According to the zodiac sign: The ranking for the best woman in the apocalypse.

According to the zodiac sign: the ranking for the best apocalypse woman

Which woman do you need by your side at the end of the world? Find out who is the best woman for the end of the world, according to the zodiac sign. Here is the ranking: 


12. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius Apocalypse woman is probably the person on this list who is trying to convince herself to take this super risky cheap flight because she still has to go somewhere. She doesn’t see the dangers, only her needs. Staying home is out of the question for her, because she longs for her adventures. Do you have to say anything else?


11. Aries

An Aries woman will be an incredibly funny apocalypse woman, but if you do something to annoy or disturb her, she’ll get upset and yell at you for the rest of your days. Once this happens, a ram woman will not be interested in putting yourself in, so she can reject you as easily as she fell in love with you. A relationship with an Aries woman can become toxic extremely quickly. Therefore, it may not be in your best interest to choose this woman with whom you could not spend a week in isolation if something went wrong.


10. Cancer

Although the Cancer woman is the kind of person who feels deeply connected and gives a lot of love, she is also a toxic woman in quarantine. This can be a little overwhelming for you if you have other things on your mind. She’ll talk to you all the time and ask if you’re okay. If you look at her the wrong way, she becomes moody. If you pay more attention to your dog than you do, she’ll be moody too. If you take your eyes off her for a minute, she might get moody. This may not be the energy you need when the world goes down.


9. Capricorn

Do you have an exit strategy, a full pantry, backup plans, and enough security? Yes. But do you also have a lot of boredom? Also yes! Even the apocalypse cannot stop a Capricorn woman. So don’t expect to have fun with her anytime soon – unless you like her spreadsheets and analytical b**by. Then you will surely have a lot of fun.


8. Aquarius

This type of woman is strong and independent and has always lived in her head, so isolation cannot change her either. Aquarius women are very suitable for making even the strangest situations feel normal with them. You can be sure that your apocalypse wife will do just that. This could unsettle you quite a bit since you no longer know what is real and what is not.


7. Scorpio

A scorpion woman is extremely demanding. So if you are looking for an apocalypse woman who takes care of everything and lets you comfortably live out the days of isolation, you have come to the wrong place. However, if you’re looking for someone who is deeply passionate and, to be honest, a big freak, you’ve found your match.


6. Leo

The great thing about having a lioness as an apocalypse woman is that she is a hell of fun. Seriously, there will never be a boring moment with this person who continuously demands attention as if it were their source of life. You are constantly entertained. However, these women are also extremely moody. So prepare yourself for something. The next outbreak of rage is sure to come!


5. Gemini

A twin is such a fun-loving and interesting person. You can be sure that the quarantine conversation is the absolute best. Since she’s always looking for new things to distract her from, you two will be entertained. Since twins would die without attention, you can also be sure that they will love having you with them. Just don’t ignore them and you will be the happiest isolated couple until the end of time.


4. Pisces

A fish woman won’t miss anything to make you happy. As a quarantine woman, she will go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met. However, it is also extremely sensitive and can get moody from time to time. But whatever you go through, she’ll be there to listen. Being isolated with a fish will feel like a watery dream, even if it can get a little stormy at times.


3. Libra

The woman of the Libra Apocalypse is third on this list simply because she is looking for beauty and kindness as if her life depended on it. If you want to isolate yourself with someone who pays a lot of attention to you, then you should team up with a Libra woman. The Libra woman is extremely laid back, so this is a good woman you can have by your side as the world goes down.


2. Taurus

Admittedly, a bull woman may not be the most organized when it comes to making a plan for the end of the world, but her extreme need for comfort in her daily life makes her a great apocalypse woman because every day the insulation will feel good. It will light candles, cook the most delicious food of your life for you, immerse you in magical conversations about the universe and aliens and make you laugh. What more do you want?


1. Virgo

It gets even better: a virgin is the best apocalypse woman of all the signs of the zodiac. She thought everything through. Do you need a hand disinfectant? She bought it many months ago, just in case. She has the best vintage wine that the country has to offer in the cellar. You can discuss all your thoughts with her or talk to her about everything, she listens to you. It is as calm, cool and organized as you expect.


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