This Is How You Calm Down Every Zodiac Sign After An Argument

This Is How You Calm Down Every Zodiac Sign After An Argument

We all quarrel, it’s completely normal. But not everyone can be calmed down in the same way. And mostly it is not enough just to say: “Calm down.”

We can probably all agree that the worst thing to say to a person when they are in anger is to calm them down. Nothing makes a person’s anger worse than these words. Because you ask her to do something that she cannot do at this moment. It’s like telling a person to eat right after telling you that they are not hungry.

Still, there are certain moments that arise when you are in the presence of someone who is about to have a nervous breakdown and you want to get that person to relax. Not everyone knows how to calm down when they’re angry, and it’s a task that may seem impossible to you in moments like this.

But when we look at astrology and the personality traits of the zodiac signs, it is only logical that some find it harder to calm down and others find it a little easier. What’s the best way to calm down any sign?


Aries can be very quick-tempered if they want to. At moments like this, tell Aries that no matter what they say or feel, they are right. Just agree with him no matter what he says as it has nothing to do with you. Aries will calm down at some point, especially when they know they are not alone and they desperately need your approval for that.


Taurus often aim their head against a wall, which can be very exhausting for many. Feed her a fantasy, even if it’s a lie. Tell your desperate Taurus friend that even if you find yourself in a real problematic situation, everything will be fine. They have to believe your fantasy and that’s the only thing that will calm them down.


If you want Gemini to calm down, move away from them and easily leave them alone. Geminis don’t want to be bothered by anything or anyone, and the people around them make them very nervous. When fewer people are around, they also feel less threatened.


Cancer can only calm down if it chooses, and to do this it usually has to establish some kind of new law that must be obeyed. Cancers claim to be in control of you, themselves, their surroundings, and everything else. So leave them in their belief, because control keeps Cancers calm.


Leo calms down when he wants to calm down. In other words, being stressed and overwhelmed is part of Leo, so it’s all part of the plot. Soothe lions by applauding and admiring them, no matter how awful they get.


Virgo can get really nervous and scared in an argument. You should calm them down by handling them with kid gloves. Because good persuasion can sometimes work wonders for her. Besides, virgins are materialists. If you give them a little attention, it’ll make it easier for them to come back down.


Scales really don’t want anything other than harmony. They don’t like arguments and would like to avoid them. A Libra will therefore develop a strategy to evade the situation. She will withdraw and ignore her counterpart. This is why you need to give a Libra time to calm down.


One can easily calm a Scorpio down by buying them a present. Yes, they are so petty, and yes, they are actually too proud to be bought. But you can buy their friendship and love. This peace offering can put Scorpios in a state of serenity and calm.


If you’re dealing with a disgruntled Sagittarius, the best thing to do is to do yourself a favor and leave the room, right now. This is an extremely independent person who does not take advice and certainly cannot be reassured by other people. Give the archer his place and he will return of his own accord.


There is no point in calming a Capricorn. You don’t calm down. Not for you, not for someone else. They deal with everything that bothers them, they refuse any help or advice and just calm down on their own. It is not a responsibility that you should ever take because they will not accept any help from you.


Calming your Aquarius down is a full-time job that is both upset and sad. Aquarians live in a state of uninterrupted fear. You are far too confused every day to even consider calming down. Don’t try to rush them as they have their own methods of improving the situation.


If you want to help a fish calm down, it will quickly become addicted to your attention and at some point will use you as its personal “feel-good person”. Pisces wants you to calm them down. They’ll even have a seizure just for you to give them the attention they need.


This Is How You Calm Down Every Zodiac Sign After An Argument

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