8 signs of female despair that turn off men

Ladies, pull yourself together because it’s time to hear the harsh truth. Although this does not apply to everyone, there are women who sometimes behave desperately and obsessively, which repels a man, even if he had an interest in her. To avoid such mistakes in the future, here are a few points that it is better not to do (according to the men themselves):

1. Talking too much.

Some women are generally more outgoing than others. But when you chat incessantly, he may perceive it as despair, as if you constantly want to be in the spotlight, especially if you are only talking about yourself. It’s like you’re trying to convince him that you’re cool. But you yourself wouldn’t want to date a guy who behaves like that, right?

2. Send the next message without receiving a response to the first one yet.

Yes, most men cannot be called masters of correspondence, but this does not mean that you should write to him again without waiting for an answer. If nothing is urgent, be patient and trust that he will answer you if he is interested in you. Don’t rush to judge his interest by how quickly he responds, unless he is, in principle, a fan of communication by correspondence.

3. Tell him that you are looking for a boyfriend.

This is not information to share when you meet someone, even if it’s true. Then the man will think that you don’t care what the relationship is, as long as there is a guy. He may not be against a serious relationship, but men prefer that everything develops naturally and gradually.

4. To rush to develop relationships.

The same goes for the development of relationships. Maybe a man, in theory, is not against a wedding and children, but he does not want to discuss this at the very beginning of your acquaintance when he still does not really know you. Do not rush to talk about serious plans and force the relationship. This turns off even serious men.

5. Ask for compliments.

Everyone likes to hear nice words, but that doesn’t mean begging for them. You give the impression of an insecure woman, which is unattractive.

6. Insult and humiliate other women.

You can feel the competition, but there is none. And you won’t get anywhere by humiliating other women if you want to convince a man that you are better than them. He will understand that you are desperate and insecure. And this is repulsive.

7. Spend all your time on social media.

Relationships are in real life. They happen in reality, not online. Do not write angry posts when you have a fight, do not post photos with other guys to make you jealous. These are all screams of despair and this is understood not only by your boyfriend but also by all your subscribers.

8. To come to him without warning or to stage an allegedly random meeting.

Some people think this is cute, but in reality, you lead like a stalker. This is a super desperate behavior that will scare off a man very quickly.


8 signs of female despair that turn off men

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