A Happy Phase Begins For 4 Zodiac Signs On The Full Moon On August 1st, 2023

A Happy Phase Begins

A Happy Phase Begins For 4 Zodiac Signs On The Full Moon On August 1st, 2023

In the month of August 2023, a rare celestial phenomenon awaits us, because there are two full moons in August.

The first Super Moon is on August 1, 2023, and unfolds its full size at 8:33 p.m. The air sign Aquarius is particularly influenced by this comical event.

The second supermoon, also called “Blue Moon”, awaits us on August 31, 2023, there is a separate article about that.

The full moon in August 2023 peaks on the 1st of the month. The energy of the full moon brings us rejuvenation and healing. It invigorates and charges our emotions as well as our strength and endurance.

However, each month’s full moon energies have unique meanings and affect our lives and destinies in different ways.

What effects will the upcoming full moon have on the zodiac signs? Various signs of the zodiac are affected during this full moon. A happy phase begins for these 4 zodiac signs on the full moon on August 1, 2023


During the coming full moon, the focus is all on you. It is therefore not surprising that you will feel the effects of the moon particularly strongly.

The moonlight encourages you to take a closer look at yourself and critically question personal decisions.

It’s perfectly acceptable to look back and reflect on how far you’ve come.

During this full moon, you go through a kind of inner transformation and finally free yourself from burdensome inherited burdens.

The Full Moon offers you the support to set yourself apart and sort out your own needs, values ​​, and priorities.

This gives you clarity and you can see more clearly which compromises you are willing to make and which of them would be a betrayal of yourself.

This insight can be extremely valuable as it creates a clear perspective and frees you from nagging questions, musings, and doubts.

At the same time, you will be asked to strengthen your own self-confidence and set clear boundaries.

You should consider your own values ​​and needs during this time and detach yourself from the expectations of others. This self-reflection allows you to define your goals more clearly and align your priorities accordingly.

Overall, this full moon brings with it a time of self-discovery and personal growth.

You have the opportunity to get to know yourself better, solve your inner conflicts, and emerge stronger from this phase of transformation. It’s a time of letting go of old patterns and finding your own way.


The full moon strengthens your natural self-confidence and gives you even greater strength and energy.

This makes you feel ready to reconsider your personal relationships, whether friendly or passionate and to finally resolve any conflicts that may arise.

You are determined to take responsibility for your actions and during the full moon, you realize that you can achieve anything.

You feel resilient, motivated, and full of enthusiasm for what you do. As a result, you successfully complete ventures and challenges, making it seem like you’re on a winning streak. But the truth is, your happiness is now in your hands alone.

The energy of this full moon allows you to grow beyond yourself and fully utilize your abilities.

In relation to your relationships, you feel called to take stock and resolve any conflicts that may arise. You are willing to take responsibility and bring about positive change.

All in all, the full moon offers you the opportunity to further develop your strengths and exploit your full potential.

You can now take bold steps, pursue your goals and make positive changes in your life.

It is a time of self-realization and personal growth when you can use your abilities to the fullest and pursue your goals with great passion.


You have been working intensively on your professional career in the last few days and have made some great efforts.

Also, you’ve almost developed the traits of a workaholic by devoting yourself fully to your tasks and forgetting everything around you.

If you neglect your private life a bit, the coming full moon will surprise you! The full moon will give you the necessary energy to create peace and harmony in your home.

As a zodiac sign that is already endowed with a naturally high level of self-confidence, the influence of the full moon reinforces this even further.

The energy of this full moon allows you to grow beyond yourself and fully utilize your abilities.

During this time you are particularly creative and imaginative. This is a time when you can create something new in your life.

You are free from the opinions and criticism of others and follow your intuition. Keep it up! This will get you to your destination quickly.


The full moon fills you with new energy and casts a positive light on your career, social standing, and reputation.

You may be rethinking your professional goals and considering taking a new direction.

You have great potential and can achieve extraordinary things if you really want to! Therefore, you should use the powerful energy of the full moon wisely and benefit from it.

During this time, your goals are particularly easy to achieve and you can achieve great success.

The moon opens your mind and expands your vision. He shows you numerous possibilities and opportunities that were previously hidden.

These new and unexpected perspectives awaken enthusiasm and joie de vivre in you. You crave change and experimentation, and the prospect of what lies ahead gives you an incentive to let go of the old.

Deep down you’ve been waiting to rid yourself of ballast and make room for something new.

You may now realize things that you previously saw differently or overlooked.

This time brings more clarity into your life overall, so that you can fully focus on your goals. You know what you want and nobody can stop you from achieving your goals.

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