The Reason Why You Are Toxic According To Your Sign

The Reason Why You Are Toxic According To Your Sign

It has become very common to talk about what is toxic in the other, but few dare to recognize when they are the ones who have negative attitudes. Sometimes, we don’t even realize it and we end up creating a chaotic environment, full of complaints, victimhood, criticism, envy, and laziness. Have you been in a similar situation? Well, this is why you are toxic based on your zodiac sign. Seriously, don’t take it lightly, you have to work at it. The first step is to accept.


When someone drives you crazy, you really become someone else, because you hate that they have the nerve to hurt you. You are too sensitive and you know it, that’s why you end up angry about everything at an exaggerated level. The one who does it to you pays you and you don’t touch your heart in those situations. Definitely, your mind is too agile, capable of manipulating whoever it wants. It is through your words that you move everyone like puppets. You like it when you’re the one in control because it makes you feel powerful and strong. Your fire is so great that it increases the toxicity.


The truth is that you do not have much time to be aware of the lives of others. Your head does not allow you to store more information, because it is focused on fulfilling one goal after another. That is precisely your toxic side, the ambitious one, which hardly reaches your own expectations. You hate when people feel they have the right to have an opinion about your life and you can be very cruel when they try. Let’s say that your capricious side does not allow you to give in to anyone. It’s you against your stubbornness and although you often try to meditate so as not to lose control, you can’t always find calm. The best thing is that in those cases they give you your space.


Did someone say manipulation? It is clear that it does not cost you a bit to shout to the world what you want, you are used to your arguments being heard and when this is not the case, you move the necessary pieces to achieve it. The word is in your favor, it flows every time an idea crosses your mind and it doesn’t cost you a bit to convince others. You may be the king when it comes to manipulating. However, that does not mean that it is evil in you, you simply use it when you have no other option, and with people who usually have the intention of harming you. Don’t even mess with you, because you don’t need to lift a single finger to take them down.


Let’s see, there are times when your good side can fall into exaggeration because you have a crazy desire that everything around you turns out perfectly and that the people you love are well. However, you wear yourself out so emotionally that you forget about your own calm. Definitely, that is your most toxic side, the one that insists on something and does not listen to reasons. There are those who tell you for your own good to stop, but you take it too personally and end up drowning in concern for beings who don’t even ask how you are. It’s not fair at all Cancer. Don’t get hooked on that level, you need to set limits because you don’t need to do everything for others to love you.


You are a lover that things turn out for you as you visualize them in your mind. You don’t like when others invite you to settle for something because you know very well that you can always give a little more. Perhaps your most toxic side is your ego, which has served you many times to throw yourself into the ring without fear of consequences, but… don’t believe everything he tells you. Sometimes the ego just sets traps for you, it wants to know how sure you are of your decisions and enjoys when it sees you explode. There are many people who show you that they care about you and do not need to give you Leo things. Love goes beyond the material, do not be fooled, and pay attention to those who have always been there, those who do not let go.


Imagine that for just one day your mind wakes up blank, that all those thoughts that tear you apart emotionally are left behind. You try too hard Virgo, it’s okay, I understand that your expectations are high and nobody is telling you to do otherwise, but please give yourself a break. Your most toxic side is your desire for perfection and you forget the most important thing, your emotional, physical, and mental health. Nothing is worth your well-being, do not go out of your way for a project, give your best, but also prepare yourself for criticism and failure. They are things you need to live to grow. Accept that the ups and downs will make you better and don’t hurt yourself that way.


What is fair, what is harmonious, what helps you maintain your balance. You are a sign that is not easily defeated, you are always looking for more and when your heart takes charge of your steps, no one stops you. However, there are times when toxicity wins you over, because you have the concern to adorn everything and that is impossible Libra. That is your weak point, your naive side, the one that strives to find the goodness in the other, but… there are bad people, who are not going to change and who are only close to you because they are waiting for the moment in which they love you. fall to mock. You put up with a lot, you give a lot, but it’s time for you to stop, even if it hurts, break the bubble because that’s your reality and many times the only thing left is to let go.


You are the type of person who is not used to asking anyone for permission because the truth is that the opinion of third parties does not matter to you. When it comes to obtaining power, your dark side comes to your defense and helps you ignore your emotions, to focus exclusively on the objective. Things get worse when you feel threatened because you react to your instincts. That is where your toxic part is activated because you do not control yourself, what you want is to put the other in his place and you may use hurtful words as weapons. You know that you have a very calculating part and when they turn it on it is better than life protects them.


For you, the most essential thing in this world is to breathe freely, as long as you don’t have any kind of ties on top of you, you feel good. However, it is enough for someone to try to change your mind and you will go out and defend what you consider most sacred. You feel like an angry prisoner and your cruel side is activated. Simply, you have never wanted the recognition of others, it does not matter if they are your friends, family, or your partner, you are not going to please them. If they don’t respect your way of seeing life, then they don’t have to frequent your spaces, period. There is no more, you do not have the need to listen to absurd criticism, they already slip by you.


It is clear that when astrology decided to give you your gifts, it added a good dose of discipline and perseverance. You are the type of person who does not give up despite falling several times along the way. That has led you to savor success, but… there are times when you go over the Capricorn line and you know it. With you, there are no excuses for anything, if someone does not get what he wants it is because he is not putting enough effort into it. At that level are you going to continue demanding yourself? That’s where your toxicity lives when you don’t forgive yourself for a mistake and you complain about your progress. Capricorn, you are doing very well, but you do not realize it because you are in constant competition. Now stop, please.


Honestly, you’re not a sign that falls for the toxic all the time. At least, when it comes to emotional relationships, you are a little more understanding, because you are not dependent and you always have things on your mind to focus on the life of the other. However, there are times when your capricious side kicks in and then you can be too stubborn. Let’s say you’re confident enough in your abilities to jettison your goals. If you need to use your intelligence to manipulate and get results, you do. At the end of the day, the one who has no sins casts the first stone.


Let’s see, when someone hurts you, your emotional shield automatically wakes up, which is already tired of being seen in the face whenever they want. Yes, you can be very patient and empathetic, but there comes a point where you have no choice but to set limits to the bad because few understand the good. You can’t always go with a smile full of generosity and sensitivity. So in order not to be the victim, your fierce side is present and is very cautious. Your toxicity is not scandalous, you discreetly manipulate the situation until the other end up asking for forgiveness. And yes, many times you don’t even forgive him, but your ego is satisfied. That is the Pisces that hardly anyone knows about.


The Reason Why You Are Toxic According To Your Sign

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