According to the horoscope: These 3 zodiac signs prefer to have an affair rather than a relationship

Now, something is becoming clear to us! The fact that we simply do not want to bind ourselves and prefer to enjoy our freedom is not due to us but to the stars. There are actually zodiac signs where it is natural that they almost always feel restricted in a relationship. They have no objection to a casual affair.

These 3 zodiac signs prefer to have an affair rather than a relationship

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Twins are known for their restlessness and zest for adventure. Your curiosity about the unknown is huge. That’s why the twin gets bored in a steady relationship. A loose affair (or two?), On the other hand, gives the twin the kick he needs. The air sign is always honest with his acquaintances and makes it clear from the start that he is not looking for eternal love, but rather a passion.


The lion likes to be the center of attention and can be admired. He loves attention and craves confirmation. But not just one person, please. Monogamous relationships are therefore difficult for him to manage, the lion prefers to have a whole pack of admirers around him.


The shooter is also difficult to bind to himself. The earth sign loves the attention, the dramatic appearance, and the admiration too much for that. For Sagittarius-born people, having a relationship means giving up their freedom. Very few are prepared to do this. On the other hand, a little bit of tech gives him the feeling of independence, passion and the ability to control his life all by himself.


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