4 zodiac signs with which you will often argue in a relationship.

4 zodiac signs that are constantly fighting

There may be certain people in your life you can talk to about anything, and there are other people in your life who can make you feel like you are walking on eggshells when you are near them. You are not quite sure what to say when you speak to them because you know they tend to be explosive and no matter how much time you spend with them, you cannot just be yourself. 

Certain zodiac signs quickly turn a normal discussion into a fight. And depending on your zodiac sign, you may be able to handle it well and engage in a debate or let yourself be totally frustrated by it. This could lead to long-term problems, particularly in the partnership. Because these zodiac signs simply cannot leave it.

Below are the four zodiac signs you are likely to argue with most in a relationship, as well as some tips on how to defuse the argument before it is too late. 



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Aries is not afraid of arguments and follow their impulses. They would also argue with the people they love – there is no stopping them! However, this is not surprising. Because the fighting planet Mars rules the ram and leads him to constantly have to measure himself against others. He reacts immediately when someone disagrees with him and can very quickly hit his partner in the head. 

Depending on their mood, rams can react to a conversation in two different ways. If you meet a ram on a day when it connects more with its emotional personality traits, you can really upset it and make it defensive. But if you meet him on a day when he feels safer, it may be easy to calm down. So before you address an intense topic with a ram, prepare for two different results. Sure, you can hug him with open ears and an open heart. But there is also the possibility that he will bite your head off. So always pay attention to his form of the day before you discuss anything with him.



We all know that bulls are particularly stubborn creatures. If you have something in your head, then you want to achieve exactly that, regardless of whether you have to head through the wall. On the one hand, this can be advantageous in relationships. Because the bull will always represent and maintain its values ​​and ideas. But at the same time, it is important to listen to your partner and to compromise here and there. You can’t always insist on your opinion, you have to accept the differences between the partners.

The good thing is: the bull is not a natural fighter unless you threaten him. A taurus won’t fight with you unless it has to. However, if you get into a dispute with him, make yourself comfortable because it will take a while. The bull personality does not like to admit when it is wrong, and this is mainly because it seldom believes that it is wrong. They are incredibly confident about their beliefs and immediately defend their actions, even if the evidence speaks against them. Remember: you can’t win a fight with a bull, so try to defuse the argument immediately, or be ready to give in very soon.



Lions are very confident in relationships and want their partner to respect them. They do not like it when the partner neglects them or when they are not at their center of life. Then he can quickly become uncomfortable with Leo. He expects the whole world to turn around him. And that can sometimes be exhausting. 

His personality is wild. Just as lions can be your closest friends, they can be your biggest adversaries. If you have a disagreement with a lion that can be easily resolved or defused, the lion will struggle to resist the urge to reinforce it. Expect explosive battles, heated accusations, and border crossings when you fight with a lion. The more you try to defend yourself, the more they escalate. The best thing you can do to wipe out a fight with a lion is to apologize. Find a little empathy for your lion and take the wind out of its sails. Try to find out what emotional space it needs to collect again.



Scorpions can quickly captivate others with their species. They love deeply and intensely. However, they also expect the same from their partners. As soon as a scorpion is injured by his partner, he will let his partner know directly. His anger comes quickly and intensely. In addition, this fight will continue for a very long time. The worst thing is that he brings old stories and facts back to the table just to make life hell for his counterpart. The scorpion really pulls out all the stops to defend itself.

His personality swells and his adrenaline rises. The conversation went from zero to a hundred before you even had a moment to realize that you had offended your scorpion. And instead of having a fair fight, a scorpion will most likely provoke you. You’re going to say something you didn’t really want to say just because he made you do it. If you have offended a scorpion, it is in your best interest to remain calm and remain silent. Just go back slowly and apologize, even if you don’t go far for what you should apologize.


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