With These Zodiac Signs, You Should Not Fall In Love

Not Fall In Love

With These Zodiac Signs, You Should Not Fall In Love

Who fits with whom, with whom does it work, and with whom not – and why? It’s all in the stars! So before you give your heart away – watch out, as a single woman you have to be careful with these three zodiac signs!

You better not fall in love with these signs of the zodiac!


Aquarius is at the top of the list. Anyone who has ever been in love with an Aquarius boy knows what we are talking about. Even according to polls, Aquarians perform extremely poorly when it comes to serious long-term relationships. While they are not bad people, they are rebellious and reluctant to commit. In addition, this zodiac sign only very rarely wants to commit to a woman. Aquarians love their freedom.


Scorpios are extremely exhausting in love – passionate, but demanding, intense, demanding. At the same time very attractive, then draining again. Sensitive, the sting! Which the Scorpio often directs against himself. Once his trust has been betrayed, he is extremely offended. He just can’t forgive. Yes, that actually sounds like a rather difficult life partner.


It can also be extremely problematic with the twin. About him, it is said that he is easily inflamed, but then difficult to feel deeper. After a nice initial phase, it then quickly tips over. No matter how hard you try, you can’t force his feelings. But that’s not up to you – it’s just the nature of this zodiac sign!

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