5 Cruel Zodiac Signs Who Have No Problem Hurting People In 2022

5 Cruel Zodiac Signs Who Have No Problem Hurting People In 2022

They enjoy inflicting pain on others. Cruel people are the worst. They are mean, evil, malicious, and vengeful. It’s hard to have any sympathy for them or wonder how they could be so terrible.

And thanks to astrology, we can use the stars to find out who the cruel signs of the zodiac are and how to avoid them. Because nobody likes to be the victim of someone else’s cruelty.

When you try to break up with someone and they refuse to accept it, you think about something that would hurt them the most, so they let you go.

When people behave cruelly, there will come a time when they will be held accountable for their atrocities. Everything we do has consequences.

People who are cruel benefit from it; it makes them feel powerful to hurt others, and in a way, they find it funny to cause other people pain. They tend to have very little empathy for others and have no idea how damaging their cruelty can be. They take no responsibility for the emotional havoc they wreak or how their cruelty destroys lives.

Well, it’s not like if you were born under one of these zodiac signs you have pure concentrated evil within you, but these zodiac signs have a tendency to be crueler than other zodiac signs this year.

Here are 5 cruel zodiac signs who won’t have a problem hurting people in 2022

1. Zodiac sign Scorpio

Scorpios are among the cruelest signs this year. They have no problem walking over people or manipulating them to get what they want.

They have a cruel attitude and tend to have no compassion for the people who hurt them. They treat you like it’s your fault for getting in their way.

One of the things Scorpios do is speak badly of others, their motives, intentions, and values—and act on them without finding out if those assumptions are even true.

It’s hard to defend yourself when you’re accused of things that aren’t necessarily true. Scorpio likes to throw people off balance so their victims will easily collapse when they strike.

2. Zodiac Leo

Leos are so popular and charismatic that it’s hard not to love them. But no matter how dazzling and imperious a Leo can be, this year they feel threatened very quickly. And then he can turn against you and tear you to pieces.

Leos seem to know the rules, but they will still rip your heart out if you hurt them. They will play unfair and will not hold back when they want to destroy you. Their actions could drive you away from them forever, and you could end up breaking off any friendship or relationship with your beloved Leo altogether.

It’s never a good idea to get in the way of a Leo or to be disloyal in any way. These kittens have claws and if they get wild they will be cruel. Even if Leo ends up regretting their behavior, that doesn’t mean they can overlook their pride and apologize to you.

3. Cancer zodiac sign

Cancers can get out of control with their emotions and become very possessive. When a Cancer feels threatened or when they lose something or someone they love, this year they will surely strike.

When Cancerians feel this way, they become cruel and seem to instinctively know where to strike so it causes the most pain. Cancerians seem unafraid of the consequences of their actions and react with no thought of the destruction they can wreak.

Though they feel guilt and remorse, it comes long after their gruesome act. By then it is usually too late to straighten things out. You don’t want to mess with a Cancer, even if they love you. Because they will not hold back and inflict pain on you in return.

4. Aries zodiac sign

Aries can be cruel this year, especially with their words. They get angry or upset and then it all comes out without giving a second thought to how it may hurt the other person or how it may make them look. They’re also so competitive that they can be obnoxious and mean winners and worst losers.

Any kind of competition with Aries can make them use their toxic and mean words against you. Once they’ve calmed down or made their point, they’ll be funny and charming again, but it won’t be as easy for the victim of their cruelty to recover.

5. Capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorns tend to have a dark side, and when they go into that dark place, they throw out all their usual rules and behaviors and become a different person. They will resort to cruelty if it can help them in their careers or get even with an enemy.

You seem to be enjoying other people’s misfortunes in this year 2022 and will cheerfully tell a story about someone who wronged you in the past receiving their karmic punishment. A lack of empathy and taking pleasure in someone else’s disaster is gloating and a cruel attitude, to say the least. So try to avoid trouble with Capricorn at all costs.


5 Cruel Zodiac Signs Who Have No Problem Hurting People In 2022

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