What Each Sign Does When He Only Sees You As A Friend

What Each Sign Does When He Only Sees You As A Friend

If you have to force it, it is not your size, loving is anything but tension. Sometimes we deludedly believe that we have enough love for both of us, but we don’t. You cannot go through life deciding who corresponds to you, even if it hurts. Each zodiac sign does certain things when they only see you as a friend. It’s not that you’re not enough, it’s that you can’t make him feel something for you. In life you also have to have the courage to say goodbye, even before you start. No, it is not enough that he takes over your thoughts, that he returns a look or that he takes the time to share laughter. That does not assure you anything and that is when you can give it all, without realizing that you are falling straight into the void, because all you feel is friendship. Doesn’t it hurt?

1.- Aries

Aries is that person who comes into your life in a devastating way. It has the gift of filling you with energy, of making you believe in yourself, of reminding you of the little things. Those that stir your heart and make you feel your nerves running through each space, like when you were a child. However, the fact that he opens the doors of his soul to you does not mean that he is inviting you into a relationship. It is obvious that when he begins to propose other couples, it is already a lost matter. Aries becomes the Cupid you don’t want, but introduces you to friends you might have an affinity with. He is making it clear that he does not want anything else with you.

2.- Taurus

Taurus does not lie to himself, he knows perfectly when he lives the fluttering in his stomach, so he will not pretend to love you. It is a very dedicated sign when it comes to friendship and that is the reason why his fans end up confusing. Because they are not used to being treated in such a sweet, noble and loyal way. Taurus does not want to harm, on the contrary, if he gives you his company it is because he really values ​​you, but as a friend and nothing more. In fact, when he introduces you to someone else he dares to use the word brother or sister. That’s when he shows you that he will be with you through thick and thin, but not the way you want him to.

3.- Gemini

Gemini as a friend is fun, spontaneous, and very sweet. There are really people who criticize it without knowing, because they have not had the privilege of such a genuine bond. However, the fact that he has a good time with you does not mean that he feels more than friendship. A Gemini shows when he is in love because he immerses himself in the world of the other person and does nothing but talk about her. Ironically, you may have become his confidant, he wants you to know that someone else lives in his thoughts , but he does not tell you details, because Gemini is not stupid and does not want to hurt you. Deep down he knows that you are in love with him.

4.- Cancer

The way Cancer becomes part of your days is very friendly, it doesn’t really look for something else and therefore sets certain limits. The problem is that Cancer is naturally very dedicated, he likes to care for the other and when it comes to friendship he defends it tooth and nail. That is something worrisome for those who end up in love with their soul, because they can be confused and get doubly hurt. Although Cancer is very intelligent and when he realizes that a friend wants something more, he starts to walk away, not because of bad vibes, because he really wants him to look elsewhere for an opportunity. Yes, he keeps seeing you but at parties or meetings, no longer alone.

5.- Leo

Leo can be a bit intense for the taste of many. But when it comes to saying things up front, no one beats him. He prefers a broken heart to falling into a game of illusions and, of course, he does not like to be the hurtful part. That is why Leo asks directly if you want to have something more than friendship. The moment your answer is yes and he doesn’t feel the same, he will simply put a barrier on you. Leo makes it clear that he appreciates you, but that he is not interested in something else and that he does not care all those times you try to make him jealous. Forget it, Leo is not going to fall into such an absurd game, you are not his type.

6.- Virgo

Virgo quickly realizes when someone wants more than friendship. It’s not because of ego, it’s because his intelligence and the way he follows logic say it all. However, Virgos rarely lose focus, that is, it is not something that takes them away from sleep. The fact is that they do not want the other person to have ideas that will never happen and because of this they can become a bit cruel. Virgo prefers the truth even if it hurts, rather than letting a person build imaginary castles next to them . It is a sign that regularly maintains your personal space and will not let anyone invade you just because you are in love. Too bad, but Virgo can’t pretend nothing is wrong.

7.- Libra

Did you fall in love with Libra? I don’t blame you, I’m not saying it’s the most irresistible sign. Well … a little yes. And the thing is that his sweet, elegant and spontaneous way when it comes to relating to relationships catches you in the middle of a sigh. He is the type of person who does not have to pretend anything and even with everything and his negative traits you get lost in each of his scars. However, when he sees you as just a friend, it shows in the priority he gives to your messages. That does not mean that Libra is a bad friend, on the contrary, he is one of the most loyal, but if he realizes that you want something more than friendship and from him he does not feel the same, because he will behave a bit curt.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the most obvious signs when someone doesn’t like you. The truth is that they have no tact to put up a barrier, they prefer to end up hating them before they fall in love with a Scorpio who only exists in their thoughts. The moment they realize that that person feels something else, indifference becomes their best weapon. That is, Scorpio does not want to hurt you, but he does not want to excite you, so he will not take any importance on your compliments. He does not care exactly how much effort you make to idolize his person on the outside or inside. He simply wants to make it clear that he is not interested in anything other than your friendship.

9.- Sagittarius

There are many who can understand in their favor that Sagittarius is madly in love with them, when it is not. What happens is that it is a sign that has no filters, when it comes to friendship it opens completely and that can be taken as something more. Just because he trusts you doesn’t mean he wants a relationship. Sagittarius feels comfortable around you because they don’t have to pretend or keep quiet about anything. Be careful, because when you like someone you try to make that person a good impression, but if you do not care, it is because you are just a friend and you have no hope.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is one of the most direct signs when it comes to love. Perhaps so direct that for some they may be a bit cold, but they prefer a thousand times to put the truth ahead rather than be the protagonists of a misunderstanding. It is the person who when he realizes that you feel something else makes it clear that his heart belongs to someone else or that he is simply not interested in plunging into the mountain of love. Capricorn is frank, you may not like the way he takes you out of his life, but with time you will understand that it is for the best.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius does not think about it. The moment he realizes that you have intentions of a relationship, he looks for the indirect way that you find out that he does not want something with you. He values ​​your company and does not want to hurt you, so he may tell you about the person he wants to conquer. Just because he tells you that he has some problems with his partner or his crush does not mean that you have a chance. He simply trusts you and has no intention of creating false illusions. It may not be healthy for you to keep listening to something that hurts you and it is best if you leave.

12.- Pisces

Does Pisces have your heart? Let me tell you that just because he is the most cuddly and empathetic sign of the zodiac, it does not mean that he will put himself at your feet. It is a sign that makes the difference between friendship and love very well. If he is not completely interested in his appearance when he is with you, it is more than evident that he does not like you . He likes to strive to surprise those he loves and does not miss a single detail. But when someone is indifferent to him, he does not even make an effort to make it important. Pisces can help anyone at heart, but will not put their hands in the fire for your feelings. He can’t make himself love you, that’s not how love works.


What Each Sign Does When He Only Sees You As A Friend

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