an expert in hitting them on his side. Some might define it as hypocrisy, but Cancer prefers to have the enemy close and smile even though inside he doesn’t tolerate it. He likes to get everything that comes to his mind and doesn’t let himself be pressured. On the contrary, he knows what lies to use so that that person falls at his feet. In the end, he only sees it as one more tool to defeat. 


Your intention has never been to enter the category of liars. In fact, you have a hard time understanding how there can be people who don’t respect themselves and have to resort to building a fictional world to be accepted. Leo wants sincerity and therefore he can be very harsh. He may not tell you the things you want to hear, but in his words, there is no lie. Just because his life is fast-paced and with a touch of drama doesn’t mean he’s going to foolishly pretend to be something he’s not. Leo prefers to stay with few, but honest people. The falsehoods don’t fit his personality. 


There is nothing Virgo hates more than falling for lies. It is a very meticulous sign with his affective relationships, that opening his heart to anyone is not his thing and for the same reason he hates betrayal. He has a hard time reading people because he doesn’t want to miss a single detail, but if he realizes they’re not being genuine, it’s a final goodbye. Even when he is in serious situations, he prefers to tell the truth, because he knows that he can overcome a rough patch, however, knowing that someone lied to him simply destroys his peace of mind. 


A deep breath for all those times when Libra has lied and with a smile, he disguises it perfectly. When she sets her mind to it she can become the most confident person on this planet and if she wants to get something she can lie. Of course, Libra would never use a lie to hurt. People tend to believe it because it is a sign that is through thick and thin. No one would suspect that behind his sweetness a pretentious being can be hidden. Libra, it’s everything you want, except naive. The thing is simple, if you play with fire you will have to face the consequences because it does not sit idly by. 


They may be scared by how coldly Scorpio can take lies. It is not a sign that is waiting to see what they do with his life. The moment he begins to feel invaded, he sets limits regardless of whether it means someone gets hurt. If you intentionally mess with a Scorpio, I wish you all the blessings in the world because you are definitely going to need them. It is a sign that when he feels hurt he can lie without thinking. His lies not only hurt, but they also break self-esteem and dignity. No matter the time you will always remember them. 


Not all that glitters is gold and relaxed people are not liars either. Sagittarius is used to receiving bad reviews because they assume that he takes everything lightly and that he does not tempt his heart when it comes to pretending. However, what he hates the most are masks, he doesn’t like to lie to anyone, because that is synonymous with lying to himself. It is a sign that respects its essence, but also the people who decide to walk by their side. If he lets you into his life, you have to know that his loyalty surpasses everything and that he will not allow anyone to see your face. Sagittarius, do not play games, want genuine relationships, or better not want anything. 


You find it very uncomfortable to have to lie to carry the party in peace. Those things don’t work with you, you don’t care if telling the truth is synonymous with tears flowing. Your intention has never been to hurt anyone, but neither are you going to sit idly by and make up the pain. Life is like that, it has its ups and downs, but at the same time, it leaves us with great lessons. Even when you have wanted to throw in the towel, you feel very proud of yourself, because you can feel like a failure, but never let your guard down. Being transparent for you is not an option, it is an obligation and whoever disagrees should look elsewhere. 


You can tell the creativity since they know you. Your intelligence is superior and that helps you control everyone as if they were puppets. Let’s see, it’s not that you’re a bad person, but if someone is going to be a leader in any situation, it’s you. You have the ability to win hearts, even those who don’t know you at all and that is the reason why they quickly fall for your lies. You are not a mythomaniac, but if you need to use them from time to time, who are you to say no? Of course, I’m talking about light, harmless lies, you would never put someone’s mental, physical, or emotional health at risk just to achieve what you want. 


Without a doubt, Pisces is a sign that puts sincerity first. This is thanks to his sensitivity because he does not conceive the idea of ​​living in a lie. It’s hard to realize that some people have to act to get attention. Pisces, try not to hurt, but when he doesn’t see any other option, he tells the truth. He doesn’t feel good about keeping secrets. Something may break him, but he will always appreciate that they dare to say things to his face. Do not doubt his strength, inside he can be very fragile, but over time he has learned to deal with thorns and if he is sure of one thing, it is that he does not want liars in his life. 

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