According to psychologists: This is how men react when you stop calling

According to psychologists: This is how men react when you stop calling

Have you just had an argument with your partner and would you like to ignore them so that you get a certain reaction from them? Or have you just met a guy and are you writing with him? Are you wondering how men react when you ignore them or just stop calling?

Will he chase you all the more or will he let you down? 

There is of course no clear answer to this question because we are all different. But a man’s behavior also depends on the stage of the relationship you are in. And the reason you want to ignore your partner is also relevant.

This is how men react to this situation and you should pay particular attention to this:

What’s the point of ignoring a man?

It can provoke different reactions depending on the man. It can happen that a man suddenly goes to great lengths for you if you withdraw his attention. But it is also possible to completely break off contact with men who are ignored. Maybe your strategy is doing the complete opposite of what you actually want. This risk will always exist. But for some men this strategy may well be more profitable than for others.

These men will run after you if you ignore them

It is important that you find out beforehand how interested the man you want to ignore is. 

If a man has only a weak interest in you, you are not going to pique his interest when you stop giving signs of yourself. Because he is then also not interested in the question of why you are no longer in touch. He may even be glad that you stopped contacting you because he no longer has to come up with an excuse not to have to contact you anymore.

If a guy has already shown an interest in you, then you will get him to worry about why you stopped getting in touch. Ignoring them could then lead them to rethink their behavior towards you and think about possible mistakes on their part. This will result in him showing more dedication and commitment.

If a man has already taken you into his heart, then he will be very sad if you suddenly ignore him. It could be that he reacts extremely negatively to your games and thinks that you are no longer interested in him. This could make you lose your relationship with him.

So you realize that there is only a small window in which this strategy can really work.

What does he think when you stop answering?

But sometimes you may not do it on purpose and ignore him for some other reason. If you want him to stop calling, just ignore him long enough and he will eventually wear off. 

But what does a man even think if you stop contacting him after showing interest?

1. He will be amazed and wonder what this is about

He will agonize over it and wonder why you are suddenly no longer giving any signs of life. This is a good sign that he is really finding you interesting and will try to get your attention back.

2. He’ll see right through you

Men who have experience with these games will see right through you. As a result, they could consider you immature and lose interest. If he does not tolerate such games, he will quickly run away.

3. He thinks he has already lost you

In situations like this, men with low self-esteem are easy to think that they have lost you. He might give up or look elsewhere because he thinks there is no longer any chance of conquering you.

4. You seem like an independent woman to him

Some men appreciate it when a woman is independent and get exactly this thought when you ignore her. They believe that you are busy right now and that you don’t have time for them. And they find that extremely attractive.

5. He realizes that he misses you

Or he might find that he misses you. Only in moments like this do men usually realize how much you mean to them and missing them almost kills them. That’s why they’ll get in touch with you all the more.

The right time is crucial

So timing is very important if you want to ignore a man. Because it depends a lot on what the man thinks and how he behaves based on his thoughts. If you’ve only just got to know each other, then it probably isn’t very smart to distance yourself directly. Because first he has to get the feeling that you are interested in him at all. When you’re in a relationship, you should never ignore him after an argument just to get him to reflect on his behavior. That could destroy your relationship forever. Be open about your problems and show each other respect. 

Does this behavior indicate maturity?

Yes, it’s a game and yes it works very well sometimes. But you have to decide for yourself whether you want to be seen as a mature person and act authentically or whether you want to play such games. In the end, you could miss your chance with him just because you ignored him to get his attention. If men find out, they are quick to lose interest. Do you really want to risk this?


According to psychologists: This is how men react when you stop calling

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