4 Signs That Seem All The Opposite Of What They Are

4 Signs That Seem All The Opposite Of What They Are

There are many people who at first affection, who affection a lot, who look like they have a big heart, you know in advance that it is much better to have them as friends than as enemies … But these four signs on the outside seem strong and very hard, but for inside they still cry with the Lion King or Finding Nemo. That personality they have makes them seem aggressive when deep down, inside, they are all sweetness … These are the 4 signs that seem the opposite of what they are :

ARIES (From March 21 to April 20)

Aries love to her friends is a very sociable person and that helps those most in need, is fair, open, and very nice but that impulsive personality and character that is sometimes so explosive suggest the opposite of them.

Getting close to Aries is tricky. You want to start a conversation with, Aries, but in reality, you leave because you find it affection, because you feel that that look has nothing good, or that coldness with which you think it behaves. Or simply because it imposes on you, it imposes too much on you perhaps to be able to have control of the situation. Nothing is further from reality. All that is just a facade, as soon as you talk to them you realize that they do not seem what they appear at all.

If Aries is not that person who reaches out to others to make new friends and seems unattainable, it is because he is probably busy having fun and enjoying life. Not because his ego is too high and he believes that others are below.

Aries raises a lot of envy, it is true, but it raises them many times because it does what it wants at all times, without needing to explain to anyone, not even itself. The world is not used to such warlike people and prefers the submissive. Get close to Aries, even if he affections you, even if you die of shame, even if you think he will give you one of those looks that kill. It will not. And it will be worth it.

VIRGO (From August 23 to September 22)

Virgo seems like a super cold person, a person who goes through absolutely everything and has hardly any feelings, but if you told that to people who really know him they would tell you that you are completely wrong.

Virgo is VERY intelligent and perhaps he seems a little more serious person because he goes straight to the point, because he does not beat around the bush and above all because he is very difficult to manipulate. And since nobody manipulates Virgo, it seems that he is the bad guy in the movie. Virgo seems what he is not, it has always happened to him. He is known for making everyone feel comfortable, he understands all his friends well and would give anything for important people. It is true that sometimes it is difficult for him to open up a little with strangers, for the simple reason that he does not trust him, but as soon as you get to know him a little more you realize that everything is a facade.

Virgo knows that he is not sweet at first but that later he becomes a candy when you treat him well. It feels great when other people trust him/her. He is a good friend of his friends, and as soon as he has trust with others, he gives you everything in his power. And he always does it from the heart.

Sometimes he may even be too protective, sometimes he is like the mother or father of the group of friends, always aware of the rest and that nothing bad happens to anyone.

Virgo is very special, but you will have to pass that barrier that sometimes he puts up because of the fear he has to trust blindly. Once you pass it (and it won’t cost you much if you know how to do it right) you have someone for LIFETIME.

SCORPIO (From October 23 to November 22)

It is clear to Scorpio that you do not know everything, but sometimes you also prefer not to know it. Above all from what you see. You observe him, he is someone who has a lot of inner strength, and just by looking into his eyes, you know it. It has a lot of light because it attracts whoever it wants because people want to be by its side, close, and it is not out of fear, but it also has its dark side. affection, it seems a little dangerous even, and you see it very complex and very difficult to carry … Well, it is not like that at all.

Scorpio is a much more complex person than you imagine. It may seem aggressive at first and even authoritarian and cruel but once you really know Scorpio, the idea you had will charge you a lot. Scorpio is passionate about life. He does everything with such intensity that it can be terrifying.

Scorpios will begin to feel relaxed when they feel comfortable with their surroundings. It is a matter of time so, do not be affection by his intense personality, nor do you get scared by those looks he gives you, he is only doing an X-ray to see if you are one of the good ones, one of his. Let me show you something else and don’t judge it at first glance. You will be wrong.

Scorpios don’t get along when people judge them beforehand. In fact, it bothers him quite a bit so, unlike other signs who will go out of their way to show that they are good people, Scorpios will go the extra mile to make you like them even worse. And hence sometimes its fame. With Scorpio if you want war you will have it, if you shoot one, Scorpio will shoot two back.

The Scorpio is a super loyal and very fierce person, he defends his friends until the end and that is why he can also seem even violent but it is not so … He can be the best person you come across in the world, perhaps not the sweetest, but yes the noblest.

SAGITTARIUS (From November 23 to December 21)

Sagittarius often has a very relaxed attitude. As if he cares absolutely nothing of what exists around him, as if everything and everyone will happen. Perhaps he is not a violent person nor does he have the worst character in the world or the coldest but you may think that it is difficult to get to know him/her, that it is difficult to communicate and that he will listen to you and let’s not talk about entering a little more to the bottom of your heart when it seems like you don’t care about anything.

Sagittarius is hard to read, but once you’ve figured out how to read it, he’s the easiest person in the world to get along. He is like a big boy and you have to keep up with him. He does not like the seriousness of life too much and perhaps that is why a little of everything happens, he does not want to become like the rest. He is cautious when he meets someone first and that can lead to mistakes. Sagittarius is a piece of peace but you have to know how to reach him/her.

It is not like the others, try to get carried away a bit, do something crazy, leave the “formality” a bit parked and simply live! Sagittarius will begin to see that you are one of their own, and will open up to you little by little. And you will discover that under that layer of freedom and zero ties there is also a Sagittarius who seeks to have complicity with someone and never separate …

With Sagittarius, it is not all that it seems. Not now, not never. What you see is not always what you get. There is so much more …


4 Signs That Seem All The Opposite Of What They Are

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