The truth is, your relationship was over before it even really started.
You never treated him with the care and thoughtfulness that goes into a relationship. You made plans and never included your partner, you acted surprised when he contacted you like you expected him to ghost you, and you never gave the impression that you were invested. at all in a regular relationship.
It’s okay to play it cool, but not so cool that you shut out your potential partner from your life.


You have a very elaborate set of tests and trials to ensure that a potential partner is vetted.
The problem is, you take so long trying to make sure someone is good enough to pursue a relationship, that they end up running out of patience and deciding it’s not worth jumping through hoops and to try to prove that it is worthy of your attention. .
Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and let whatever happens happen.


You didn’t want to have “buyer’s remorse,” so you kept your options open with your partner.
You didn’t want to be tied down if someone better came along. What if you had a relationship and then met the perfect person? You don’t like it when things get emotionally messy.
It’s best to keep someone at bay and if your relationship doesn’t turn into something serious, then that’s okay.


He was honest from the start and told you he wasn’t interested in a relationship, but you were convinced that once he spent time with you and got to know you, he would change his mind. opinion. Only he didn’t.
He was being honest, you were just not being honest with yourself. You can’t pick someone because they are a challenge and you want a win in relationship games.
Next time, believe it when someone tells you they’re not interested in a relationship and move on.


You’re too busy to waste your time on almost and not good enough, so you’ve made a solid, healthy decision and ended things.
You know that you are everything and that when you settle for less, you are doing no one a favor.
Your confidence is extremely attractive and people are attracted to you, so you probably won’t stay single for long.


You two were at two different times in your life and you didn’t connect in a positive way.
Maybe you’ll see each other again in the future and things will be more aligned, but at this point it’s best that you go your separate ways.
You can’t force a relationship, especially when both participants lack the emotional resources to create a lasting bond.


You were both so careful not to say or do the wrong thing that you weren’t yourselves.
It was impossible for you to have a relationship together because you weren’t honest or vulnerable.
It’s great to be mindful of other people’s feelings, but not to the point of being too afraid to reveal who you really are.


Things got very intense quickly at the start of the relationship, but just as quickly they died down.
You shared extreme attraction to each other but very little else. There just wasn’t enough to build a relationship and once you both had your fill, you knew the relationship would never be anything more than love release.


It didn’t take long for your quasi-relationship to suffocate you. You value your independence and want to feel free to do whatever you want without feeling tied to anyone else.
Once reality started to sink in, you took off. Maybe it could have worked and the truth is that whatever worked was extremely scary for you, making you one of the terrible zodiac signs in relationships.


You literally didn’t have time to see it. You were way too busy to do anything but the occasional text.
You convinced yourself that if he really wanted to pursue a relationship with you, he would have made an effort.
Obviously a relationship wasn’t what you wanted and now you can spend even more time on your work projects.


You two have rarely spent time alone together. You went on group dates with your friends and never wanted to do a few things together.
You wouldn’t even want to hold his hand in public because you wanted to look detached and like you didn’t care about him that much.
Good job – he got the message of your disinterest loud and clear.


You may not have been aware of it, but you acted like he was some kind of telepath.
You expected him to know how you felt and what you wanted without ever telling him. From the way you acted, he assumed you just wanted to be friends and acted accordingly.
Throwing yourself at someone might not always be the best line of attack when it comes to a relationship, but you should at least give your potential partner some kind of hint about what you’re up to. feel.


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