A Big Regret Awaits These 3 Zodiac Signs In Early 2023

Big Regret Awaits

A Big Regret Awaits These 3 Zodiac Signs In Early 2023

Before you start freaking out, remember that just because you’re on this list doesn’t mean your whole year will be a bad one. There is still a lot of potential for a great year. So know that a bad start doesn’t have to mean that the rest of the year will be disappointing.

Here they are — the three signs set for major disappointment in early 2023.


Your impatience is the main cause of your disappointment at the beginning of the year. You are smart and intelligent, but at the same time not very trusting of others. And when you can’t reach your set goal, it leads to disappointment. 

Geminis love challenges in life and often overcome them with great maturity and effectiveness. They don’t like to dwell on negative feelings, and when they don’t trust others and take on too much, it often becomes overwhelming and disappointing for them.

It is as if in this time you are a fuse that has just been lit and this transit is the flame that ignited the change within you.

But is this change valid – is it something that can actually do you good? Or do you just start a fight because it’s your nature to stir things up?

Are not someone who takes your fight to the physical level. But you love to indulge in mind games, and that’s what you’re going to play during this dangerous time.

It may be that you can only find faults in your relationship and in the person you are with. You take very little responsibility here and blame others. What you don’t realize is that you are dragging things down and that you are playing the game alone.

As a Gemini, you are intelligent and it can be helpful to talk about a situation or person that hasn’t lived up to your high expectations. This is the only way you can save your relationship!


As 2023 begins, Libras have high expectations of their loved ones as they give them everything. And if those expectations aren’t met, they’ll be disappointed for a moment.

They demand stability from a relationship and if you happen to show signs of inconsistency, they will see you as a disappointment at that time.

Libras can take disappointment pretty hard, but eventually, they will try to change the way they look at it.

They will rearrange things and try to take away their meaning. It’s best when Libra doesn’t view disappointment as something absolute, but as something more fluid.

They are often too busy trying to see the best in everything, yet they don’t respond well to change.

They also like to stay in their comfort zones during this time and when they are confronted with something new or a deviation from the normal, it can often upset them. While they’re generally not prone to big disappointments, they might be early in the year.

If your disappointment stems from a strained romantic relationship, Gemini, find out how to strengthen your relationship with your spouse. You also have to work on yourself if you expect something from others!


You want a lot out of life and that includes adventure, stimulation, and parties! No one can tame you because that’s the way you are. If you show any signs of possessiveness or limitations with Cancer, they will be extremely disappointed and will leave you right away at this time.

They are sensitive people who are very anxious to become intimate with someone. They value love and emotions and will absolutely loathe a person who takes advantage of their emotions and feelings – or violates their boundaries. If it is fake love, they will be extremely hurt and disappointed.

Cancer needs to be in a safe space and have a support system. If he internalizes his feelings of disappointment, it could lead to emotions like anger and intense sadness, making it even more difficult for him to recover.

As a Cancer, you are dynamic, energetic, and intelligent as the new year begins. You love a good challenge and when there isn’t one you often feel like life has become monotonous for you. A monotonous life becomes the cause of your disappointment. 

Your mind is always overactive and you can go from calm to extremely excited in a matter of seconds. When you’re sad, you’re not your usual perky, communicative self, you’re withdrawing into a cocoon. You just abhor monotony in life and a boring everyday routine. 

These are times of great self-deception. You refuse to look at yourself; you consider your actions to be fair and straightforward.

Because you’re actually pretty good at keeping your head down, so why would you ever want to start trouble? And yet you start anger and withdraw as you’ve suddenly become a victim.

It may be that you just didn’t get what you wanted from your partner. You will even find a way to justify your harshness by believing that you are completely innocent and being tricked into doing so by a partner.

You may even think that your partner is someone who is difficult to deal with. So you will build a fantasy of disappointment that can have the potential to bring everything down like a house of cards.

Be aware that a lot of things only happen in your head. You yourself are in control of your thoughts and can regulate your disappointments.

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