You Should Get An Oscar For That, According To Your Zodiac Sign

You Should Get An Oscar For That, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Every zodiac sign has something that it is particularly good at or that requires a special acting performance. In fact, some things Zodiac signs are so good at that they should get an Oscar for them. 

Find out what you deserve an Oscar for, based on your zodiac sign:


Although Capricorns are very often shy and introverted and hardly want to draw attention to themselves, they do want the attention of others to be drawn to their creations.

These people are not lazy – on the contrary, they love to work hard and achieve success instead of just working for praise and recognition. They really deserve an Oscar for their humility and hard work until they drop out!


Aquarians walk in and out of people’s lives, leaving a long trail of broken hearts in their wake. They have little problem hurting others because they are so self-absorbed. They also celebrate their victories.

But they only do that until they meet someone who will do to them what they have done to others before. Aquarians, therefore, deserve the Oscar for the best role as Mr. Right or Mrs. Right.


Whenever things get overwhelming and Pisces have to deal with their emotional energy, they will evaporate and run away. They don’t let people see their pain, so they take time out and ignore each other’s feelings.

The way they leave others out in the cold and how quickly they can disappear from the lives of their loved ones earns them an Oscar.


Aries deserves an Oscar because they come across as a vulnerable child to strangers and can arouse pity in anyone else. This acting performance is really terrific!

It’s only after you’ve known Aries for quite some time that you realize that behind their childlike personality is actually an overstimulated adult. 


These zodiac signs deserve an Oscar for many things. But once Taurus settles into their habits, no one can force them to change their routine.

Taurus will not be persuaded to change their plan, although loved ones may want to try something new and exciting with them, such as going on an adventure or learning a new hobby. All the requests fall on deaf ears with the bull. Tauruses pretend to be indifferent because they want things to stay exactly as they are. 


Some zodiac signs deserve an Oscar for their ability to save their own skin. And so it is with the twin. Gemini’s attention spans are so short that they can never pay close attention to their partner or anyone else in their life for an extended period of time.

They get bored and get caught up in their own dream world in the middle of conversations. But other people would never notice just because they pretend so well that they are interested and intrigued by what they are saying!


Why do crabs deserve an Oscar? Just for pretending to be okay when everything in their life is falling apart. They know that complaining won’t solve anything, and they would never want to bother others by sharing their problems with them.

So they put on a brave face and got on with their own lives with enthusiasm. Even if you want to give up, keep going.


Is there an Oscar for exaggeration? If so, then lions would undoubtedly be the winners. You have a natural talent for making small things into over-the-top big things. It is their nature to make every little problem a matter of life and death.

They thrive on attention and have an innate ability to be in the spotlight. Plus, they tell their stories well, changing the narrative at will, portraying themselves the way they want them to, and leaving their enchanted audience wanting more.


Virgos definitely deserve an Oscar for being annoying as hell when they correct others—because they do it all the time.

They are so fixated on always being right that they don’t allow others to express themselves freely. Pretending to be auto-correction, these zodiac signs deserve an Oscar for their greatest know-it-all.


Libras deserve the Oscar for being everyone’s darling. They are so polite and careful with their words that everyone who comes into contact with them thinks they are loved by them and automatically loves them back.

A Libra is extremely good at hiding their emotions and only those close to them can see what Libra really is like.


Scorpios crave absolute freedom and relish any chance to dominate others.   They hold back their feelings and present a made-up reality until they start believing their own lies.

In her case, the false facade serves only to protect herself from injury. They deserve an Oscar for best acting performance because they perfectly conceal their sensitive nature.


If a zodiac sign deserves the Oscar for most self-deprecating humor, then the award should go to Sagittarius. Sagittarians are known to make themselves the butt of jokes voluntarily.

They love to see other people laugh—even when others are laughing at them—and will do anything to break the tension between them. This zodiac sign will do anything to cheer someone up, even at their own expense.



You Should Get An Oscar For That According To Your Zodiac Sign

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