your horoscope for the week from October 4th to October 10th, 2021


Get away from everyday life, experience something special – this wish will now be fulfilled: a convincing presentation, a great job interview, a good deal or an impressive encounter are possible. Wednesday: New impulses for your relationship are important so that there is no indifference in everyday life. Come up with something!

2. BULL:

It’s going great in your relationship because you have a great culture of conversation, discussing God and the world, and always keeping up to date with the latest developments in your soul. There may be delays in organizational matters. Monday: There is extra money , for example because you B. sell something online or negotiate a raise.


You go through this week with a lot of power and optimism . You are now setting the course for success in the near future and you can count on good news. Your social life is colorful and stimulating. Wednesday: This new moon day shows you your talents and makes you want to think about how you can shape your life more creatively.


Everything has its time and now there is a cheap timeslot for you to evaluate certain things, to see what worked and what did not. The focus is also on your family : who currently needs a lot of attention? Is everyone heard? Saturday: Coffee, cake, champagne – you have a lot of fun with your friends.


Pretty busy, not just at work Your schedule is full, you are constantly on the phone and answering emails. Without hesitation, you tackle what needs to be done. People around you, who like to put things off, love you for it – and leave you to tasks that are actually their business. Saturday: set yourself new goals!                                               


You love to make your home beautiful. Your sense of detail will help you, because often it is the little things that determine the overall impression. You’re even wondering if you shouldn’t make interior decorating your profession. Sunday: Clearly: You can do more. This knowledge influences your behavior and your personal goal setting.


You just don’t run out of ideas: Whether at work or in your private life , putting together looks, DIY projects or doing handicrafts and playing with the children, you are totally creative. Cosmic extra: Your confidence is also huge. Nothing can go wrong there! Friday: You instinctively make the right decision.


You get a lot of sympathy points. Nevertheless, you have the impression that your achievements are not really noticed and recognized. Result: You are a little frustrated. You don’t always have to be the center of attention, but you do want a little more shine. Monday: Good news comes at just the right time.


Please no rush and no excessive demands! At the moment everything is taking a little longer, you should expect postponed appointments and canceled dates. That is why it helps to have a plan B, it is easy on the nerves and saves time. Friday: When something does not suit you, you tend to be quick and very undiplomatic with your criticism.


A slightly slower pace on the job is necessary in order to evaluate and integrate the experiences you have had lately. You can’t always just power without reflecting! You feel that you are in good hands in your relationship.  Monday: Now there is a happy moment of knowledge that paves the way for the future.


Fancy new places, new faces and maybe a new job . Celebrate your fond memories with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time. This will bring you back in touch with your forgotten ideas and goals. Thursday: From now on it will be easier in love because you have more in common.

12. FISH

Something comes up for re-submission. Maybe you didn’t fill out a form correctly or you need to touch up something, e.g. B. a presentation. When concluding a sales contract, you should read the fine print very carefully and find out about the terms and conditions meticulously. Tuesday: Great evening for a date or to cook for friends.

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