A wrong word, a wrong deed and heyday some people have disappeared from our lives forever. Although we live by the motto that everyone deserves a second chance, some people just can’t forgive. Your punishment: they ghost you forever. This is particularly true of five zodiac signs. So you should be careful how you treat them when they are close to your heart.

The horoscope reveals which zodiac signs make short work of and delete you from their lives forever


Aries is not only consistent but also impulsive. Once you betray them, they don’t ponder for long and break off all contact. Even if, from your perspective, the incident is no reason to end the friendship or relationship. If rams are really angry and hurt, you are history.


Unlike the ram, the bull is much more careful. He doesn’t act hastily, instead, he thinks carefully about how bad a scam or situation was and how much he likes you in his life. But if he concludes that you are harming him more than helping, you will never hear from that person again.


You don’t have to have done anything wrong for a lion to delete you from his life. The lion is pretty much focused on itself. In order to achieve his goals, he lets people go who he no longer needs after a milestone. He just wants to spend his time differently.


The scorpion generally has a rather small circle of friends – it doesn’t trust many people and chooses its fellow human beings carefully. But they are sorted out just as carefully. If he has the feeling that he can no longer trust you, you will never see him again. But something really must have happened …


Aquarians have a tendency in friendships and relationships: they get bored very quickly. If you can’t manage to surprise them with ideas and plans from time to time, and if your view of the world doesn’t really match, they simply ghost you. They don’t mean that badly, they just don’t see the point in spending time in this relationship.


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