Your Worst Fears According To Your Zodiac Sign

What are we hiding inside? Did you dare to look into your soul? It takes a lot of courage to face your worst fears, but even more courage to admit them. But this is the first step. To know it means to be in control of the destinies of your life. Astrology can help us understand and tame even our worst fears because it actually helps us better understand our nature. After all, what we fear may be what we secretly want …

Worst fears of your zodiac sign

In this article we are going to see and examine the nature of our deepest, our worst fears. Let’s look at nature, i.e. the power of our enemies. Knowing it can help us fight back and win this game.

  • Step one: know our enemies
  • Step two: embrace our nature
  • Third step: you learn to let go

These are the steps we should follow in order to overcome our worst enemies, ourselves. Don’t get this wrong. We can help ourselves, but at the same time hold back. Why? Because we often want to stay behind in secret.

1. Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

Worst fear: losing

Aries is afraid to hear one word and only one word: loser. The very meaning of the word terrifies them in the most terrible way. But what do they actually mean when they say “loser”?

They are certainly not afraid of losing in games – and they play hard. While of course they don’t like it, that’s not what scares them. They are afraid of losing control and being manipulated. Aries want the last word because they find it extremely important to be masters of themselves. Independence is vital to them along with a sense of being worthy and important.

Antidote: No one can win forever. Feeling important and confident starts from within. Accept your weaknesses and do what is best for you and those you love. Love knows no rules.

2nd Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Worst fear: to change

We’re talking about anything that could possibly change here. I’m pretty sure that hearing the word “change” scares them more than seeing the clown “Pennywise” under their bed. What does that symbolize for you?

Taurus usually have a difficult time building emotional security and that comes from some rather difficult experiences as a child. The fear of abandonment and disappointment always seems to find a way back to them. And that’s what scares them the most. They want to make sure that they don’t have to go through these difficulties again.

Antidote: Change will come. Get it done. Everything is changing, you are changing as you read this article. But some things never change. For example, your brilliant thought and your passionate nature. Trust in yourself and your strength. You will always find a way.

3rd twin (May 21 – June 20)

Worst fear: being outwitted

Mind games are loved by these wise creatures. But at some point, they might think they can lose, or worse, be humiliated by someone wiser.

Geminis are dependent on their ability to absorb and analyze a thousand pieces of information at the same time. Yes, they are really smart. But the truth is, we’re not always in our best shape, and sometimes our thoughts work better than others. Apparently, this means that we Gemini cannot give 100% of our abilities. And that’s exactly what scares them. One of her worst fears is being let down by her own thoughts.

Antidote: There will always be someone who is smarter than you. But that does not mean that you are worthless. Admiring another’s intellectual abilities is part of being smart. What you can do is try to calm yourself down and control your nervousness. The mistakes you make are usually due to your hasty nature.

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Worst fear: to be abandoned

It is the power of your heart that allows you to develop, but at the same time you are mostly trapped in your huge sea of ​​emotions. Cancers know it, and when alone they get closer to their emotional tide.

A real Cancer has very strong emotions. That’s what makes them special. When alone – or worse, abandoned – they face these rich feelings and question themselves. These feelings stifle them and they try to escape by making sure they have company. The fear of being alone is really scary for them because they just can’t face their own strength.

Antidote: What you see as your enemy is really your best friend. These feelings fuel your passions and with the right channeling you can develop more than you ever imagined. Hug yourself and try to be alone for at least 1 hour / day. Make peace with your heart and learn to let go of it!

5.Leos (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Worst fear: being unimportant

The children of the sun believe that anything is possible for them. There is a catch, however. You need the encouragement of admiration. Your worst fears are hearing that they are useless.

Leo’s pride is an integral part of who they are. They like to be proud of what they have done, so they are genuinely heroic and generous. Your image – at least as you imagine it – requires constant attention. Striving to make everything around them better is a never-ending struggle. The fear of disappointing those they love makes them shiver.

Antidote: Success is a moment and it doesn’t last forever if you are only attuned to earthly things. What you see as a problem now is just a message of change. Don’t try to impress anyone or even try to impress yourself. Your energy is unique and that is a reason to celebrate. Let go of your worst fears. Embrace your uniqueness.

6. VIRGIN (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Worst fear: being sick

It’s not dying, you actually have a very differentiated view of the great beyond. They are afraid of getting sick, watching their bodies fail. That’s what scares them most.

Why is that? Because the truth is that virgins are actually very self-judgmental. They cannot easily forgive themselves when one of their habits leads them to a particular disease. Plus, they will feel guilty and blame their brilliant thought for not seeing it coming. Her witty nature requires a great deal of energy to keep going.

Antidote: Make peace with your body. You are eternal, your body is not. At some point something will go wrong and you will die – like the rest of us. However, you can use your brilliant thoughts to keep both your mind and soul in a healthy state. Stop judging and start being creative!

7th Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Worst fear: unbalanced environment

Throughout their lives, they strive to achieve a balance between everything and everyone around them. Only then, they believe, can they be truly happy. Her worst fear is to see her actions fail.

Why do they need this balance around them? Because, frankly, they are really unbalanced inside and they need calm around them to deal with their soul. Her feelings frighten her sensitive nature. You are very strict with yourself and that is what causes all of these difficulties. Libra constantly avoid embracing their human nature and they always try to strive for perfection. Guess what? It’s not easy …

Antidote: Embrace your human nature. Do not laugh. I mean every fears … all of your weaknesses are part of your nature. That’s what makes you human. Trying not to be human is what is causing all this mess. Make you feel how he/she wants!

8th SCORPIO (October 23rd – November 21st)

Worst fear: betrayal

They are veritable control freaks – to the point where they can no longer control. That’s where you actually give up and let things happen. Letting go is a very difficult lesson for any Scorpio.

And that is exactly why they are most afraid of betrayal. They would never forgive themselves if they were betrayed by someone they trust because they 1. did not see it coming and 2. would never be forgotten. Treason is a poison that runs in your veins. Even if you have no other problem, you will always think of that terrible moment when your thought failed to see this potential. These are their worst fears.

Antidote: Ok guys. Get over it. We don’t live in a perfect world. We all make mistakes. That’s why you shouldn’t expect people to be perfect, right? Of course, they can abuse your trust. Give them time and maybe things will clear up. Maybe it’s not how you think it happened.

9th Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Worst fear: losing your freedom

Her thoughts have worked faster than others since she was a child. You imagine other worlds, create theories, explore religions and metaphysical beliefs.

You breathe the air of freedom and that is what is still supposed to propel you forward. Sometimes, however, their theories fail that religions can betray their strong moral codes, and so they feel trapped. That is when questions of independence arise. From this point on, they behave like children who cannot follow a simple order.

Antidote: All theories can fail, but one cannot and it works. “We, humans, are not flawless, so our theories are not flawless either”. Everything we think may or may not be true. Stop judging you guys for your beliefs. This is actually what makes you so unique. Your true thirst for wisdom!

10. Capricorn (December 21st – January 19th)

Worst fear: failure

You are among those who strive higher and higher, always reaching for the top. Hence, their worst fears have to do with failure. A Capricorn feels whole when goals are met.

Don’t just think about your career. Goals can also apply in personal life. For example, a goal in life would be to have a loving family. The feeling that they couldn’t achieve what they had in mind wears them down. Although they will try again and again until they succeed, that fear always finds a way to crawl back and haunt them. This can leave them drained and depressed.

Antidote: Nobody succeeds all the time. But you can always be successful if you are true to yourself. Stop judging yourself and make room in your heart for failure because guess what? It’s a part of everyone’s life! Embrace your true potential. Trial and error is always a cause of progress and wisdom.

11. AQUARIUS (January 20th – February 18th)

Worst fear: incapable of self-expression

This is what Aquarius is really afraid of. To be trapped in a situation where he/she cannot express his / her true potential. To be forced to act like everyone else. This is one of their worst fears.

Their uniqueness is what gives them the energy to move on and try harder. Their worst fear is living in a social circle where they are unable to express themselves. Even if they can’t really do otherwise, they want to breathe the air of freedom all the time. Their nature longs for differentiation as this is the basis for evolution. In a strict/fascist environment, they can go crazy.

Antidote: Feeling free is a state of thought. You can sit in the worst prison and still breathe the air of freedom, guess what? No one can control your brilliant thought. So you should stay calm because this is your best weapon. Your thought! And your thought needs rest to function!

12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Worst fear: feeling alone

For most people, being alone means having no people (or even animals) around. For fish, however, this is a completely different matter.

Pisces actually love to be all alone sometimes because they rely on the magical world of their thoughts and feelings. But what happens if someone grounds them aggressively? Your world can fall in. When they are hurt by those they love, they really feel alone. Trapped with negative feelings, they can hold grudges forever.

Antidote: Making peace with the vulnerability of human behaviour is the first step. We all deserve to make (and make) mistakes. Don’t let these weaknesses isolate you. It’s part of being human. So if someone hurts you, don’t blame yourself and be ready to accept an apology.


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