Your Zodiac Sign Is Impact Or Reality

Your Zodiac Sign Is Impact Or Reality

They say first impressions are what count. But, in most cases, this is not the case. How many times have you believed something about a person that later turned out to be totally different? Or, how many times have you been dazzled by a job, and then it turned out to be no big deal? While there are people who don’t get carried away by impressions (and save themselves a lot of trouble), there are others who feel enlightened in a short time by someone they just met. And when this happens, expectations are damaged, and so are feelings. And you, are you one of those who trust impressions or seek the reality of all things?


Yours is intensity, passion, and above all, impressions. You could be in front of the biggest capo of the mafia who, if he gave you a good impression, will always defend that he is a good guy. The reality of others is not yours, that’s for sure, but it does not mean that the reality of the rest is the only one. Sometimes being like this leads you to have some disappointment but the truth is that most of the time you are quite right with your intuition.


You are pure and hard in reality. They don’t miss a single one. However, what happens when you don’t open yourself up to new opportunities? Well, you end up losing a lot of them. For this reason, try not to always be so defensive always (or almost always) thinking that there is something they are up to behind. It is not that you do not listen to your intuition, but that you must find a middle ground and leave a little room for surprise.


The impression is what you value most and this will lead you to suffer some disappointment. However, you are like that, and it is something that will be very difficult for you to change. Sometimes, you complain that the rest tend to judge you only for what they see of you, for your cover, for your facade, but then you also do the same. Your intuition is based on what you see and if you don’t like the impression it won’t be good. Try to have a balance, take your time to really know. Really, believe it or not, everything can change a lot. One day to another. What you think today is surely not what you think tomorrow.


You are such an emotional sign that your impressions are almost the only thing you take into account. Do not get carried away by how much someone can tell you, if it did not give you a good feeling, it will be difficult for you to fix it. In fact, with you, it’s almost impossible. What happens is that your impression of many people is undoubtedly wrong. And usually for the worse. Remember how many times you put your trust in someone who ended up failing you. Many. Whether in love, at work, or with friends, try not to get your hopes up so quickly and begin to see and ask for facts.


Leo, of impressions, above all, in love. You just get carried away and tend to trust too much those who show you a little affection. Even if it’s just a little bit. Deep down, and from lived experience, you know well that people hide much more than they appear to, so you must be very careful in this regard. More than one has left your soul shattered. So, if only for this, keep reality in mind a little more. Thus, although there is not so much emotion, you will be able to suffer much less in general.


It is very rare that you let yourself be carried away by impressions. Well, maybe because of yours, but those are very close to reality, so it will be very difficult for you to make a mistake. You are one of the most realistic people in the Zodiac and, in addition, you have a good intuition, so you know how to see when they want to sneak it in, you detect fakes and fakes just by looking at them, and as soon as they speak to you, you would be able to analyze them. the whole of their lives. That is precisely because you go to detail Virgo, and in that detail, NOTHING escapes you.


You value the good impressions that people can cause you, but that does not mean that you should simply believe in them. You like to doubt everyone a little and you are not in any hurry for them to end up showing who they really are. As always, your balance prevents you from many situations that would end up being the most disastrous. Also, despite the fact that you are an air sign, you do not open up to everyone, in fact, only those who have to know you. You are not going to mess it up by being too realistic or by relying only on your impressions.


Being realistic is fine, but… You go too far with it. He tries to relax you a little more. It’s not that you should trust anyone right away or easily get excited about things, but you should let things flow a little. Being obsessed with control may save you from many things, but it also takes the excitement out of life. To this reality, we must also add that you are a super intuitive person and that your impressions are correct 95% of the time.


Without a doubt, you move by impressions but it is true that you do not close yourself only to that. You need to know more. You need to see reality and facts. Precisely because at some point you have been confused. It’s true that sometimes you can see red flags in people and you still don’t pay much attention to them. And while this allows you to live very good moments, it also brings you some in which you suffer a lot. There is something that you have very clear: you are not going to stay with the desire for anything. You will not stop doing what you feel. You’d rather make a mistake and try than not do it. Even when you may believe that you are wrong.


The reality is what you always end up looking for and it is that, no matter how good an impression someone makes on you, you always end up applying logic. You need to see facts, see details. The words are carried away by the wind, but the facts remain. You are very lucky to be a very analytical person and this brings you back to the reality of the moment. Thus, you are always safer in life. Your way of being, in this case, frees you from people with not very good intentions. Although you should also recognize that in love, it is where you let yourself go the most, even knowing that you are going to mess it up.


Yours is simple. Reality. You move away from all those who appear a lot because you know that behind these appearances, there is a lot of reality. And, you know well that you may not like this one. Therefore, you tend to wait and go very slowly with everything and everyone. You are not one of those who judge by clothing or by social class. In fact, even though you may have an impression of someone you always give everything a chance. You have to know to be able to judge, you have it clear.


You should take things a little more calmly and analyze everything well. We no longer speak only in love. For example, when you are given a new project or start a new job, you move a lot by impressions, by your intuition. Pisces is fine, but remember to do that you have to do accounts, and numbers and see if certain things or certain people contribute to your life what you deserve. Usually, with the passage of time, you end up realizing reality and, instead of accepting it, you become excessively disappointed.

Now you know if you pay more attention to impressions or reality. Extremes are not a good thing, so if you’re in one of them, give that a spin and try to balance it out.


Your Zodiac Sign Is Impact Or Reality

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