Your Biggest Fear When You Are In A Relationship

Biggest Fear

Your Biggest Fear When You Are In A Relationship

When you start a relationship, fears and insecurities always arise. When you’re in love, not everything is rosy as they say, not everything is perfect. There are also fears, there are also problems… Maybe your fear is of failing, of everything going too fast, of trusting too much. There is no reason to worry, it is normal to have some fear when sharing your life with another person. Here is what your biggest fear is when you are in a relationship according to your sign:


The fear you have when you are in a relationship, Aries, is closing your heart too soon. That is, you are afraid of leaving behind the opportunities that you could have if you were still single. That fear comes from yourself and not from your partner. You start thinking too much about what you could be living and you are not living. You think that by being in a relationship you are missing out on other things, other adventures. But no, Aries, you have to stop thinking like that.

Being in a relationship is a wonderful adventure in which you can live a lot of experiences. Don’t be afraid to ‘commit’. If your partner is a person who respects your freedom, you can continue living the adventures you want as long as you are faithful to him. Aries, you have to stop seeing a relationship as if it were a prison as if it were a place where you lock yourself up and you stop being yourself. A relationship is the opposite, it is that place where you can be yourself, where you can continue to grow and where you share everything that happens to you with another person.


Your biggest fear, Taurus, arises from your insecurity and your mistrust. You are very afraid that your partner will be unfaithful and that he will cheat on you. You don’t want to go through something like that and that is why sometimes it is true that you are a little jealous. More than jealous, it could be said that you are overprotective. And it is that, no matter how much you love that person, it is very difficult for you to trust them 100%. There are even times when your fear reaches such a point that it makes you see things where there is nothing.

Taurus, you have to stop closing yourself in so much, for your own good and for the good of your relationship. Sometimes when you’re so afraid, you don’t realize it, but you don’t look out for others. You only look out for yourself, to avoid having to suffer. Taurus, relax, if your partner really loves you, they won’t be unfaithful. If your partner shows you that they trust you, you should also trust him/her as much as possible. You don’t enjoy love as you should because of that damn fear. All because of your distrust and everything that entails.


You are afraid that your relationship will become a monotonous and boring routine. You care a lot about always doing special things with your partner, and about making everything fun. You don’t want the flame to ever go out, you’re afraid of getting so used to that person that you end up hating them. You want your partner to be your best friend too, but you are terribly afraid Gemini.

You are terrified of the idea of ​​falling into the bloody routine. But, Gemini, you have to start changing your perception. If your partner really is your soul mate, no matter how much time passes, no matter how long you lived, the flame will continue the same as the first day. It’s okay to worry about doing different things and getting out of the routine, but it shouldn’t be a constant fear or worry.

There are times when you are so afraid of it that it leads you to commit senseless crazy things or to act in ways that you later regret. The best advice you need in these situations, Gemini, is to relax, let yourself go, and be what it has to be. Don’t push yourself more than necessary.


Your biggest fear when you’re in a relationship, Cancer, is not being brave and good enough for your partner. You believe that you are not enough for your partner, that you are not going to be up to their standards. You have to love yourself so much more, you have to trust yourself and everything you do a lot more. As soon as you start doing it, all those fears will go straight to the garbage can. You are also very afraid of being yourself and that your partner will not like you.

You think that if you show him how you really are, your partner will run away. But it is not so, Cancer, if your partner really loves you and trusts you, no matter how much they see your dark side, they will not run away. As we said, you have to trust yourself a lot more. Don’t be afraid to be who you are, leave behind all those insecurities that make you seem like a weak and vulnerable person. You have to stop having those fears because without realizing it, they can also affect your partner and the problem can become much bigger…


You are very afraid that your partner may take advantage of your kindness and your big heart. You are afraid of trusting too much because you believe that you are giving the other person power to break your dreams. The idea of ​​getting too excited and stopping being yourself terrifies you a lot. You could say that’s what scares you the most. You are a very strong person, but when you fall in love, your heart softens and you are a much kinder, much nobler person.

You don’t want to change for anyone, but, Leo, think about it. Maybe you’re not changing, you’re just maturing. Change is not bad, moreover, it is necessary for everyone. Imagine how weird and sad it would be to stay the same person for a lifetime. Falling in love is evolving, it is learning from the other person, sharing your life with your partner, and growing up together. If you are afraid of something, let it be not being faithful to your people or to your principles. Like, for example, leaving your loved ones aside or doing something you would never do for yourself. But don’t be afraid to evolve…


What you are afraid of when you fall in love and are in a relationship, Virgo, is to show your feelings. You are afraid of exposing your heart too much and becoming too vulnerable. Therefore, most of the time you strive to be a serious person who does not usually talk about their emotions. But, for your partner, it will be much easier to know what you are feeling. He won’t be able to get close to you if he doesn’t know what’s wrong with you.

It is important that you trust your partner enough and that you open up, at least with her. Leave fears behind and trust your feelings. As soon as you do, you will realize that your relationship works much better and that you yourself are much calmer and more relaxed. Virgo, get rid of that damn fear for once, it’s not going to get you anywhere. Yes, there are times when it is okay to be a reserved person to protect yourself, but when you are with your partner, a person you must trust, those fears and insecurities must go outside.


When you are in a relationship, Libra, you are very afraid that they will not know how to value you as you deserve. You are afraid to give all your love and all your heart to someone who does not know how to appreciate it. You too are terrified of the idea of ​​failing that person, of not being enough for your partner. You usually have such high expectations that you want them to be met. You don’t want them to play with your dreams, you don’t want them to treat you in a way you don’t deserve. But, Libra, we are sorry to tell you that we are on the plane of reality and that yes, it is okay to have dreams and expectations, but things are not always as we imagine.

Shake off those fears and face reality as it is. Once you don’t, when you realize how everything is, you will already feel much more secure. You have to be yourself at all times, Libra, don’t forget that. And if at any time you see that your partner does not treat you as you deserve or that they do not value you enough, leave your fears behind and make things very clear to them. Libra, with fear you are not going anywhere.


Your biggest fear when you’re in a relationship, Scorpio, is the fear of being unfaithful. That is something that really does not let you sleep or move forward. You can’t help it, it comes from within you to be so distrustful. There are times when you try to work with confidence and security, but then, when you least expect it, you become a jealous person again. You hate being like this, you don’t like anything, but you can’t do anything.

It’s inside of you, it’s something you can’t control no matter how much you want to. And all that jealousy comes from the fear of being failed, from the fear of betrayal and disappointment. You don’t want them to play with your heart and therefore, you will do everything possible to avoid it. You can’t stand the idea of ​​imagining how your partner is being unfaithful to another person. But, Scorpio, if your partner fully trusts you, you should also fully trust her. It’s okay to be a protective person, but there are times when you reach dangerous limits…


What you fear the most, Sagittarius, is commitment. And there is no more. You are very afraid of committing to the wrong person and therefore wasting your time and opportunities. For you, time is more valuable than gold and you don’t want to waste it with just anyone. For this reason, before committing yourself, before starting a serious relationship, you make sure that this person is THE PERSON. You don’t want to waste another opportunity like that, you don’t want to leave your heart in the hands of just anyone. All because of the damn fear of commitment, Sagittarius.

There are times when you put too much pressure on yourself and look, coming from you, that’s a bit strange. But it is that, in love, you are a different person. Speaking of relationships, you are a person who treads carefully. Although normally you are a thrown person, who gets carried away, in love you are much more cautious and careful. On the one hand, it’s good to be like that, because in the end, you save yourself a lot of trouble, but on the other, it would be good if you let yourself go more in order to enjoy the moment.


What terrifies you the most when you’re in a relationship, Capricorn, is letting go of all your responsibilities and obligations. You are afraid that because of love you will forget about your projects and forget to follow your passions. You are a super hard-working person, who concentrates a lot to achieve everything that is proposed. There are times, Capricorn, that you believe that love is a distraction, it is something that will only bring impediments and problems in your life. But you are wrong, Capricorn.

Love is something else, something that can bring you a million wonderful things. You have to know how to manage time very well and there is no doubt that you are an expert in that, so stop being afraid of it. When you are in a relationship, you will have to organize yourself a little more and you will also have to learn to prioritize your time, but that does not mean that your passions and your dreams will be destroyed by love. You are a super responsible person, so trust yourself much more, Capricorn. Trust that you will be able to do anything you set your mind to, even fall in love.


When you are in a relationship, Aquarius, you are very afraid of losing your freedom. You don’t want to change, you don’t want to leave what you’re doing just for someone else. You are afraid of falling in love with a person who does not know how to understand or value you. And it is that you, Aquarius, are one of the signs that are most afraid of love in general. The fact of having to show your feelings for someone already seems too difficult for you.

Admitting that you are falling in love is something that is not a tasteful dish for you, Aquarius. But you must get rid of those fears once and for all. Those fears aren’t going to get you anywhere and they’re going to hurt you more than you can imagine. You are the only owner of your life, Aquarius, and it is up to you to let yourself be manipulated by another person or to stand up to him from the beginning and say that your freedom is only yours. And if you are in a relationship in which your partner does not value you as you really deserve, what you have to do is very easy. Aquarius, stop being afraid of love, because in the end, when you least expect it, you will realize that you have truly fallen in love.


Your biggest fear, Pisces, in a relationship is that your partner will not live up to your expectations. You are afraid of the idea of ​​being with a person who does not know how to know you or treat you. You are a super dreamy person and many times you believe that the world is rosy. That’s why when you fall in love, you want everything to be perfect, everything to be like Disney movies. And you are afraid that they will disappoint you and that things will not be as you imagined.

What’s more, you already suffer just thinking about the idea that they can break your heart. But, Pisces, to get rid of those fears, the first thing you have to do is start being much more realistic and lower those expectations. It is okay to dream and imagine the life you would like to have, but you must also assume and accept reality as such. Obviously, we all like things to turn out as we imagined, but the reality is not like that. Once you get those ‘fantastic’ ideas out of your head and face reality, those fears will disappear.

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