Zodiac Sign: This Is What Your Ascendant Reveals About Your Love Life

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Zodiac Sign: This Is What Your Ascendant Reveals About Your Love Life

You certainly know your zodiac sign, but do you also know which ascendant you were born in? Because in order to be able to analyze your own personality completely, you also need him. The sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth defines your character just as much as your zodiac sign. The ascendant can be very exciting, especially for your love life.

If you’re wondering how to determine your ascendant: If you know your place and time of birth, you can easily calculate it online.

Ascendant: Aries

You don’t fall in love overnight. But once it has caught you, then you love with full passion and open your heart to your partner without ifs and buts. It is only important to you that no boring everyday routine creeps into your relationship, because that is difficult for you to cope with.

Ascendant: Taurus

You are a real relationship person. Loyalty and honesty are particularly important to you in a partnership. If your partner lies to you, it is very difficult for you to forgive him and it takes time before you can trust him 100 percent again. Unfortunately, being single is not exactly one of your strengths, because you quickly feel lonely and alone.

Ascendant: Gemini

With Gemini in the ascendant, you tend to be fickle in love. You find it difficult to commit to one person. You prefer to enjoy your single life and like to meet many different potential partners at the same time.

Ascendant: Cancer

You are a real heartthrob. With your sweet and playful charisma, you wrap every man around your finger within seconds. Once you have found your dream partner, you are a loyal soul and take loving care of him.

Ascendant: Leo

Anyone who can overlook a little bit of vanity will find in you a warm and loyal friend. You just have to be careful not to steal the show from your partner too often. If he has a birthday or a promotion, the focus should be on him, not you.

Ascendant: Virgo

You are full of romance and prefer to make decisions with your heart rather than your mind. Unfortunately, you sometimes make very ill-considered decisions that you regret afterward. For example, if you decide to move in with your partner, you should really think twice about it beforehand.

Ascendant Libra

Even if you always appear balanced on the outside, it looks completely different on the inside. You need a partner who gives you stability and security and helps you to work on your independence. When you find someone like that, you will excel in your relationship with patience and caring.

Ascendant: Scorpio

You radiate a mysterious aura that makes you incredibly attractive and has an almost magical effect on others. But if you want to conquer yourself, you should have a lot of patience, because you take your time and think carefully about whether a relationship is right for you. But once you love, then with passion.

Ascendant: Sagittarius

Deep down you’ve wanted a relationship for a long time, but your desire for freedom keeps throwing a spanner in the works. If you get involved with someone, after a short time it will become too tight for you and you will increasingly look for space.

Ascendant: Capricorn

You are characterized above all by your ambitious and career-oriented personality. Unfortunately, love always gets in your way. You need an ambitious, modern partner who understands if you are in the office until 10 p.m. on Saturdays.

Ascendant: Aquarius

You have big problems with a partner who is very restrictive and would love to spend every free minute with you. Instead, you are looking for someone who has no problems with the fact that you also like to go on vacation alone. Also, your partner should be as spontaneous as you are.

Ascendant: Pisces

You are a real dreamer and you are looking for your dream prince. Once you have found him, you put all your passion into the relationship and write romance particularly big. You find it easy to turn your feelings into words and read your partner’s every wish from their eyes.

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