According to the horoscope: These 6 zodiac signs hate drama



Not in the mood for drama – this could be the motto of these six zodiac signs

Drama and argument? Not with these zodiac signs!

Some people need the drama! Harmony is too boring for them, instead they are constantly teasing, nagging and criticizing and often break a dispute off the fence. But there are also good souls who remain completely relaxed and like to stay out of conflicts. These include these zodiac signs:


The bull has no nerve for drama. He dares to say “no” and doesn’t agree with anything he doesn’t want to do. This way he avoids disputes – after all, everyone knows what they are doing with him. This open and honest manner helps the bull to keep away from any kind of drama.


Virgo-born are considered to be very attentive and clever beings. They sense when there is potential for conflict and know how to stay out of it. Arguments and drama in the close circle of friends are particularly troublesome for the virgins – because they can be pulled down extremely. Most of all, virgins want to see their loved ones happy.


If there is someone who hates conflict even more than the ibex, it is the scales. It is important to them that their environment is harmonious. You also manage to look at a conflict from multiple perspectives and, because of your empathy, have a lot of understanding for other people. If there is a dispute with a loved one, the air sign is very willing to compromise.


One of the greatest talents of this zodiac sign is to swallow his pride and apologize. Even if he sees himself in the right. The shooter will do everything to ensure that a situation does not escalate – so he prefers to leave the room immediately before he is guided by his emotions and says something he later regrets.


Capricorns are far too focused on themselves and what they want to accomplish to waste their energies on unimportant disputes. They prefer to stay out of everything and often keep their opinions about others to themselves. For ibex, there is nothing less important than gossip.


Aquarius-born people hate disputes, especially emotional ones! They are too busy with themselves to interfere in a conflict – especially not in those that do not affect them at all. If there is a problem, the air sign addresses it honestly and openly, rather than ignoring the fact that it exists.


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